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10 things you didn’t know about the Bombardier Q200 – salaguamotors

3 julio, 2021

The Bombardier Q200 is one of the most popular aircraft used by aviation companies for shorter routes. It is primarily preferred due to its fuel economy, making it ideal for flying small groups of passengers. While it has had its fair share of accidents, most of which did not result in fatalities, it has maintained a solid grip on its market share. If you are starting a small airline for a mid-range route, this aircraft may be the first one you buy.

1. The seats

The Bombardier Q200 has 37 passenger seats and 2 pilot seats, each with a 31-inch pitch and a 17.3-inch width. That means the playing field is just above the industry average for the economy class. The pitch is the distance between the points of a seat and the same points of the seat in front. More step means more legroom. In some cases, if the seat back is thicker, the amount of legroom will be reduced.

2. Better seats

Most passengers consider the seats just behind the door to be among the best. Passengers qualify those in the midsection as standard seating. The last row seats in the rear are considered the most uncomfortable. In general, if you are under six feet tall and of average weight, the center section seats will serve you well. Unsurprisingly, this rating does not include the two driver’s seats.

3. Powerful engines

The Bombardier Q200 has more powerful engines than the Q100, although they have the same 39-seat capacity. The engines used in this aircraft are the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123, and they are rated at 2150 shp or 1600 kW.

4. Noise suppression

The Bombardier Q200 was produced after 1997, so it is indicated by a Q. The Q indicates that it has a noise canceling feature in its cabin, which its previous models did not have. Therefore, you will notice that if you climb aboard a Bombardier 200, you will experience much more noise than the Bombardier Q200.

5. Fuselage

The Bombardier Q200 shares the same fuselage with the Bombardier 100 series. That means the more powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123 engine is the main distinguishing feature. That is why they share the same passenger capacity.

6. Production ceased in 2009

All Bombardier Q200 aircraft currently in service were built in 2009 or before 2009. Manufacturing of the Q200 and Q300 stopped in May 2009. If you like to travel on newer aircraft, then you should know that the « newer ‘is almost a decade. However, if you prefer an aircraft that has proven its reliability for years, add all Q200 aircraft in service to a minimum.

7. Shorter fuselage

The Q200, along with its predecessor the Q100, has the shorter fuselage. That explains why it has the lowest seating capacity compared to other Bombardier Q series. The shorter fuselage design was deliberate because the target market was airlines operating shorter routes where your plane can sometimes fly half empty. A smaller capacity means that it will be full most of the time.

8. Fuel economy

When the Bombardier Q200 was initially designed, it was thought of great fuel economy and had better cruising performance. Compared to airliners, it has an efficiency of up to 60% and a minimum fuel efficiency of 30%. It has a fuel capacity of 835 US gallons or 3,160 L. It was advertised that the Q200 and its predecessors could break even when they were half or a third full.

9. Track

The Bombardier Q200 can operate on a much shorter runway compared to regional jets. In addition, it has lower maintenance costs and less autonomy. It has a maximum payload of 8,921 lbs. Or 4,647 kg. When fully loaded, you only need a 2200ft or 670m runway to take off. Short take-off and landing or STOL were the main marketing features of the Q200 and its predecessors.

10. Cruising altitude

The Bombardier Q200 has a maximum cruising altitude of 25,000 feet or 7,620 m, which is high enough to allow you to economize on fuel. However, this significantly lower altitude means that you will feel more turbulence than you would when traveling on a regional ocean liner.

We hope you found this article interesting and informative. Plus, you’ll see the Bombardier Q200 in a different light as you enjoy your next flight.

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