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馃 [2021] Would you like to study graphic design?

3 julio, 2021

Imagination is an essential human tool, a specialty that is set in motion in graphic design studies.

Josetxo Aldunate, Creative Director at iLUNE, tells us about graphic design and why he chose this profession for his future.

Why study graphic design?

Studying graphic design creates an excellent combination between manual and digital art. This is happening today due to the constant innovation in the computer field, which has become a fundamental tool for this profession, achieving a permanent link between theory and practice.

Graphic design is an art that has been growing for some time thanks to digital drawing and image creation programs. It is also work that adapts to modernity and can combine retro with something contemporary and adapt to different social situations. Graphic design is the ideal profession for those who have a great imagination, a penchant for aesthetics and want to innovate in various aspects. Given the uncertainty that arises, why study graphic design? It can be answered that it is a career that offers different tools for work, i.e. also offers different spaces to apply knowledge in different areas.

Skills required

Graphic designers need to be creative. They need to be able to communicate their ideas in writing, visually and orally. And because consumer tastes change quickly, graphic artists and designers need to be read, open to new ideas and influences and react quickly to changing trends.

Problem-solving skills, attention to detail and the ability to work independently and resiliently are also important qualities for the graphic artist. Graphic artists and designers need self-discipline to independently initiate projects, plan their time and meet production deadlines and schedules. Good business acumen and sales skills are also important, especially for those who are freelancers or have their own graphic design company.

At the beginning of her career Graphic designer As a rule, they receive part-time training. This is where most graphic designers develop a specialization. They need one to three years of training and experience before they can advance to higher positions. Your new skills, which you developed with a specialty in graphic design, often determine your career paths.

Experienced graphic designers in large design firms can advance to chief designer, art or creative director, or other supervisor …

馃 [2021] Would you like to study graphic design?