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12 free animated PowerPoint templates to create professional presentations

21 mayo, 2021

PowerPoint is a fairly complete and powerful tool, not for nothing is it basically synonymous with the word “presentations“Since these can be created on a computer. However, whoever has used it knows that, to obtain the best results, you have to invest a lot of time and work in it.

Hence the search for PowerPoint templates is such a popular one, because with a skeleton that only needs to be filled in, the whole thing becomes easier. However, get Free, professional-quality templates that also come animated, It is not the simplest task, that is why in Genbeta we have compiled this dozen so that you have a lot to choose from.

Since man does not live on PowerPoint alone, you can always check out some of our template recommendations for Word, Excel, and Google spreadsheets.

23 PowerPoint Presentation Templates to Explain It All

1. Vega

This one comes with a trailer and everything. It is part of the collection of free templates on a site called “The Power of PowerPoint”, so you get the idea of ​​what they do. It is a very colorful template, it includes over 80 fully animated slides, with even multiple animations showing at the same time.

Although the site is in a combination of English and Japanese, the download button is a must. And you can always use google translate.

2. Procyon

This template is from the same site as the previous one, it contains 45 fully animated slides in four color varieties. If you are interested in knowing the licenses of some of the content they use, such as images and fonts, you can read details in the description.

3. Business Infographics

Animated Business Infographic Powerpoint Template 8

Ideal for creating a business plan presentation, this template includes 10 animated slides, it is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides. All the graphics are vector and so you can scale them however you want.

4. Business Strategy

Free Business Strategy Powerpoint Template On Behance 2018 08 20 13 03 05

This template is free for personal and commercial use, contains 25 extremely elegant slides created by Slidesmash Design. All fully editable, and also includes 100 free-to-use vector icons.

5. JD

This template is ideal for a personal presentation. It contains 20 slides, and although the process to get it for free is a bit tedious (you must write to their Facebook page after subscribing, so that they send you the link), if you like it, it is worth it.

6. Editable Infographic

Ff0160 01 Animated Editable Infographics Powerpoint 5

This template is comprised of business analysis diagram data visualization slides. Contains 10 slides and also supports Keynote and Google Slides.

7. Power

Power Free Minimal Powerpoint Template On Behance 2018 08 20 13 18 18

This template is absolutely phenomenal. Contains more than 120 slides, more than 800 typographic icons included in the presentation, you can invert the colors from light to dark, it has 24 color variations, includes free fonts, and all are animated with dynamic transitions.

8. Rigel

This is one of the most casual templates of all, perhaps a perfect one for students. Contains 48 fully animated slides.

9. Look

This presentation has very beautiful and striking pastel colors. It includes 33 slides fully animated and comes in two color varieties.

10. Beaver

For those who prefer dark backgrounds, this is the perfect template. It includes over 60 fully animated slides, and also offers three varieties of colors to contrast.

11. Five Segments Puzzle Diagram

Ff0159 01 Free Five Animated Segments Puzzle Powerpoint Diagram 2

It is a fairly basic and simple presentation, it contains only 9 slides, but they have a very specific purpose that can be useful to you thanks to the circular puzzle-shaped diagram that is also animated.

12. Exclusive

Exclusive Free Powerpoint Template Slide 01

This template is intended for a long business presentation with lots of text. Contains 25 fully editable colorful slides. It also includes high-quality vector graphics.