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16 free cooking courses, to master all kinds of techniques and recipes

24 mayo, 2021

The Christmas holidays are approaching, and that means that some of us will spend days scratching our heads and wondering if this will be the year in which we decide to innovate in terms of recipes.

Our colleagues from Directo al paladar published an amazing guide with more than 200 recipes a few days ago, but perhaps some people need it before learn some basic concepts or improve specific techniques.

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Click on the stove

That’s what the courses are for, and in Milk-Street we can find 16 completely free cooking courses: knife techniques, the art of improvisation in the kitchen, a course on spicy, another on spices, advanced vegetable techniques, vegetarian dishes and many more.

Window And Milk Street Cooking School

We will simply have to create a free account to be able to register for each of the courses, and we will verify that each of them is divided by different lessons, in which we will find videos, support files and everything necessary to complete it.

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Of course, we must know that these courses they are in english, although with a basic level and tools like DeepL it will be quite easy to understand everything you need to finish them.

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The videos are very well shot, with a very careful lighting. The people who teach it perfectly explain all the steps to follow, and it is great that we can access courses of different levels and very complementary techniques.

Window And Hot Oil Infusion 1 Tarkas Milk Street Cooking School

If we want more and look for courses in SpanishDirectly to the palate we can find dozens of free options for all tastes. Next we are going to leave a list with several examples: