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19 applications to succeed with your content on social networks

27 mayo, 2021

Whether the social media They are another complement to your blog or personal website to capture traffic and audience, as if you dedicate yourself to it professionally working for a company, there are numerous tools and applications specially designed to get the most out of them.

Schedule posts to a calendar, search for keywords related to your market, discover more information about your followers, analyze the use that your competence of their profiles, know what they are the best hours to publish, create attractive images for your tweets and your Facebook texts … these are just some of the things you can do with all the tools that we present below.

Some are paid, others are free, many have trial versions for a limited time … but in general they are utilities that save you time and effort when using social networks to promote your product or make your content more attractive and reach more people.

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Schedule posts and forget about it



Buffer is one of the utilities best known to schedule posts on social media profiles. In a few clicks you can connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ accounts, and start scheduling and sharing content, with great flexibility in the programming options. In this way you create a publication calendar with all the articles in the queue, and save time.

You also have a link shortener integrated, and with statistical reports to find out how the articles you have shared have worked and use this data in your social media strategy.

Buffer has a free version, but with limited features.



Other classic of the scheduling of social media posts is Hootsuite, which also has a free version with limited features. It allows you to control various social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+) from a single panel, and schedule content in all of them with links, images or even embedded video.

You also have a tool with which monitor your posts, with analysis and statistics of its reach, number of clicks on links, and other interesting data.

Sprout Social


On Sprout Social you will find utilities to manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, post updates, monitor results and analyze data from a single interface.

When you start to use it it may seem a bit confusing, because it gives you access to a lot of information: demographic data of your audience, trends, impressions, interactions with users, etc.

You can try it for free for a period of 30 days, after which you will have to choose a payment plan (the cheapest, $ 59 per month).

Bundle Post

Bundle Post

In the case of Bundle Post, it is not a tool to program content itself, but works in collaboration with others like the ones we just saw (for example, Hootsuite or Buffer).

The particularity of Bundle Post is that it allows you to select content from multiple sources, create different broadcast schedules for each profile on each social network (with support for the most important: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …) and add hashtags to your publications, all this in a relatively simple way, in a few clicks and without having to edit the messages one by one.

You can try the full version totally free for 30 days.



The objective of Everypost it is make it easy for you to publish content in social networks. With this tool you can manage your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr accounts, and also accounts with mobile apps (iOS and Android) to have access to your calendar of scheduled publications at any time.

Everypost is very easy to use, includes a built-in link shortener and allows you to use all kinds of audiovisual content in your publications – importing it if necessary from Instagram, Flickr or YouTube, among others.

There are several payment plans, with different prices depending on their characteristics, and also a free account with limitations.



It is one thing to program the content that you are publishing on your blog or on your company website to promote it on social networks, and another is reuse old content that it is still valid but that perhaps in its day it went unnoticed. This is where a tool ate Edgar you can help.

With this utility you can locate the articles in your medium that are still relevant, and post them again so that your followers have access to it again.

Edgar currently has restricted access and can only be used by invitation. I still haven’t received mine, but maybe you have better luck.



If Edgar’s doesn’t work for you, you can opt for Blogsterapp, a service based on the same idea of reuse old quality and relevant content, and re-launch it on social networks – and that is also made here.

With Blogsterapp you can review the content of your blog, mark the entries that you are not interested in broadcasting and let the tool take care of the rest, launching the relevant articles to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles with publication times and frequencies. fully customizable.

You can try the service for free for 15 days, and then choose a paid plan (which starts at 3.99 euros per month).

A picture is worth a thousand words (on social media too)



With Canva creating graphics to share on social networks (for example, on Facebook or Twitter) is very easy, and you can do it directly from the web browser.

The free version of this online graphic editor is somewhat limited as for the templates you can use, but it’s more than enough to get attractive and quality images for your posts. Also, the results are usually quite attractive – even if you don’t have much of a design idea.

It has been shown in several studies that tweets with images generate more interactions than those who do not have it, so do not think about it.

Pablo by Buffer


From the hand of Buffer comes this tool with a curious name. Paul allows you to create images specially designed for social networks, and fully customizable.

You can choose from a catalog of more than 50,000 photos without copyright (or upload your own), and place on it if you wish a own text, also with several fonts to choose from. In this way, you make sure to capture more the attention of your followers on social networks.

Adobe spark

Adobe spark

On Adobe spark you have another online tool with which to create images specially designed to share on social networks, and reinforce the message of your tweet or your post on Facebook.

It’s free, has a lot of topics and thousands of Photos to choose from, it is very easy to use and it is also Adobe… little more could you ask for. Oh, and the watermark they insert into the design is removed by posting the image on Facebook or Twitter.


The infographics are a type of graphic content that are perfect for sharing certain types of data on social networks – and with you can easily create them, from your own web browser.

The tool already includes several predefined themes to which you can add your own images, tables and graphs, and even import data from a file Excel if you have the information saved in this format.

Information is power: analysis and statistics

Follower Wonk


Although the built-in Twitter stats already offer information about your followers, with Follower Wonk you can go a little further and get more information about them, in addition to helping you locate and contact experts in your market that you may not have known.

Thanks to the information you get with this tool, you can optimize your tweets, find out what they are the best times to post, compare your data with that of the competition and obtain demographic data about your audience, among other things. The free account, yes, is somewhat limited.



Although it does not offer a free version, Crowdbooster it’s interesting because collect data from your Facebook and Twitter profiles, and gives you information such as when your followers are most likely to see the content you have published.

Other useful functions that this tool includes are the analysis of impressions, scope Y engagement with users – information that can help you improve your strategy of social networks depending on the success that your publications are having, and that is also presented in tables and graphs of easy interpretation.

Crowdbooster also has a built-in utility for scheduling social media posts.



In addition to analyzing the success in social networks of the content published on your blog or website, Buzzsumo can be used for search for relevant topics or keywords in your market, detect how your competition uses that data, and how that content works on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

So, it would be like a kind of topic and keyword search engine, whose results you can also filter by time period, content type, language, country and other elements.



Tweriod it’s a tool Very simple, with a single objective, but that fulfills it perfectly: to show you what is the best time to post your tweets, and get to the largest number of followers possible.

To do this, it shows you graphs where you can clearly see at what times of the day there are more active followers of your profile, with data separated by weekdays and weekends. With this information you can contribute to improve scope of your messages on Twitter without hassle or complications.

Google analytics


For many tools that are specialized in the management and analysis of social media profiles, we must not forget that part of the information about the traffic that comes from that source can be obtained directly from Google analytics.

If you have the google statistics implemented on your website, you only have to go to the Acquisition> Social section, and you will be able to see all data related to traffic and social networks: main sources of visits and landing pages, conversions, user flow, campaign tracking, etc.

Some extra tools


Although many of the utilities that we have seen in this list already have their own integrated service to shorten URLs (and thus be able to publish more text in your tweets, for example), it is worth remembering the existence of

This tool will not only save characters in your links when publishing on social networks, but also allows you to do tracing thereof. How many people have clicked? Where they came from? Did the campaign work as expected? With…