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103 free courses on the internet to do this summer

25 mayo, 2021

At Genbeta we usually offer free online university courses every month, for all those who are motivated to do some study without spending money and from the comfort of their homes. All you need is the desire to learn.

But of course, sometimes, the university level of these courses is the one that backs down. Maybe you want to learn something, but it doesn’t have to be an endorsed course for the university. Well, no problem: here we leave you 103 free online courses to learn something this summer, taking advantage of the holidays, of various themes and without implying university formalities.

I’m not bad at math, I want to learn to program CAPTCHA 2×04

Photography and video

  • Basic photography course, 12 Youtube videos in Spanish by Guillermo Flores.
  • Night photography course, a YouTube video in Spanish by TecnoFlag.
  • Mobile photography course with Instagram, three YouTube videos in Spanish made by Clipset.
  • Basic photography course, 10 YouTube videos made by BIBR
  • Fundamentals of Photography, course of 63 YouTube videos in Spanish specialized in the exhibition, made by Pablo Les.
  • iMovie, how to edit videos easily on Mac, 17 minute video tutorial from Apple5x1.
  • Complete Sony Vegas Pro 13 course, 13 videos on YouTube.
  • Final Cut Pro course, in the form of 31 videos on Cherru’s YouTube channel.
  • Premier Pro CC, Complete course in Spanish, composed of 21 videos and available on the WhyFilm YouTube channel.


  • Duolingo has simple courses in several languages ​​that we can follow and complete from our smartphone. In Spanish.
  • English First, 85 lessons to get that certificate in AulaFacil.
  • Free English Proficiency course, another certificate with help course in AulaFacil. 61 lessons.
  • Hiragana course, to learn this Japanese alphabet from an English website.
  • Katakana course, another online course to learn the alphabet that adapts foreign words to Japanese, in English.
  • Basic Japanese Course, online course to learn very basic dialogues in Japanese.
  • French A1, easy classroom course in Spanish to learn the basic level of French.
  • Spanish Spelling, AulaFacil course divided into 29 lessons. Obviously in Spanish.
  • Free Russian course, divided into 51 lessons from Aulafacil.
  • Introduction to the Chinese language, Udemy course.
  • Free German Level A1 course, divided into 91 lessons from AulaFacil.
  • Free Italian course, divided into no less than 136 lessons from AulaFacil.
  • Easy Arabic Course, 12 videos on the YouTube channel ArabeFacil.
  • Learn Euskera, a compilation of video tutorials on the Arturo Campion IKA YouTube channel.
  • Catalan classes, a list of 20 videos on the Pa amb Tomàquet YouTube channel.

Science and math


IT and programming

  • Filemaker, a TareasPlus course to create management software without programming knowledge. In Spanish.
  • Object-oriented PHP, list of 21 videos from CodigoFacilito’s YouTube channel.
  • Excel Tutorials, list of 107 videos by Indigo Tutorials.
  • Mac Basics, Apple’s official guide to learning the basics of OS X and the future macOS.
  • Ruby on Rails 4 from scratch, list of 37 videos from CodigoFacilito’s YouTube channel.
  • How to configure a data network in an easy way, course of 19 videos in Spanish by TareasPlus.
  • Google Docs course, hosted in AulaClic.
  • Android programming course, list of 37 videos on the CodeFacilito YouTube channel.
  • Learn to program with Javascript from scratch, TareasPlus course divided into 39 videos in Spanish.
  • Setting up a network at home, an express course to learn how to create a high-performance local network with AppsMac.
  • Introduction to databases in MySQL, 12-video course on the CodigoFacilito YouTube channel.
  • Learn how to create a web page from scratch, a 10 class course from Udemy.
  • Learn to program in Java for free, Platzi online course in Spanish.
  • Windows 10 course, in Spanish, hosted on the AulaClic website
  • Word 2016 course in Spanish, available at AulaClic.
  • Hackdroid, a 4-video course for those who want to learn how to root mobile phones with that system. From the YouTube channel of CodigoFacilito.
  • Internet course, by AulaFacil, for those who want to know some history of the network of networks. 13 lessons.
  • Instagram for companies, an express course on Florentino Ravela’s YouTube video.
  • Introduction to Photoshop, by Jesús Conde for RumboPedia. Seven lessons.
  • Arduino course, 17 videos on the CodigoFacilito channel.
  • Basic AutoCAD tutorial, three sections per difficulty level in this TutorialsAutoCAD tutorial.
  • I have never programmed a basic programming course in CodigoFacilito spread over 24 videos.
  • Blender – Full course, 64 lessons on the entivoo YouTube channel.
  • Free After Effects course, made by Bruno Ramos for and divided into 10 lessons.
  • Introduction to SEO, a nine-lesson course at CoursePedia.
  • Free AdSense course, by Alex Navarro and published in VivirDeLaRed.
  • Free Community Manager course, from the Online Training website and created by Francis Penalba.
  • Free online Adwords course, divided into eight modules. From the Online Training website.
  • Learn the basics of Css, a course for those who want to design websites of eight hours. Available on Udemy.


  • The Old Régmien, free online lesson from Issuu.
  • The industrial revolution, free online lesson from ClasesHistoria.
  • World History – World War 1 and Its Aftermath, Alisona course in English.
  • World history course, Edutin course divided into 39 classes.
  • World War and Society in the Twentieth Century: World War II Open Learning Course, free course from Harvard University.
  • American History to 1865, MIT English course.
  • The Royal Family, another MIT course in English on the British royal family.
  • Art history course, 31 lessons in Edutin.
  • Greek history course, 15 free classes in Edutin.
  • Political Sciences, a course with brushstrokes to learn politics from the hand of Educatina.
  • History of Ancient Egypt, free course in Edutin with six lessons.
  • Geography and History of Ancient Greece, free Edutin course with five lessons.




  • Course of basic principles of digital illustration, a video of an hour and a quarter by Grafx Pachuca on YouTube.
  • Techniques and Applications of Digital Brushes, YouTube video tutorial of almost two hours on the Wacom LatinAmerica channel.
  • Free Cartoon Drawing Tutorials, a list of seven videos on the Toonboxstudio YouTube channel.
  • Vector Illustration Techniques and creation of patterns for textile printing, course of one hour and 25 minutes on the Wacom LatinAmerica channel.
  • Sketchbook Pro tutorials, 9 videos in English present on the YouTube channel ToonBoxStudio.
  • Tutorial How to draw a Cartoon face, a list of 12 videos by Rick Ruiz-Dana on YouTube.
  • Illustration Comic, Luz y Sombra with Ariel Olivetti, video of one hour and 37 minutes from the Wacom LatinAmerica channel.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Painting, a 17-video course by EnvatoTuts.
  • Cartoon Courses, 14 videos to learn how to draw comics on the ToonBoxStudio channel.


  • Free online course to learn to speak in public, from the Lacoladelparo website.
  • Introduction to finance, course with 20 lessons of Coursepedia.
  • Business Psychology and Self-Leadership, accessible from Udemy and divided into 14 lessons.
  • 16 philosophical theses on political economy, 4-video course on the YouTube channel ProyectoECOS.
  • Basic Macroeconomics, a list of 47 videos on the SoloPapelYBoli YouTube channel.
  • The adventure of writing, a video-guide to know the basics to start writing a book. Free on Coursepedia.
  • Free Basic Pilates course, 44 lessons in AulaFacil.
  • Mundell-Fleming model, specialized macroeconomics course in 16 videos from the Solo Papel y Boli channel.
  • Aggregate supply and demand model, another list of 16 videos from the YouTube channel Solo Papel y Boli.
  • Free Journalism Course – Informative Style, 41 lessons from AulaFacil.
  • Free Bodybuilding Course, from PortalFitness. 29 lessons in the form of web pages.
  • Yoga for beginners, 3-lesson course for the curious, available at CoursePedia.
  • Yoga for health, from CoursePedia and divided into 20 lessons.

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