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11 YouTube websites and channels to learn HTML5 from 0 to expert level

26 mayo, 2021

During the last weeks in Genbeta we have been showing you several resources in the form of YouTube web pages or channels to help you learn or perfect your knowledge in sound editing, video, Flash animation or 3D modeling. This post format is receiving a good reception, so we will continue with it.

In a world in which digital resources are increasingly important, knowing how to program is becoming very important. If you want to learn how to do it or improve your knowledge, today we are going to offer you a small collection of resources so you can learn HTML5. Are you ready?

HTML5 Course on Computer Pills

What is HTML5? What are its basic labels or its main structures? We started with this bestiality of course that they studied a year and a half ago in the informatics pill channel, which is made up of a total of 73 videos and it teaches us everything we need to know about this standard.

HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices

Screenshot 292

If you understand English, just three days ago they published in edX the first part of the course “HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices” developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. The course is free, although once completed you will have to pay if you want to obtain a certificate of your knowledge


Screenshot 300

It is a complete web page full of tutorials with which to learn development in HTML5 and other programming languages. When we get into each of the tutorials we will go seeing step by step how to create different types of page or applications. To access some of these tutorials it will be necessary to be subscribed to the web.

Web Development Course with HTML5 and CSS3

Much more extensive (124 chapters) is this course by web development with HTML5 and CSS3. In it, DevPantro will explain to us little by little and with simplicity all the steps that we will have to take to create our first web page using these standards.

HTML5 Game Development

Screenshot 295

If you already have knowledge of HTML and Javascript, Udacity and Google bring you this free course in English with which they will guide you through the steps of creating a video game, and how to use these development techniques to create high-performance HTML5 applications.

Games with HTML5 and JS

Marcos Sancho from ProgramaloTu will also teach us in perfect Spanish and through YouTube videos to create our own video games using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Microsoft HTML5 Course

Microsoft Logo 2012 Modified Svg

This course was created in 2012 by Microsoft itself to help us all to be able to train for free, and for us to give our first steps with HTML5.

Introduction to Web Development Course: HTML and CSS

Screenshot 297

And if Microsoft does it, Google could not be less. On your Activate page we have available a course accredited by the IEI of the University of Alicante, with which you can learn everything you need to master HTML5 and CSS3 and create attractive adaptive pages with these standards.

Development in HTML5, CSS and Javascript of WebApps, incl. FirefoxOS mobiles

Screenshot 299 1

MiriadaX offers us a free course supported by the Polytechnic University of Madrid of design of mobile apps in HTML5 compatible with FirefoxOS. The course is multidisciplinary and includes aspects of programming, graphic design and interaction design.

Learn HTML5 from 0

Screenshot 301

On the Tutos and Tips page they also have a series of tutorials available to help us take our first steps with HTML5.


Screenshot 302

And we end up with the # HTML5 YouTube channel in which various types of HTML5 video tutorials. Let’s enjoy it!

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