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11 job platforms for freelancers

22 mayo, 2021

We all know several websites to search for work on the Internet. Lately, in addition, apps to find a job have also proliferated. But perhaps what you had not fallen for is the existence of other types of platforms to find work: these are web pages with job offers specialized in freelancers or freelancers.

You just have to do a little searching on the internet to discover that there are quite a few of these platforms. It is not strange, considering that the crisis pushed many to establish themselves, and they are now the ones who use these pages the most, seeking to collect a decent salary at the end of the month by combining small jobs for various clients.

In general, the offers of this type of services are usually linked to the Internet and the digital world, which can be easily completed remotely, working from home: application development, design, animation, writing, translation … the possibilities are endless, So if you are looking for a job as a freelancer or want some extra income, take a look at this list.

Cloud it

Cloud it is a job platform for freelancers that also has a mobile application (iPhone and Android). In it you will find more than 92,000 offers in areas such as web and mobile development, marketing, design, writing and translation, SEO, accounting and more.

This service is specialized in work that can be done in a digital environment, so that graphic barriers are eliminated. Signing up as a freelancer is free, but the basic profile has certain limitations that you can eliminate by upgrading it to the premium mode (€ 29 / month).

Freelance Infojobs

Since Infojobs is the best-known employment website in Spain, its special section for freelancers could not be missed. More than 151,000 professionals already use it for web design work, app development, translation, blog writing, and more – although the most numerous are those oriented to technical profiles.

Registration is free, but keep in mind that Infojobs charges the freelancer a commission of 8.5% on the amount charged for the work performed.


The Freelancer platform is one of the best known of this type, and it has been offering its connection services for a few years now between companies seeking resources for their projects, and freelancers seeking a job.

You will find offers related to wen design and development, marketing and SEO, article writing, data entry, and in general occupations focused on the internet universe and digital environment professions.


Geniuzz defines itself as a “platform for the sale of small services”. This website connects freelance professionals who want to offer their work with companies that are looking for workers for specific projects.

The job offers are of a very varied nature, from the classics such as writing, translation, design or marketing, to more “mundane” things such as help with the income statement, travel organization, or even craft items.

11 job platforms for freelancers


Twago also connects freelancers with potential clients, either through job offers for specific projects, or through the special products section – an online store for already “closed” work packages, such as writing an article. or the design of a logo for a fixed price.

Creating a user account is free, and the platform charges a small percentage for each job charged, although the terms and conditions of use do not specify how much it is.


This platform is focused on Latin America, and already has more than 280,000 freelancers registered in it who are opting for offers related to application design and development, video and animation, writing and translation of texts, marketing campaigns, legal and financial consulting, and more.

You can create a user profile for free, but keep in mind that the platform will keep 15% of what you charge your clients for the work done.


In Fiverr it works a bit differently. Instead of collecting job offers for freelancers, it is the professionals themselves who offer their services, trying to sell their work in the most attractive and professional way possible. As is often the case with these types of platforms, the jobs cover areas such as graphic design, digital marketing, translation and writing, animation and video, programming, etc.

Of course, although other similar platforms offer mini-jobs, in the case of Fiverr this is taken to the extreme, with prices really very low. If you are looking for a decent salary to be able to live as a freelancer, you are going to have to accept many, many jobs on Fiverr – or rather opt for another platform. For a simple extra income without major complications, however, it is not bad.


At Flexjobs, the job offer and demand service for freelancers is considered in a different way. They charge a fee for the service, and in return they give you unlimited access to their job offers, customizable online portfolio, email alerts … and guarantee against any possible problem.

Another difference is that Flexjobs includes not only jobs for freelancers, but also offers full-time, part-time, with flexible hours … in total, to date, this platform has almost 30,000 offers in 55 different job categories.

11 job platforms for freelancers


Guru is one of the oldest in this type of services, since it was founded in 2001. Today it has one and a half million users worldwide, and currently has more than 5,600 job offers. Most of them focus on the field of software development, but there are also offerings related to art, design, sales, marketing and finance, for example.

In Guru you can create an account for free, but it has certain limitations. To eliminate them, it is necessary to upgrade the account to a payment plan, starting at $ 9 per month (there are four modalities to choose from). Also, Guru charges small fees for certain transactions.


More than four million potential clients are waiting for you at Upwork, where you can find job offers related to online and mobile app development, design, marketing, customer service, writing and translation, etc.

As in other platforms of this style, creating a user profile is free, but the service charges a commission (10%) of each payment received. Likewise, there are several Premium profile options with extra functions.


Doz is not so much an employment service for freelancers, but rather a digital marketing platform that provides companies with all the tools they need to plan their online campaigns and then outsource the work to experts.

However, if you are a copywriter, blogger, specialist in online marketing or SEO, social media expert … you may be interested in signing up, since you can receive offers appropriate to your profile.

Creating the profile is totally free, but you do not have access to a job board; On the contrary, it is the companies that make proposals to you and you decide whether to accept the job or not – but weeks or months may pass between them.

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