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14 free apps and YouTube channels to learn to play the guitar or piano

25 mayo, 2021

One of the most important aspects when learning to play an instrument is the constancy, especially at the beginning. If we do not have adequate support or guidance, we may become desperate and finally end up throwing in the towel.

Since we are living in a strange time (in which social distancing is very important and many we spend more time than usual at home) it might be a good idea to start fulfilling that desire to learn to play the guitar or piano.

To do this, we will recommend a number of free resources with which we will have a good starting point, and thus go practicing and improving according to the availability we have.


ChachiGuitar is a YouTube channel ideal for those who want to learn to play the guitar, improve their technique or finally immerse themselves in a specific style of music.

Chachiguitar Youtube

This channel has more than 640,000 subscribers, and one of its most positive aspects is that they upload videos for all levels. All content is in Spanish and currently we can enjoy hundreds of very useful videos.

We will learn to play songs with only four chords, useful tricks to memorize all the notes of the guitar, also to tune by ear or to master the strum with the right hand.

Important brands such as Fender or Boss have a free app to tune the guitar

Although we learn to tune by ear, something essential is always have a good tuner on hand. Fortunately, there are dozens of mobile applications that do this perfectly.

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Fender (yes, the famous guitar maker) offers a free app for iOS and Android. BOSS is one of the most popular pedal manufacturers, and it also offers a nice free tuner (iOS / Android). If we are looking for something a little more sophisticated, Tunable (iOS / Android) or PolyTune (iOS) are very good options (although paid).

Justin Sandercoe (better known as ‘Justin Guitar’) is an Australian guitarist who became known on YouTube for offering lessons to those who love the technique of musicians like Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page. In addition to the web, it has an app for iOS and Android, in which we will find thousands of free videos.

Once we know how to tune and play the basic chords, the next step could be dare to play some songs from our favorite bands or artists. Ultimate Guitar is the place to go, as it is a platform that has millions of tabs.

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Although we can use the web version without problems, there is also a free application for both Android and iOS. There is a pro mode that will free us from advertising and unlocks some more detailed modes and scores.

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Even if learn to read notes on a sheet music it can be just as fundamental in the rest of the instruments, in the piano it is almost essential if at some point we plan to play classical pieces.

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Notes Trainer is a free application for iOS that will help us identify where each note is on the piano. They even offer us exercises to practice, based on specific scales or sounds. If you are an Android user, a good alternative is Sight Reading Trainer.

MangoldProject is a YouTube channel which currently has more than 416,000 subscribers. They offer piano lessons for beginners, in which they will teach us from reading sheet music to playing different styles. The short videos in which they offer us an introduction to a certain technique are great.

Piano Lessons is the free version of Pianote, and on this platform we can find a large number of totally free lessons. This website combines tutorials with videos on YouTube, being a very good starting point if we are familiarizing ourselves with the instrument.

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There is not, as such, an “Ultimate Guitar for piano”, but in IMSLP we can find thousands of free and totally legal piano sheet music (yes, the vast majority related to classical music).


If you dream of playing with other people or of getting to participate in a recording, it is essential to be connected with the tempo. To do this, we can use a metronome when we practice and Soundbrenner (Android / iOS) offers us a great option and totally free.

Train your hands, tempo, and ear

In addition to exercising our hands, it is also important have very exercised the ear. Functional Ear Trainer is a free application (Android / iOS) that will teach us to transcribe or play music by ear.

Its creators assure that “it is very important for a musician to know what he is playing. A good musical ear helps to compose, improvise, transcribe melodies, or play with others. “