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17 pages to listen to soothing sounds while you work

22 mayo, 2021

A month and a half ago we brought you a selection of six websites with which you could listen to relaxing music while you work. Today we are going to continue the path we took with another similar collection, but in this case instead of music what we will hear will be different types of music. background sounds and noises to increase our productivity.

We have all kinds. The most common are the rain sound generators, but we also have the purr of a cat, the crackle of a fire and even the characteristic noise of cafeterias, all with a total of seventeen pages among which we will also find mixers to be able to create our own ambient sounds.

  • With A Soft Murmur we have a mixer with up to ten types of sounds different that we can go including the volume we want to create the perfect combination to concentrate better.
  • In Calm we will move to the side of a lake in preconfigured relaxation sessions 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes long. If what we want is not to work but to relax, these sessions can be guided to help us forget everything.
  • It is a little more unknown, but Noisli is an interesting alternative to Soft Murmur, in which there are not ten, but sixteen types of sound that we can mix, save if we have an account and even share to our liking.
  • Unique Noise Generators is a beastly mixer in which we can configure close to a hundred different kinds of sounds, from synthetic to natural through atmospheric or industrial. A website to have in favorites if you usually use this type of relaxing sounds.
  • What can we expect from a page called SimplyNoise or just noise? Well, a simple website to listen to three color noises whose intensity we can adjust.
  • When we enter Ambient Mixer we also find dozens of preconfigured ambient sounds in which we can adjust the intensity of each of its elements. We can create or listen from medieval taverns to dark and mysterious forests.
  • Few things there more relaxing than rain, and is one of the many websites that helps us relax with its sound.
  • And if we like the immediacy of the previous website, with Forest Mood we will have something similar but where instead of relaxing with the sound of the rain we will do it with the singing of birds in a forest.
  • Sound Sleeping is the website that we will have to visit if we are looking for another mixer relaxing sounds with up to 37 tracks ranging from musical sounds to objects such as clocks or trains or other more natural, the singing of birds or the beating of a heart.
  • But what if we don’t want to waste time from our work setting up sounds with mixers? Well, we have pages like Rainy Mood, in which we simply we will hear a storm.
  • Rainy Cafe, rain and a cafeteria. What else can we tell you? On this website you can model the volume of these two sounds to relax.
  • With Soundrown we have a simple and colorful mixer with ten types of sound whose intensity we can model to our liking.
  • Are you one of those people that there is nothing that relaxes you more than a good shower? Well, Virtual Shower is a mixer with which you can emulate the sound of a shower. That simple and that unique.
  • Rain for me is just what it sounds like, another simple website to relax on with the unmistakable sound of rain.
  • Another of those simple pages where you can play a single background sound is Blazing Logs. In this case the sound with which we will relax will be the crackle of the fire in a fireplace. Isn’t it cozy and perfect for long winter evenings?
  • A storm, white noise, the sounds of a city or the purr of a cat. These are just some of the many sounds that you can find on the simple iSerenity website.
  • And we end up with another monothematic page. Are you one of those who only concentrate working with the wifi of a cafeteria with sofas? Well, you put the sofas and the WiFi, and Coffitivity will be the page that transports you to the ambient sound of a cafeteria.

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