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15 useful websites to visit almost daily and save to your favorites

23 mayo, 2021

If something we share in Genbeta they are constantly new websites, applications and services that are useful or interesting for our readers and also for ourselves. But there is so much content on the Internet that we cannot always recommend everything.

This list includes 15 of the websites that I personally find most useful in my daily use. They all have a single, fairly well implemented function that can serve you at any time, and therefore they deserve to go to your favorites either for use almost every day or on any rainy day.

Mnmllist, a website for all things minimalist


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DeepL’s translator is my favorite after having tried it more than a year ago and discovered that in several ways it was even better than Google’s, especially if you want more natural translations from English to Spanish and vice versa. Since then it has been a fixture in my favorites, although you can also use it as an application in Windows 10 and macOS.


Phew, Waifu2x is perhaps the best website on the list. This wonder allows you to double the size of almost any image without losing quality. It works wonders, especially with illustrations, it is not perfect, but it can save you from a hurry when you need enlarge an image that is very low resolution and does not look pixelated.


If the previous one was my favorite, this is perhaps the one that comes closest to it. In you can dramatically reduce the weight of an image while maintaining the highest possible quality. Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG. And, it can compress the image up to 90%.


Another essential for those who work with icons or change the icons on their subject. In iConvertIcons you can convert PNG, ICO, ICNS icons between any of the formats. It is an app with a native version, but online you can use it for free without limits.


Screenshot 2018 10 15 At 15 09 54

Another online image editor, but unlike the ultra-known ones like Pixlr, this one focuses mainly on photography. Polarr even supports RAW format. If you want one free online photo retouching tool, save this in favorites.

TV Calendar

If you are one of those who watches many television series, specifically American series, this site will suit you like a glove. In TV Calendar you find just that, a television calendar practically all the series that are transmitted in the country, and with colors that say if it is a regular episode, premiere or end of the season.

If you like cinematographic shots, on this website you get a huge repertoire of films frame by frame

Adobe Color CC

If something is not missing on the Internet, they are sites that offer color palettes, but perhaps the largest and most complete of all is Adobe Color CC. Not only do you find cool palettes from the community there, but you can create your own, and get samples and hex and RGB codes.


If you are someone who writes in MarkDown or HTML or a combination of the two languages, this online tool should go to your favorites. Dingus is not the best MD text editor out there, nor is it the prettiest, but it is extremely efficient, especially if instead of writing in it, you are only interested in convert from HTML to MD and vice versa. In addition, it is a website of John Gruber, the creator of MarkDown.



Much like Canva we have Crello, a website that you can access create graphics and designs without necessarily knowing anything about graphics and design. It’s completely newbie-proof, and it’s especially useful for creating content for social media, or even posters and presentations.


There is not much to say here, Zooqle is a torrent search engine, one that can perfectly replace the deceased ExtraTorrent or KickassTorrents that disappeared and orphaned more than one.


If you take a lot of screenshots and want to make them look more beautiful and professionals for some reason, the immediate and extremely simple solution is with Screely.

The Week Song

This more than useful is entertaining, The Week Song is a small website of the same people behind The Best Song app, and all they do is choose a song every week to listen to in a loop. You can check the site and discover a good song a week. Nothing as overwhelming as one of those playlists with a thousand things.


Screenshot 2018 10 15 At 15 33 40

Dirae is the Inverse Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. That is, instead of finding the definition of a word, as in normal dictionaries, the Dirae finds words by searching its definition. It is perfect to also get synonyms, to use as a thesaurus, to check the grammar of a sentence, etc.


In the world many things happen every day, and on the Internet it is especially difficult to keep track of everything. In Forekast they help you a little with this, it is quite oriented to the USA, but there you can see a calendar with upcoming events, find out about things like when a movie is released, when a video game is released, when the new iPhone is released, and many more things.


Finally one of my current favorite websites and one that I probably visit every day, either because I want to see beautiful photos, because I need royalty free images for my articles, or simply because I want a new wallpaper. On Unsplash I always get everything.