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13 free courses in Spanish on design and illustration

26 mayo, 2021

One of the great superpowers of the Internet is that it offers us the beautiful possibility of learn about almost anything. Whether we want to develop a new skill, hone one we already have, or simply study something out of curiosity, there is almost infinite knowledge on the web to nurture our brains.

At Genbeta we love to share the benefits of online learning platforms and how they have truly democratized education. This time we bring you 15 design and illustration courses quite varied, completely free, in Spanish, aimed mostly at beginners and that you can start right away. There is no excuse not to take them.

Photoshop CS6 basics

Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Fundamentals Udemy

This is a free course from Udemy in which you can learn the fundamentals of Photoshop for digital image editing in a practical and clear way. It was created by Marlon Ceballos, an Adobe Certified Instructor with 13 years of teaching experience. The course has 68 classes and an approximate duration of 8 and a half hours.

This aimed at people without previous knowledge of Photoshop or with basic knowledge. It shows you the fundamental concepts of Photoshop in a clear way which will allow you to understand the process of managing and retouching digital images. The methodology used is based on practical examples that allow you to understand its use in real life and that you can replicate with the download material

Photoshop CC for beginners

Photoshop Cc Tools For Beginners Udemy

This is also a free course from Udemy. In it you will learn step by step how to use each of the tools of the Photoshop CC program and edit your images. The course will see each of the Photoshop CC tools and a practical example of how to use them.

It is intended for users who do not know the program or have learned to use it in a self-taught way and now want to know well each of the tools, their use and options. The course has 19 classes and an approximate duration of 2 and a half hours.

Basic theory of art

Basic Theory Of Art How To Paint Digital Illustrations Udemy

A short course of just an hour and a half in which you will learn the basic theories and fundamentals of art to raise the artistic quality of your digital paintings. increase the realism of your digital illustrations. You will also learn some techniques and tricks within Adobe Photoshop.

Course topics cover color theories, volume theory, texturing, appreciation, and rendering. You need a digital tablet and Photoshop to be able to follow these classes. It is aimed at people who are starting to do artistic work or who want to raise their quality level.

First Steps with Photoshop CC

Getting Started With Photoshop Cc Udemy

In two hours they promise to teach you handle Photoshop CC and its basic functions easily. You will learn about image formats, menus, all the tools, and various secrets about the great things that can be achieved with Photoshop.

There are 13 lessons divided into 4 topics and they also offer an eBook Downloadable with 12 pages to help you during the course. You will learn everything from how to open and save images to how layers work, blending modes and tricks that professionals use.

Complete graphic design course on YouTube

This is a graphic design course in Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign posted on YouTube and consisting of 19 videos. It ranges from basic concepts of graphic design, to color psychology, typography, creating patterns and gradients, and working with photographs.

The videos last between 10 and 30 minutes on average and in the end you will have learned a lot of things and to handle the three Adobe programs very well. Being on YouTube is obviously free and you can watch the videos wherever and whenever you want.

Illustration techniques

Illustration Techniques Cap 1 The Charcoal Youtube

This is a free course offered in Edutin in which you will learn various types of illustration techniques: create drawings using charcoal, sepia pencil, acrylic paints, gray scales and gradients, paint in pastels, gradients and shades of gray, coloring in pastels. , primary, secondary and complementary colors, chromatic circle, cold and warm colors, etc.

The course has 11 classes and lasts 4 hours. It is free but you must register on the web to access it.

Theory of color

This is another full course on YouTube on color theory. It shows step by step all the properties of color and its use in the illustration. The course consists of 16 videos and the longest hardly exceeds 10 minutes.

In it you will learn from what color is, primary and secondary colors, luminosity and saturation, the scale of values, contrast, color psychology and more.

Digital illustration

Digital Illustration Vectorize Crehana Course

This is a free course hosted in Crehana, it lasts just 51 minutes and in it you will learn to vectorize an image from scratch. The course consists of 2 modules and 7 classes in total.

They will teach you to use various Illustrator tools to create a version of yourself or any vectorized character. This is a way to introduce you to the world of digital illustration and learn a super useful technique.

Print oriented graphic design

Free Online Course Of Graphic Design Oriented To Printing

Another free course in Edutin in which they will teach you how to make different designs using CorelDraw and Photoshop. The course consists of 13 classes and lasts approximately three hours in total.

You will learn: to design from scratch, configure Font Navigator CorelDraw, design format in CorelDraw, flyer design, full color flyer, how to make a professional business card against face, and how to design a certificate.

Graphic Conceptualization: create a movie poster

Graphic Conceptualization Create A Movie Poster Crehana Course

This is a simple Illustrator course in which you are going to do a project in which create a new and original poster for a movie and that encompasses the message you want to convey.

You will learn to vectorize a conceptual graph and to make a thematic composition from scratch, discovering incredible techniques to achieve fascinating results in simple steps. All in 9 classes and a total of 47 minutes.

Introduction to Vector Illustration

Introduction To Vector Illustration Crehana Course

In this course you will take a walk through Illustrator and create an incredible character step by step. You will sketch a design where you will have to give it an original identity, and then you will learn to use the basic tools of Illustrator to bring your sketch to life.

The course lasts just over an hour, has two modules and seven classes in total.

Advanced Digital Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Advanced Digital Illustration In Adobe Illustrator Crehana Course

This is the most advanced course on the list and consists of five modules and a total of nine classes in which you will learn about vector illustration, vectorization techniques, colorization, light and shadow, sketching, anatomy and movement, colorization, visual hierarchy, effects layering, character design foundations, and composition concepts and techniques.

It is an advanced illustration course that is necessary to perfect your technique and become the best illustrator. You will make an illustration of a fictional character using all the techniques learned in the course.

Custom Illustration: Create an oriental portrait

Custom Illustration Create An Oriental Portrait Crehana Course

In this illustration course you will discover how to paint emulating Chinese and Korean techniques, as well as having fun in the process. You will study various references and learn a little about oriental art theory. The course has four modules with 16 classes in total, and a duration of two hours.

The end of the illustration course includes an oriental portrait. You will apply everything you have learned to vectorize a photograph (yours or someone else’s) in Adobe Illustrator and give it that fine Asian touch.

Cover photo | Luis Llerena

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