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11 websites and YouTube channels to learn digital drawing from 0 to expert level

26 mayo, 2021

You may have used the resource lists we recently showed you to learn Photoshop or GIMP, but so far we have talked about specific applications. What if what we want is learn something that can be done in various ways and using more than one program?

It is the case of digital drawing, which can range from a few beginner doodles to true-to-life portraits by experts. You can use the mouse, or a graphics tablet, and there are dozens of pixel- or vector-based illustration programs. We go with a list of resources for those who want to learn your first steps in the world of digital art.

Ivan Gallegos Channel

The first stop is the YouTube channel of Iván Gallegos, who in addition to this video that you see above to draw a character using Ullistrator It also has others such as the one to vectorize drawings using the mouse.

Wacom Latin America Channel

Wacom’s Latin American channel has sessions between various artists like the one you can see above, in which we see a workshop on vector illustration..

Art Tutorials Channel

Before the final drawing you have to do the preliminary sketch, and that is exactly what they teach us in this video from the Art Tutorials channel.

Goku-no-baka tutorial


If what you are looking for in addition to technique are tutorials for drawing characters and anatomy, you can start with this little lesson on how draw a head at different angles posted by DeviantArt user goku-no-baka.

Hand tutorial


It is the curse of the cartoonists: hands. They are one of the most complicated parts of the body and they bring many fans upside down, but this Shinworks guide on DeviantArt offers us all the most used postures to practice.

Jonathan Ruiz Channel

This playlist from Jonathan Ruiz’s YouTube channel has several advanced lessons in English on digital illustration. For those who have already gone beyond the basics.

Digital Tutors Channel

If on the other hand you are starting from scratch, the first thing you have to learn are the digital brushes you are going to work with. This video from the Digital Tutors channel shows you.

Channel Zone Five

This channel has another simple tutorial of half an hour and in Spanish, in which we see how to draw a character from its sketch to its colors with Photoshop. Good option as a low difficulty exercise.

Channel designioustimes

Here we already raise the level a little by drawing a character with much more detail, and again using Adobe Illustrator vectors. You have it on the channel designioustimes.

Mauricio Caballero Channel

The video on this channel also draws a character, but the author focuses on explaining some tips with tools and accessories that we can use. You’ll get the most out of it if you have access to a Wacom Cintiq tablet with a built-in screen.

Juan Sebastián Wilches Bernal Channel

We end with this channel where various techniques of advanced digital illustration with Photoshop. Just above you have the first technique, and here you can see the second.

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