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13 free online photography courses

25 mayo, 2021

Anyone can take a photo; it is a simple matter of focusing with the camera (or the mobile) and shooting. But take a good picture it is no longer so easy; It is about going a little further, knowing the basics of composition and light, as well as the elementary functions of the camera: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

Luckily, now you don’t have to buy heavy photography manuals or enroll in an academy to go to classes. You just have to be interested in learning, have a free time and want to practice with your camera, and you can easily sign up for any of these free photography courses to study through the Internet. More comfortable, impossible!

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TheWebFoto online course

TheWebFoto online course

We start the list with the TheWebFoto free online course, a page specialized in photography courses. This course reviews the basic concepts to help beginners to enter the world of photography, and also to solve conceptual doubts. The course consists of three sections and reviews all the elements of this artistic expression, from types of cameras to accessories, through focal length, sensor, composition or light measurement. It can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Enhance your photos with any camera

Teachlr Com How To Improve Your Photos With Any Camera

In teachlr [nos enseñan](How to remove the background of a photograph) to improve our photos, regardless of the equipment we use. As they say, “the best camera is the one you carry with you“, so this course will teach you the most important thing: developing your creative eye.

Learn to use a photometer

Lightmeter2 600x450 2

Light is everything in photographyThat is why it is essential that we know how to use the photometer that is included in our cameras. This udemy course will help us master this important point, which will be essential if you decide to go for analog photography.

Remove the background from a photo

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Many times we take a photo of a person and we like how it turned out, but then we realize that the background is really awful. This course teaches us to change it in a simple way, since they ensure that we can learn this technique in “a few minutes”.

Lectures on Digital Photography

Lectures on Digital Photography

This course is somewhat special, since it is a course taught that Marc levy, his professor, taught several times at the university of Stanford and even on Google. Now he has also decided to share it online so that it can reach students around the world. The full course covers all aspects of photography, from an artistic, scientific and technical perspective, throughout 18 lessons that you can follow at your own pace.

Learn how to take photos in 31 days

Learn how to take photos in 31 days

East dZoom’s free online photography course is intended to be completed in a month. To do this, it has 31 deliveries that make a complete tour of all the key topics in photography: cameras, lenses, exposure, depth of field, ISO, flash … You can follow the course online on their website, or download it in PDF format from the Premium section of their page.

Photography course

Photography course

On the website of Photography Course are actually offered three courses, for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. In them you start with the most basic concepts (light, aperture, ISO, exposure …), and end with topics such as portraits, aerial photography or image editing. It’s about courses brief (between 4 and 10 lessons), to be followed entirely on the web.

Learn with Canon

Learn with Canon

More than a photography course itself, what you find on the Canon website They are photography tutorials, updated frequently, and that can teach you to improve the composition of your photos, take better action photography, use better light or learn the tricks of macro photography, among other things. The tutorials are logically focused on Canon cameras.

Nikonistas Digital Classroom

Nikonistas Digital Classroom

For those who are on the Nikon side, the Nikonistas website has a section called Digital classroom, prepared in collaboration with the School of Photography and Design IDEP of Barcelona, ​​in which you can follow a photography course divided into four levels: Aesthetics and narrative of photography, Techniques of digital photography, Retouching and manipulation of images and Digital photography in practice. Each level has several lessons, and when you finish it you have to pass a exam.

Basic photography course by Toni de Ros

Toni de Ros

Do you prefer the video format to learn? We also have material for you. To begin with, the basic photography course by Toni de Ros, a course that reviews all the essential concepts to start self-taught in the world of photography. They are in total 11 short videos (none exceeds 10 minutes).

Academy of Photography

Academy of Photography

Continuing with the video courses, in the Academy of Photography channel you also have one large amount of material, with playlists organized by topic: flash photography, pose guide, night photography, camera settings, editing and post-production, and more. There is also a collection of videos with the basics for beginners.

Photography: Ditch Auto – Start Shooting in Manual

Ditch Auto - Start Shooting in Manual

Udemy offers all kinds of courses, and among them you could not miss photography. In this list we have included this free course which has a curious approach: it encourages people to stop using the “Auto” mode of your DSLR cameras (which many do) and to get the most out of it by using it in manual mode. The course consists of 37 lessons and a total video content of 4.5 hours.



Speaking of the modes of use of the camera, a small online utility that can help you better understand how different settings affect ISO, aperture and shutter speed to the final photo. Is named CameraSim and you can try it (in a limited way) in its web version, or download it in app format for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Extra: Xataka Foto Photography Course

Engadget Photo

Finally, we could not finish this list without including in it the Xataka Foto photography course, in which over 40 lessons a complete journey is made through this form of artistic expression: from the most basic concepts to tips to improve composition or technique, and to edit your photos with the appropriate software.

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