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11 little-known tricks to get the most out of your speaker

25 mayo, 2021

Google’s smart speakers are made up, for now, of the Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and the latest to arrive, with a screen, Google Home Hub. They are smart speakers with which you can contact the Google Assistant and carry out a lot of other actions.

Surely you already know that Google Home can tell you jokes, tell you if it is going to rain or sing horribly, so in this article we will focus on others lesser known functions of the Google Home.

Speak through Google Home

Which is the message

Calling through Google Home is not available in all regions, but what you can do is send ads, which are basically small voice clips. This means that, when you are away from home, you can send voice messages that are played on your Google Home, at home.

To do this you can open the Google Home application and tap on To emit, or tell the Google Assistant on your mobile “advertise”. Will ask you then which is the message and then it will send it to the loudspeaker.

Make him say what you want

If we’ve learned anything after many Talking Toms, it’s that it’s fun when a machine repeats what you just said. This is very easy with Google Home, because will repeat exactly what you said, but with his voice, if you tell him this:

Repite después de mi

Play music from your mobile

Send to

Google Home integrates seamlessly with various music services like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music, but you can also use it to stream songs you have on your mobile. To do this you must open the Google Home app and, in the menu, choose Project device. In the drop-down menu, choose your Google Home.

From that moment, your Google Home will play the audio from your mobile, even if you are playing locally saved music. Other applications, such as Spotify, allow you to connect to Google Home from their own menu, similar to as if it were a Chromecast.

Make him bilingual


Google smart speaker supports up to two languages ​​at the same time although, curiously, it is not configured from the options of the speaker itself, but you must configure it on your mobile. To modify and add a second language, you must go to the tab Account from the Google Home app and tap Settings. Then go to Assistant and tap on Languages.

You can choose two languages ​​from those available, and Google Home He will answer you in one or the other depending on which language you have asked him in. Generally it works well, although sometimes it crosses the lines and it responds with the wrong language.

Ok bu bu

Google does not allow you to modify the word that wakes up the Google Assistant. In Spanish it is “Ok, Google” and it’s over, while in English the list is expanded by “Hey, Google”. However, few people know that it is also possible to call him Bu Bu and Gu Gu, obtaining the same result.

Ok, bu bu

Google Home: everything you can do and how to set it up

Change your name

My Name Is 1185862 1280

The truth is that Google Home rarely says your name, but if you want to make it clear what your name is, you just have to tell them. Google Home will remember your name and he will repeat it every time you ask him who you are or what your name is. Of course, for this to work, you need to have configured Voice Match, so that it can recognize you by voice.

Llámame %nombre%

Cómo me llamo

Guest mode


Anyone can interact live with Google Home, although for a more complex interaction from the mobile it is necessary to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This is not necessary with Guest Mode, disabled by default.

To activate the guest mode you must touch on your Google Home in its application, and then enter the Device settings. Activate it and anyone in the vicinity can connect as long as enter a PIN code.

Connect it via Bluetooth to a mobile or PC


Google Home, especially Google Home Mini, looks like a portable speaker and in a way it is. Ok, it’s not really portable as it doesn’t have a battery, but you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker. Again, you need to go to the Device settings, although this time you must enter Paired Bluetooth devices.

Tap on Enable bonding mode and the Google Home will be temporarily visible for Bluetooth pairing. During this period of time, you must search for Bluetooth devices on the other device (such as a PC or mobile) to be able to pair them.

Relaxing sounds


Sometimes it is best to say nothing, but play soothing sounds instead. They are especially useful to incorporate into a routine before going to sleep, although nothing prevents you from asking for a relaxing sound at any time. And there are many different types of sounds available.

sonidos relajantes

sonido de lluvia

sonido de chimenea

sonido de agua

sonido de naturaleza

sonido de ventilador

sonido de bosque

sonido de tormenta

Find your mobile

Mobile Phone 3784238 1920

If you are one of those who has the mobile muted all day and then you do not remember where you have put it, this interests you. While you could use Google to find where your phone is, it’s a lot faster and requires less effort to ask Google Home. First it will ask you which phone number you mean, and then it will ask you if you want me to make it sound.

Dónde está mi móvil

Flip a coin

Finally, a little trick for the most indecisive. If you don’t care about one thing or the other, but for some reason you can’t decide, ask Google Home to flip a coin. It will launch it, with a sound effect included, and it will tell you if it has come up heads or tails.

Lanza una moneda