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10 things you didn’t know about Andrew Telfer – salaguamotors

3 julio, 2021

Baillie Gifford is an ideal place for anyone looking to start a career in investment management. Therefore, Andrew Telfer, the current CEO, began his journey as a graduate trainee. His chances of being chosen were slim as the company generally accepts only 20 apprentices out of 2,000+ applicants, yet Telfer managed to start working there on a base salary of £ 36,000. Although he does not disclose his current salary and his net worth is still under speculation, it is obvious that the different positions he has held at the firm have had lucrative salaries. Let’s look at some facts about this investment manager to understand his path to the top position.

1. You studied for a degree you didn’t plan on pursuing

Education has been hailed as the key that unlocks our future, but most people find that studying a certain degree limits their career options. Fortunately, it is never too late to change gears and follow your heart. Therefore, even after Telfer attended a very comprehensive school to study Engineering Sciences, he knew that his future would be in investment management. Consequently, he later trained as an accountant.

2. You started investing while you were still in school

The good thing about money is that you don’t know how old you are; even a child is excited to put the least he can into his piggy bank, knowing the potential he has to buy as many toys as he wants. However, Telfer was not interested in adding toys to his collection, as he told Baillie Gifford, he had always been fascinated by how research could positively impact people’s lives. Therefore, his school days were spent studying hard and working various jobs to earn money to start investing and positively changing his own life.

3. She is a feminist

Gender disparity in different countries manifests itself in various ways. In the corporate world, they present themselves as women who are being ignored for high-level positions, as men are believed to be more capable. It had been a bitter pill to swallow for so long until men like Telfer decided to join the fight against gender inequality. The executive revealed that despite the challenge of retaining female employees, especially when they reached the middle of their career, Baillie Gifford was doing her best to ensure that more women had a seat at her head table.

4. How do you spend your free time?

All the work and lack of fun would make Telfer a very boring investment manager; hence he found a way to balance his work and family life. Although she has a very supportive family who recognize that her job is very demanding, Telfer still makes time to recharge. Wherever you’re not in the office, chances are you’ll be caught doing one of your three favorite leisure activities: reading, walking down the hill, and playing tennis.

5. Your secret to success

There is no clear path to success; some believe that the secret is to be prepared for the opportunity when it comes, while others believe that it is a matter of believing in yourself. Colin Powell once said that there are no secrets to success, but it is usually the result of hard work, preparation, and learning from our failures. Telfer attributes his prosperity to working hard, stepping out of his comfort zone, and continually increasing his skills. He thinks pushing himself beyond his comfort zone is essential to being successful.

6. You like your managers to keep reading

Since Telfer loves reading and prioritizes expanding her knowledge in any way she can, she expects the same from her managers. According to Financial News, you want them to have different perspectives on how to handle life and work challenges. Therefore, the investment management company has an internal library full of books that expose managers to various things, as Telfer hopes they will be complete. He leads by example and confesses to having read a very instructive book, “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman. The firm’s love of reading culture is also evident in its support of the Edinburg Book Festival.

7. Encourage brainstorming

Some CEOs do not pay attention to what their employees think, yet they are on the ground and in a better position to report on what the company should do to improve its services or products. Telfer is cut from a different fabric; You appreciate knowing what your managers think, and even if they can’t come to your office, you’ve provided a platform for them to share your ideas. Baillie Gifford has a …

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