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16 YouTube Channels and Tools to Learn Study Skills

27 mayo, 2021

While the ability, the intellect, the ability to to hold back and concentrating constitute basic premises when studying and obtaining a good performance, sometimes we lose sight of a series of factors that can tremendously influence this issue.

One of them is the way of studying, that is, the habits and tricks that the student uses to understand and memorize the concepts and principles in a permanent way. A question that has been analyzed by multiple experts and that has given rise to the so-called study techniques. Well, today we compile a series of YouTube tools and channels that will allow you to know the best ones.


On Examtime, a website focused on learning, you will find all kinds of study techniques that you may find useful. Specifically, this site offers us 10 different ones, including underlining, making your own notes, creating mental maps with which to summarize and organize ideas, and use study cards.

The use of exercises and practical cases, the use of preparatory tests, mnemonic rules, drawings, organize the study by periods of time, and do brainstorming are other of his suggestions that he explains in detail and for whose development he proposes a series of concrete tools.

Obviously, linking is not the only one Article that addresses this question, but we find others such as “Learn to study better than 99% of your classmates” and the like that also incorporate specific advice and others.

In addition, it contains information on how to deal with specific tests and other posts with tricks to improve memory and the like. The website also provides study groups, an online library, and other resources for goal planning and evaluation and monitoring. You will find it available in Portuguese, Spanish, German, English and Brazilian.

Ari Gilmore YouTube Channel

Ari Gilmore’s channel is a YouTube space where we find videos with a wide variety of topics. However, it has a personal development section in which it offers tips to learn to study and improve concentration and performance, among others. Thus, it describes the implementation of techniques like the Pomodoro (which we have already told you about in previous articles) and provides all the necessary instructions to apply them.



On the other hand, and although it is not a website focused on learning but on the psychology, Naturpsico is a space that offers us a series of interesting study resources and techniques. Thus, it has specialized articles on how to learn to study, the Robinson study method, how to strengthen memory naturally, and a long etcetera that you can already guess.

In fact, in its Self-help section, it has a specific section entitled “School”, in which you will find everything discussed. It is also a very complete in which you will have the option to consult other questions related to the world of Psychology.


With DamianVlogs something similar happens to what happened with Ari Gilmore: that it is too versatile a channel. However, it provides information on study techniques, learning improvement and the like that is still useful. He does it with a very close language but with a structure very linear and perhaps too long.

Study techniques


Study Techniques is one of the favorites on this list. Yes, because as its name suggests, it is a very specialized place on the web. Here you will find everything from articles to general advice. In addition, it is organized by tabs related to what we want to reinforce. For example: memory, emotional intelligence, vocabulary, reading, comprehension of texts, and so on.

A very specific place that will help us in very specific tasks and that, as they comment on the portal itself, will allow us “to master effective tools to study, eliminate all difficulties in learning, save time to devote to other personal activities, develop emotional skills and have new methods of intellectual work.”



Developed by psychologists and pedagogues, Psychopedagogy is a portal that, in addition to dealing with issues such as dyscalculia, dyslexia and other learning difficulties, also has a section on study techniques. It pays attention to techniques of relaxation and concentration, but also to other questions such as how to prepare for an exam, what are the mnemonic rules and schemas for, and so on.

It also offers guidelines organization and structure of the study session that will be very useful to the less constant. The summary, underline, comprehensive reading, written work and similar parameters have a place in this section.

Javier Muñiz’s channel

With a dose of humor and a very accessible language, Javier Muñiz is a computer engineer who has developed this channel in which we come across videos focused on technology, the learning, personal development, business ideas and more.

We are left with its section of study techniques, in which you can learn to make a summary, know how you have to study to take a multiple choice exam, tricks to memorize faster, mental exercises, note-taking tips, and more.


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On the other hand, and although it is a portal that has specific courses in different subjects (and which, by the way, has already appeared in other of our articles), Aultafacil could not miss a class on study techniques. A course that addresses issues as varied as the student’s problems and their attitude towards studying, as well as planning, class attendance, the subject of notes, the place of study and the time spent, and the material.

The phases of study, reading, underlined, the constant completion of homework, memory and tricks to improve it, mnemonic techniques, forgetting, wasting time, rest, eating, preparing for exams, oral exams and public exhibitions also have a place.

David Cantone Channel

David Cantone is another youtuber who offers information and tips on study techniques but also on how to have more confidence and security in yourself. It even has a specific section to be more disciplined and overcome laziness, a must for all those who wish to study correctly.

In any case, we opted for his videos focused on the subject that concerns us and that gives this article its title. We found videos about assimilating faster, improving concentration, creating study habits, studying well for an exam and Get good grades, and others.



The Universia website is another one that includes useful advice in this regard, yes, focused on university students. In addition to the typical resources, here you will also find help and services for exams, tips to get started during the test, before and after, and other questions. In any case, it is not a learning page like the previous ones but a option more that you can use.

In fact, it consists of a generic channel focused on these students, behind which Banco Santander is located, a place that has, among others, information on university discounts, scholarships, libraries, a course channel, company guides, links to books of interest and all kinds of useful resources.

Alberto Vignoni Channel

In this and other videos Alberto Vignoni gives us the keys to being successful in college. From how to study better to concrete study techniques, through reasoning about the reasons for our failure, this expert puts at our disposal a wide range of resources. The content is structured in the form of traditional classes with its corresponding blackboard.



The Distance University also offers its own techniques. It does so in a complete pdf in which it contemplates a wide range of questions: reading and reading speed, methods to reduce fixations, underlining and annotations in the margin, the summaries, the comparative diagrams and tables, and the lists of concepts.

The document does not lack concept maps, files and files and other techniques. All of them explained in a way exhaustive and understandable. The best? That comes with specific exercises so you can put yourself to the test and practice what you have learned.

Goal Learning

Nor can we stop talking about Meta Learning, a specific website focused on adult study techniques. His objectives? That you learn to organize yourself, improve your concentration, increase your performance and raise your productivity.

To do this, it offers you different plans focused on whether you are an opponent, a beginner or a university student, specialized articles and countless resources. The company also has a tremendously complete YouTube channel in which you will find numerous explanations study techniques.



Regarding Educaweb, it offers different lessons on how to prepare to study, how to create a good study environment, to concentrate better, design a study plan, discover the best technique to study, learn to study in a group, do it with the help of new technologies and what to do before an exam.

Profe Juank Channel

For more concrete study methods we have the channel of the teacher JuaK, a place where we can learn to use the Eplemer method, the Polya and other strategies. Of course it is very complete and goes a step further than the previous ones. This youtuber will also help you learn algebra, physics, and other questions about optics, energy, and hydrostatics. Your space also has riddles and reasoning problems; all planned from an entertaining and entertaining point of view.

S JdD Channel

To finish we leave you with a highly recommended option, the S JdD channel, a space that has all kinds of study techniques and recommendations, seen from a both theoretical and practical point of view. We are left with its specific section that you can find by clicking here and in the one that addresses from the …