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11 apps and other tools to compose music like a pro

23 mayo, 2021

That the popularization of smartphones led to a substantial increase in applications in the Play Store is a reality of which we are all aware. An overabundance between which apps of all kinds sneak in, even some tremendously specific, designed for certain sectors.

It is the case of tools for musicians and composers, some services that make your work easier by allowing the creation of backgrounds, the preview of certain effects, automatically transporting, altering the tonality of the piece in a few seconds, and a long etcetera that is very useful. And that is why we have decided to carry out a selection of the most remarkable ones; What are they:


Thus, Notion is an application that not only allows us to create scores in a simple way, but also to know the result on the fly without having to touch it. The best thing is that it includes emulators of instruments -violin, viola, cello, piano, drums and a long etcetera-, so that does not limit us at all rather, it gives us the opportunity to know which of them is the most appropriate for our composition.

In addition, it has an option that lets us modify music files, boasts a simple to use interface, includes the ability to share our works with anyone, and include vibratos and various effects. Of course, to start enjoying its benefits you must pay up to 14.99 euros.

Note Reader

Regarding Note Reader, its main virtue is that. taking a photo allows us to listen to any score. Something very welcome if we want to know what what we are writing will sound like. If anything, it’s about something basic that will allow us to make a composition of place and that can also be very useful to those who have difficulties to imagine what a specific score sounds like.


Screenshot 2016 06 19 At 21 34 31

Apart from the applications, of course, there are other kinds of resources and tools that will delight composers and music lovers. It is, for example, Noteflight, a website where you can create, view, print, share, listen to musical pieces and that has up to 2 million members.

The page offers up to three versions, a basic one in which we can carry out the aforementioned actions from the browser itself; as well as another Premium one more focused on learning. This first includes the possibility of composing scores in an unlimited way, reproducing them emulating up to 85 different ones, transcribing them and transport them, organize them, and so on. It costs about 45 euros per year.

Regarding the version to learn, in addition to the aforementioned, it has a specific functionality of performance and evaluation. Of course, its price is 10 euros more expensive. To find out how to get the most out of them, the site includes a user manual, help, comments, frequently asked questions, and so on.

iGigBook Sheet Music Manager

Screenshot 2016 06 19 At 20 19 11

Designed by musicians, this application is very complete, as it allows transport the piece to a new key without racking your brains, finding the basic chords of a certain style, finding scores, and so on. Yes, it costs 14.99 euros, and is more focused on the search for music in general. Its last update took place on the third of this month.


In the case of ScoreCloud (previously known as ScoreCleaner Notes) what it does is transcribe into musical language what you sing or play, an interesting function if you are inspired to do this and not to write (and an interesting option, especially for instrumentalists and even for those who learned in the most amateur way but need a score). In addition, we cannot lose sight of the fact that some of the best compositions come from spontaneous.

Likewise, it has an intuitive interface and is capable of recognizing melodies in practically any environment, from a study to a neighborhood party. Of course, it does not capture chords, that is, it does not recognize those notes that are played at the same time, which is why we do not recommend it if you are a pianist, guitarist or lover of the double strings, among others.

Indaba Music

Screenshot 2016 06 20 At 8 09 42

Although somewhat different, Indaba Music is another interesting service and web community where we can create music and share it with other users. Among its virtues, we highlight the variety of instruments and effects, the possibility of collaborating with other musicians, voting for our favorites, winning competitions with our own compositions, and so on.

iReal Pro

Another of our favorites is iReal Pro, which does not allow us to collect the chords of certain songs, integrates accompaniment functions, chord diagrams and even a feature that offers us the possibility of playing in loop a certain fragment.

A perfect performance if you are not clear about the accompaniment. Of course, you can only listen to it with piano, bass and drums. In addition, the official product page has a specialized blog in which technical help is provided, information on the different updates, etc. At the moment it is available for Android and iOS and Mac.


On the other hand, Audiotool is a synthesizer That may be of interest to both those experts in the field and for fans and more curious. Described as “a powerful online music production studio straight from the browser.”

So and to begin with, you have four predesigned schematics (Rookie Acid, Minimal, Berg and another void), different functions for instruments, the possibility of mixing tracks, and a long etcetera. It is tremendously varied, so it is not easy to use if you are a newbie in the field. Luckily, there are numerous tutorials at our disposal.


Screenshot 2016 06 20 At 7 45 29

We could not miss in our selection those tools designed to wake up in the kids the passion for composing. A goal that Incredibox successfully achieves, one of the most popular apps of its kind and frequently used in Primary and Secondary classrooms.

To start using it, it is not necessary to register, but different melodies with various rhythms can be created in the beatbox style. The fun thing about the application is that different characters appear who interpret the work in question and who are characterized. In addition, it allows you to record and generate a link that can be shared on social networks and the like.

Creating Music

Screenshot 2016 06 20 At 7 35 36

Also for children, Creating Music is a website designed so that the youngest of the home can promote their creative skills and start composing in a simple way. Just drag the corresponding instrument to the staff to do so.

It also includes a specific section to play with Beethoven’s music and scales, listen to music, compare rhythms, create melodies by selecting different visual methods, detect changes in short musical fragments, and so on. An excellent starting point, of course.

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From composing simple accompaniments to facilitate the study of technical exercises such as scales and the like, to doing it professionally, PocketBand offers us multiple virtual instruments and synthesizers, as well as recording functions –of our practice- and editing.

We recommend the Pro version that, although it is paid, has more personalities than the LITE. In both, yes, you can share compositions of up to 12 tracks, share the works, and so on. It is also designed for those groups that are temporarily separated.

5 other apps for musicians

Screenshot 2016 06 19 At 21 36 45

Apart from the aforementioned, there are other perfect musical applications for those who are learning to play an instrument and that will provide the aforementioned professionals with extra help to teach them.

Noteworks: available for Android and iOS, it is perfect for acquiring fluency when reading the staff. A kind of video game in which they must indicate which are the notes that appear in different keys (both G and F, C in third and C in fourth).

Music Intervals: similar to the previous one, in this case it focuses on the intervals between notes.

Perfect Ear 2: to improve auditory perception, identify chords, rhythms, scales and more. Become the king of dictations.

Funk drummer– A rhythm-generating tool with a vast library of sounds that can be used to give a kick-start to technique exercises such as scales, arpeggios, and more.

Piano Master: an interactive method for learning to play the piano; an application that, through the microphone, recognizes what we are playing and gives us points.

Image | Águeda A. Llorca