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10 lightweight apps to do everything without running out of space

27 mayo, 2021

It is true that our smartphones have more and more storage capacity, at least in theory, but there are still many people who need to do real magic to be able to install and update applications. Our mobiles have more space, but also applications are getting heavier.

Luckily, some developers have decided to get down to work to create very light applications that require very little space on your mobile. Here we have selected ten light applications with which you can perform the main functions of a mobile, without leaving you without free space.

1. Smart Launcher


Choosing a lightweight application launcher is not an easy task. There are a lot of launchers, and many hundreds of clones that are very good but are more of the same. After much deliberation, I have decided to stay with Smart Launcher, a lightweight launcher of just over 10 MB that little or nothing has to envy other heavier pitchers.

Smart Launcher is a launcher for those who are tired of always the same launchers cut by the same pattern. It stands out for its clean interface, its lightness, customization possibilities and categorization of applications in the drawer. Most of the options are free, but if you need more you only have to pay 3.99 euros to unlock its full potential.

Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3Varies by device

2. UC Browser Mini


There are many light browsers – here you have eight – but we have decided to stick with the mini version of UC Browser, an old acquaintance. It occupies approximately 1.5 megabytes, it has a quite acceptable interface for its small size and includes a few added functions.

For example, you have a video downloader integrated, one mode incognito to browse in complete privacy, a fast mode speeds up loading and minimizes data usage, a night mode and up to a qr code reader.

UC Browser Mini - Browser

UC Browser Mini – Browser10.9.8

3. Press Music Player


Do you need a lightweight music player? Pulsar Music Player is one of the best free music players for Android at the moment, and it occupies only a few 13 MB Of space. Has an interface Material Design attractive, with animations included and everything you would ask of a music player.

In addition to the basics, such as the folder view that some players forget about, Pulsar Music Player includes the download covers, an MP3 tag editor, a sleep timer, sync, and support for Chromecast.

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player1.5.6

4. Shazam Lite


What if instead of playing music you want to capture it? The star application to identify which song is playing is undoubtedly Shazam, but the normal version occupies more than 20 megabytes that you surely do not want to sacrifice if you have enough space.

The solution is Shazam Lite, a version of Shazam that dispenses with what is not strictly necessary and occupies something less than a mega. The bad news is that it is not available worldwide, so if this is your case, I recommend the Google Sound search widget instead.

Shazam Lite - Discover Music

Shazam Lite – Discover Music

5. Messenger Lite


It is an open secret that optimization is not Facebook’s number one priority when designing its applications. Users have been asking for years lighter applications, and it seems that Facebook is beginning to respond, but not in the way we would like.

Instead of lightening the general application, Facebook has created Lite versions of its applications that take up less space and also have fewer options. In any case, when space is tight, this Messenger Lite is more practical than the web version. You can reply to messages, send likes and … little else.

Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite2.1

6. Facebook Lite


The official Facebook application is currently about 80+ MB and does not appear to be reducing in size in the near future. Those with a more limited space or a greater appreciation for the autonomy of their mobile can choose to use the web version of Facebook, some simple alternative or the official light version, Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite occupies little more than a mega, although its functions are very shortened if we compare it with the standard version. It has improved a bit lately, with the ability to upload multiple photos at once and watch videos, but it is still somewhat of an app with a hard-to-love interface. Come on, she’s ugly.

Facebook Lite

Facebook LiteVaries by device

7. Pixlr-o-matic

Pixlr o matic

We did not want to leave this list of lightweight applications without at least one related to photography, one of the preferred functions of users. It is not an easy task since most photography applications occupy a lot, but Pixlr-o-matic is in the range of 10 megabytes.

It is an old acquaintance (in fact, 2014 was not updated when it was replaced by Pixlr “just”, which occupies 34 megabytes). The editing features are limited, but it includes a good collection of filters, layers and frames to decorate your photos.

Pixlr o matic

Pixlr o matic2.2.5

8. Skype Lite


Since I discovered the light version of Skype, I have not looked back. While “normal” Skype takes up about 100MB of space, the Lite version is around 100MB. 20 MB. It’s lighter, faster, and basically has everything you need.

Skype Lite also emphasizes the data saving, which never hurts. The downside is that it is officially only available in India on Google Play. The rest of us mortals need to download the APK and install it.

Skype Lite - Chat & Video Call

Skype Lite – Chat & Video Call1.17.0.28554-release

9. Twitter Lite


Looking for a lightweight Twitter client? Well, here you have Twitter Lite, a basic version that occupies less than 2 MB storage. You lose extra functionality along the way, yes, but the basic functions like writing, viewing other tweets, replying and commenting on tweets and messages are still there.

This version is a bit slow, the truth, but everything is to have the minimum possible size. Once again it is a geographically limited version, so if you do not have it available on Google Play you will have to download the APK.

Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite1.0.0-0005-9

10. LinkedIn Lite


The Microsoft-owned professional social network also has a lightweight version. LinkedIn Lite takes up dramatically less than the official version, and does pretty much the same thing. You have your biography, job search, contact search and your profile at your disposal, as well as the system’s integrated messaging.

LinkedIn Lite is available on Google Play in a quantity limited regions, you can check if this is your case by visiting its file. In any case, nothing prevents you from downloading and installing its APK.

Our list ends here, but of course there are tons of lightweight apps out there. Do you know any that have escaped us? Share it in the comments so that other readers can also enjoy it. Also, remember that the lightest application is the one that does not install. Try to use the pre-installed applications on your mobile, as you will not be able to get rid of them anyway (unless you have root).

Updated 09/28/17 Added three more applications: LinkedIn Lite, Twitter Lite and Skype Lite.

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