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17 tricks (and some extras) to make the most of the photographic social network

27 mayo, 2021

When Facebook bought Instagram in its day, it did so knowing that it was one of the main photography-oriented social networks in the world, something that to this day remains unchanged. Millions of people use it, although many of them they just do it in a basic way without paying attention to your many options.

Therefore, today we are going to offer you a total of up to seventeen little tricks with which to squeeze Instagram to the max. Tricks that go from simple things like the use of its tools to others not so simple like downloading the photos from the browser or seeing the list of photos you have given I like.


1. Use internal editing tools


Not all are filters on Instagram, and many times you will want to change some other aspects of the photos that you plan to upload to the social network. Therefore, its application offers you all the necessary tools so you don’t have to resort to third-party apps to edit your photos before uploading them.

When you are in the process of uploading a new photo, in the same window where you can choose between all the available filters at the bottom right you will see the option Edit. If you click on it you can adjust tilt, brightness, contrast, texture, warmth, saturation, color, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, blur, and sharpness of each image before uploading.

2. Manage the filters that you are not going to use


In recent years, Instagram has been adding more and more filters to your collection, and surely even more will arrive in the coming months. But if you only use specific filters, it is possible that the growing list of all available ones will only make the upload process more tedious. The solution? Deactivate the filters that you are not going to use.

To do this, when the list with all the filters appears, you just have to press and hold one and you can move it to change it position or directly delete it of the list. At the end of the filters there is also an option to manage, with which you can deactivate all the filters that you are not going to use or reactivate those that you want to start testing.

3. Use hashtags to gain presence


Like Twitter, Instagram also has a hashtag system with which to relate an image to certain themes. Hashtags work whether you use them in the description of the photo or in the comments, so if the person who uploaded it has not thought of adding them yourself, you can do them a favor in the comments.

To gain presence in the social network it is important to use hashtags that are used a lot by other users. In case you can’t think of which one to use, when you start to write one, Instagram will offer you options to autocomplete, indicating which ones are used in the most publications, and therefore the most effective. It is important not to abuse these hashtags or put them through comments so as not to make your publications too dirty and end up causing the opposite effect.

4. The search engine is your friend, use it


Looking for a friend, a hashtag, or a location? The seeker is your friend. When you enter a word it will allow you to relate it to the search for users, hashtags or locations, a perfect tool to find acquaintances or simply see what cat lovers or residents of your city post.

5. Tag people or untag yourself in posts


When you are publishing or editing one of your photos on your Instagram, you will have the option to tag users in them. This is used to show who appears in which photo, although it can also be used to notify these people. Just give the option Tag people touch the area of ​​the photo where you are going to tag someone and type or search for the username of who you want to tag.

Apart from the photos of each one, each user profile on Instagram also shows the photos in which it has been tagged. If you do not want to appear in a photo you can untag yourself. You just have to enter your profile, go to Photos in which it appears and hit the options button to choose to hide the photo from your profile or remove yourself from it to delete the label.

6. Notifications when posting certain contacts

Notify Posts

If you are one of those who like to squeeze social networks to the fullest and you are following hundreds of people on Instagram, you may have certain profiles whose publications you don’t want to miss between the storm of new photos that come to you every day. The solution is easy, you just have to ask Instagram to notify you when a specific person posts something.

To do this, you just have to enter the profile of the person you want to receive notifications from when making a new publication. At the top right, click on the menu of the three points, and among the options that appear, choose the one of Turn on post notifications. If you regret it, then you can deactivate them with the same process.

7. Edit your posts

Edit Instagram

Although you may not be able to edit the posts you upload on social networks like Twitter, on Instagram you can, and it is un perfect resource to correct mistakes, add locations, tag people you have forgotten in an image and / or change some of the hashtags that you may have used.

To edit a post on Instagram, all you have to do is enter it, click on the options menu at the top right, and choose the edit option. The only limit is that you can edit everything except the image that you have uploaded, so if you want to change the filter or something like that you will have to upload it again.

8. Share your publications on other social networks

Share photo

A good way to give your posts a little more impact is share them on other social networks. To do so, you just have to enter one of them, hit the menu button with the three dots, and choose the option Share.

You can edit the message so that when it is published it is different from the original (don’t worry, the original will not change), share it on one or up to five other pages and social networks, share the photo directly by email or copy the link to your post to be able to share it in any other social network, forum or messaging application.

9. Save your Instagram photos on your PC

Save as

If you use Instagram in your browser you have the possibility to save your favorite photos to PC. But of course, it is not an official option so it is difficult to do, and the methodology changes depending on the browser you use. In this article we tell you how to do it with Chrome, Firefox or through the source code of your website.

10. Find the photos you have liked so far

I like

Has it ever happened to you that you remember seeing an especially good photo on Instagram, that you gave I like even, but you don’t even remember when it was or who published it? Well, the photographic social network has an option to open the trunk of memories thanks to a feed with all the photos you have given I like.

To see it you just have to go to your profile and access the application settings, which is the icon of the three buttons. Once inside, in the section Account, you will see an option that says Posts that you liked. Exactly, that’s where you have to go to see them all.

11. Power Instagram with IFTTT recipes


And one of the greatest exponents of automation on the Internet is IFTTT, a platform that connects dozens of online services to automate all kinds of tasks related to them. Here you have a recipe guide with several from Instagram, with which, for example, you can post Instagram photos on Twitter as native save copies in Dropbox, Google Drive and Flickr, or put your most recent photo as wallpaper on your Android.

12. Use the internal Instagram chat


The contacts that you have been meeting on Instagram may be different from the ones you have on Facebook and Twitter. For this reason, the photographic social network has gone a little further by creating an internal messaging system so you can chat with them all you want. At the moment it is a basic chat, but that does not mean that it is useful at certain times.

When you are on the main Instagram screen, you just have to drag it to the left or hit the arrow button (or hang glider) that appears on the top right. The section will appear Direct, which is that of chats. You can hit the + button to open new chats, where in addition to text you can also send photographs.

13. Share certain posts with specific people


Instagram also offers another method to share with specific users your images or those of others, and it does so through its internal chat. When you are viewing a photo, you will see that next to the Like and comment buttons you have a third party, this will serve to send the photo to one of your contacts on Instagram, and it does so by private message.

14. Snapchat with Instagram Stories


If you want your account to be a little more dynamic, or if you are at an event and do not want to fry your contacts with dozens of photos, you can always pull the new Instagram Stories. It is a method with which you can create a continuous feed with photos or videos that expire after 24 hours, exactly the same as with Snapchat.

In this article we tell you our first impressions and how you can use this feature on your Windows computer. Of course, in the official application for Windows 10, although you cannot publish, you will be able to view all the stories of your contacts.

15. Go live with Instagram

Instagram Live

One of the last functions that the social network has added is that of broadcast live videos. To do this, on the main screen click the button Your history as if you were to create an Instagram Story. In fact this will be the default option, although at the bottom of the screen you can switch to mode Direct and start broadcasting for all your followers.

16. Add a secondary account

New account

Either for work, to separate themes or simply because you want your cat to have its own Instagram, you may want to be able to use more than one account in the app. Formerly this required having two mobiles or having a third-party application to be able to operate with two accounts at the same time, but for some time Instagram has allowed having more than one account in its app.

To add a new account you just have to go to your profile and hit the configuration button, the one with three buttons. Once there it goes all the way down, where just before the option of Sign off you will find the one of Add Account. Once added you can alternate between both accounts to operate.

17. Make your account private


If you are jealous of your privacy and do not want any stranger to be able to access your photo feed without your permission, …