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馃 [2021] Would you like to study business administration? I

2 julio, 2021

The Business administration is considered an elementary discipline in the current world of Companies. Nowadays organizations do not leave any detail to chance, everything must be perfectly planned and coordinated so that the company can achieve the proposed goals as effectively as possible.

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Are you good at business? Do you like challenges?

Choosing this profession can be a fairly straightforward decision considering what job the graduate might have at the end of their studies. But we must also remember that there are those who are in some way born to manage, in return there are those who are not.

Main properties you can find that in a Business economist

If you are thinking about studying business administration, keep in mind that the job description is based on the following:

Business administration and your own company

How does a business economist work?

The race of Business administration prepares professionals who are able to carry out their work in four basic steps: planning, organization, address and control.

The business economist plans

  • This is the first step that the professional must take when starting his activity in a new company. Your job is to define goals and strategies to achieve them. It is important to clarify that this graduate will always have to adapt to the economic, social and political context in which the company he belongs to is embedded and to changes in this context. Because of this, the planning task is usually continuous and the plan changes according to the new requirements that arise in the organization.

The business economist organizes

  • Any professional in this sector needs to know the organizational guidelines that apply in a company, as these will help guide the company towards achieving the goals set. We must emphasize that with organizing we refer to decisions about the use of the resources available in the company, be they human, material, financial or technological resources. For this reason, the professional in charge of administration must determine who will carry out a certain action, how, when and with what kind of resources. This is ordering and syncing.

The business economist …

馃 [2021] Would you like to study business administration? I