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16 tools and services to create online comics

21 mayo, 2021

Surely as a good reader of Genbeta you consider yourself -even to a certain extent- a little freaky. An appellation that, however, can include several meanings such as “computer freak”; “Tech freak”, “superhero freak” and of course, “comic book freak“, among others.

This article is dedicated to a mixture of all of them. Yes, because today we collect some of the best online tools and services to create comic strips from your computer screen. Ready to meet them?


So we started with Stripgenerator, a very easy to use comic strip editor. It works based on characters and other predefined elements that we will have to add to a scene, dragging them. To use it you will not need to register but the default editor opens. In the center are the bullets (there are three by default, something that can limit ourselves), and in the upper part the tabs with the characters, items, text and others.

Once selected we will have to drag them to the vignette, from which point we will be able to alter their size, position, opacity and other characteristics. He has a very particular style: simple but very funny. Yes i know identifies by itself, something that can reduce professionalism in case we want to use it for that purpose.


Available in various Languages –Among which is Spanish-, Pixton is a website that can be used in different ways: for personal use, schools or businesses, plans that vary in utilities and benefits. We are left with the first option, with which we can discover authors, share our creations and access contests, chats, and so on; and that we are offered the option to try for a week.

To start creating a comic, we must click on the pencil icon located at the top of the page, choose the type of format – comic strip, storyboard or graphic novel-. The latter allows us to change the size of the bullets and perform more complex actions.

Regarding the editor, It is different from other tools on this list because to include the different characters, scenes and elements we do not have to drag, but the website itself asks us about it as we go. We are also limited to a maximum number of three characters per panel. Their placement and that of the sandwiches are predefined.


Although in phase beta, SuperLame is another of our favorites because, with a tremendously simple operation and base, it allows us to create very funny comic strips in a few minutes. The idea is to add balloons and sound effects to our images. All without the need for tedious registrations and directly from an editor with a few options. It also allows us to change the borders of the vignette and download the resulting image.


Screenshot 2016 08 08 At 6 52 46

The fictional company Marvel does not want to be left behind with this type of tool either. The reason why it has one of its own that will delight lovers of superheroes. Using it does not involve too many complications but you can create your comic (a strip or a whole book depending on what you decide to select) easily.

In this way and after registering, you must choose a style of bullets for the editor to open. On this occasion the characters and possible scenarios are listed on the right. The text is also configurable (font, position, size and alignment in the speech bubble). Another of its virtues is that it allows you to choose sound effects, that is, onomatopoeia.

Make Beliefs Comix

Regarding Make Beliefs Comix, he calls himself the comic publisher for children, something that surely allows you to get an idea of ​​how simple it is to use. To start doing it, you will not have to register but the strip and the editor appear in the central part of the web. It will be here where the little ones will have the option of adding different elements and scenes, moving them at will, and making them talk.

According to the variety of actions, characters and images, they are quite scarce, although they have one point in their favor: there are animated ones. To take a look you will have to scroll or select the arrows located at the bottom. Be careful with clicking twice on the same object because it is duplicated.


Screenshot 2016 08 08 At 7 12 12

On the other hand and although it has not been created with the purpose of giving rise to comics, Fotojet is still a tool with which to design banners, cards and the like that can be used for this purpose, especially its collage function, which dissect the canvas into several squares in the style of a comic strip.

The editing panel is also very easy to use: on the left you choose the layout, text, background, shapes and clipart you want and on the right you select the photo you want to embed. You can even upload it from Facebook or your computer directly. Of course, although the text has different styles and fonts that can be previewed, you cannot include speech bubbles from the app itself. However, you have the option of including them as an image. It is completely free and does not require registration (except for some more elaborate templates).


Under the motto of “the most quick to create cartoons ”, Toondoo is another simple utility to create comics that works in a similar way to the previous ones. Its main advantages, however, are that you can cut out images of famous paintings, design your own characters (instead of opting for pre-defined ones and endowing them with unique characteristics and traits).

It also allows us choose between different formats (book, comic strip, creator of doodles), include images located in different places on the internet and modify them to our liking (the tools appear at the bottom) and others. We are left with the aforementioned character creator, whose skin tone, face shape, nose, expression and others we have the possibility to change.


StoryboardThat and as its name suggests, it is also focused on creating stories. Something that will allow us to achieve, with results more than worthy of the hand of different predefined templates in which we will have the opportunity to insert the different characters, the objects of the scene, the speech bubbles, etc.

His InterfaceIt is also intuitive; To start using it, you must register through the service itself or use one of your social accounts to do so, accept the conditions of service and that’s it. Then and automatically you will be offered the video tutorials of the application.

Screenshot 2016 08 08 At 6 12 11

When you close it, you will see the editing panel, in the upper part of which are the different elements of the composition: scenes, characters, texts, shapes, web and technology, and even a search engine. Some categories that, in turn, are broken down into different objects. The variety of scenarios is wide and we have the option of choosing different finishes (realistic, even), age ranges for the characters, and others.

In order to attach them to the strip we just have to drag them and adapt their size. In any case, it can always be modified a posteriori – altering the color, cutting, superimposing other objects, and so on. You can also add more cells, change their size, change the order, and so on.

In addition to the free version, it has other specials designed for schools, companies and also for filmmakers or fans of the genre. Some editions that you can buy from 8.95 euros per month -in the first case- and that you can try previously for 15 days.


Storybird, meanwhile, is a service designed for educators but also for adults and students. Thus, it consists of a service in which we can not only create comic strips, but also illustrate our books in general. A task that facilitates us with different formats – picture books, longform stories and poetry – and a wide range of predefined images and drawings – you can search for them in the integrated engine – and with a very special finish.

The variety It is tremendously wide and you just have to click on the lightning icon to start enjoying its features. Now, you must create each panel individually in the case of comics. Going back to the creation process and once selected, the editor is structured in a simple way: the images appear on the left and right and the stage in the center. This has a specific box for text. A different way of creating our comic.


Although it is a somewhat different application, we cannot fail to mention it. Specifically Bitscrips is an app compatible with Android and iOS – it also has an extension for Chrome in case you prefer to use it from the browser – with which you will have the possibility to design your own avatar, in the purest style of a comic character and a the hand of different accessories that will allow you to give a original touch that exceeds the typical physical characteristics.

The idea is to use it as a personalized emoji, an objective that will allow you to make a composition of the type of “attitudes” that can be displayed. Curious, although of course its functionalities are very limited compared to the previous examples.


Screenshot 2016 08 08 At 6 39 47

Another original proposal is that of Bubblr, whose approach is based on creating comics using flickr images. One of the pioneers of this type of tool that, however, has lagged somewhat behind over time. However, using it is very easy and does not require any registration.

To use it, you just have to enter the Flickr username or the topic you want to search for and add it to the editor -it is also possible to visit the file-, a blank canvas on which you can embed dialogue balloons and different scenes to, at Post it, send it by email or print it. In any case and despite its virtues, we must comment that the process of photo search it is not very agile.

Write Comics

Screenshot 2016 08 08 At 6 28 58

Nor could we stop talking about Write Comics that, although it has an interface that has nothing to do with the previous ones – the editor is shown on the page itself, it lacks 3D images and a wide catalog of objects-, puts our …