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14 basic tips and tricks

23 mayo, 2021

Controlling our privacy is important. We use many applications and social networks on a daily basis that have access to a large amount of information about us. Between them, Facebook is possibly one of the ones that knows us the best. Beyond the company itself, it is also vital to configure it correctly so that strangers cannot know who we are or so that our friends only see what interests us.

Here we leave you a guide to setting privacy on Facebook. We have relied on a series of tips that the social network itself offers us and we have tested them from the official Facebook application for Android. It also works perfectly from the web, be it the mobile or desktop version. We recommend that you take a look at each section and make sure that you have it configured as it interests you.

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1. Choose who can see your photos

Choose who can see your photos on Facebook

When you post a photo on Facebook, it’s for everyone to see, but sometimes we just want specific friends to see it or even make it a private photo for us. Fortunately we can set exactly who will be able to see this photo. We must go to the menu in the upper right part of the publication itself and there click on the option that interests us.

2. Delete or hide a post that you did not want to have published

Facebook Privacy 12

From the same menu of each publication we can choose to remove or hide that particular post from the bio. The publication may continue to appear elsewhere, for example with the direct address or if it had any likes, but it will no longer be marked on your wall.

3. Check what others see on your profile

Facebook Privacy 11

A problem with knowing what others know about us is that being on our own account we cannot know. Facebook has a very simple solution. From the biography, just below the profile photo we must click on the button “see how”. There we can see our biography as if we were a guest or a stranger.

4. Check if others can know your friends list

Facebook Privacy 6

If we access Settings and go to the end of the list we will see an option called Account settings. From there we can control many of the privacy aspects of this list, such as knowing who can know our friends list.

5. Who can see your comments or activity

Facebook Privacy 9

A couple of options below we find Activity Register, an option in which we will see each and every one of our likes and reactions. At the top we also have marked who can see our activity, only us, our friends or everyone. Another way to access is from the biography.

6. Who can send you a friend request

Facebook Privacy 8

If we go to the biography, below the profile image we have an option with three buttons. When pressing we will see the option of “View privacy shortcuts”. From there then we find the option of “who can send you friend requests”. Very interesting so that strangers do not have the possibility of contacting us. And so we prevent many bots and trolls from trying to make friends.

7. Choose trusted friends to help you in case you lose access to your account

Facebook Privacy 1

Since Account Settings> Security and Login We can establish up to five friends who will help us to recover the account in case we have been hacked. Basically it is a kind of recovery email in case of emergency.

8. Who can see the photos where you are tagged

Facebook Privacy 7

Since bio and tagging we can establish a whole series of options to configure who can see the photos in which we have been tagged. Normally this of the labels is not something that falls completely in our hands and it is usually our friends who do it. With these options we will be more relaxed.

9. How to remove yourself from a photo if you have been tagged

Facebook Privacy 15

In case there is a tag that you do not want to exist, it is as easy as removing it. The Facebook application makes it easy for us. We can select it and give the x to delete or directly edit the photo and click on the option remove tags.

10. Check the photo if someone tags you and is not your friend

Facebook Privacy 14

One function related to tags is to review them. In case a stranger tags you, with this option we must accept that tag before it kicks in. An option that we recommend to all that you have active.

11. Check if you have the location history activated

Facebook Privacy 2

Facebook has the option of friends nearby, where we can check if there is someone we know within a short distance. From this same function if we go to the settings we will access the Location settings. From there we can activate or block the location history.

12. Check with which devices you have accessed your Facebook account

Facebook Privacy 3

We can access Facebook from multiple devices. From your computer, mobile, tablet … if you want to keep track of when the account has been accessed, nothing is easier than going to Account Settings> Security & Login and see where you are logged in.

13. How to manage the applications with access to your account and what information they see

Facebook Privacy 4

In the applications section we can access the list of connected applications and the information they use for your servers. The name and user identifier is accessible by these third-party apps, but we can limit, for example, our date of birth or our interests.

14. Configure the information about you that the ads receive

Facebook Privacy 5

Finally from Account settings> Ads> your information We will see all the details of our account that advertisers access to show us the ads. They know our tastes but we can configure so that Facebook does not show us advertising throughout the internet based on our navigation. Without a doubt, a section that is well worth reviewing to protect our privacy.