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21 apps and websites for poetry lovers

22 mayo, 2021

“So many legs and no arms / my spine bends / they get entangled when dancing / what cruelty! / In front and behind / only legs, nothing else /.” So it began The centipede ye-ye, one of the most famous nursery rhymes by Gloria Fuertes, one of the writers whose books were part of the childhood of a servant and that of hundreds of children and of which we cannot stop talking.

Yes, because it was a day like today (in 1917) when the poet was born. A celebration that even the search giant Google has decided to highlight by creating its own doodle, and an anniversary that, after 18 years of his death, we have decided to honor with these tools that will delight all lovers of this literary art.

Poet ‘Pad Creative Writing


To begin with, we are left with Poet’s Pad Creative Writing, an app that will allow you to develop your full potential in this regard. Yes, indeed, because the utility is focused on helping you write your own poems. To do this, it puts at your disposal a dictionary, a thesaurus, a list of 70 words and rhymes, and other resources that will allow you to get ideas, alter the order of the words, and, ultimately, inspire you and call the muses.

It even has a section for generate ideas and phrases based on a unique emotion. For example, use love, anger, and other feelings to suggest terms and sentences related to these feelings. Of course, you will have to pay 1.58 euros, which is what it costs.



Available in the Apple Store, Poetika is an application that “turns poetry into an experience personalized, letting her be the one to find you ”. Something that achieves from the hand of different tools capable of analyzing your environment and selecting the poems related to your location, date, places around you and even the weather conditions.

Other of its benefits are that it allows us to publish our own poems, make lists with our favorites, browse the different themes (based on feelings too), and share the verses with other friends through Facebook and Twitter.

To half voice

To half voice

A medio voz, on the other hand, is a more conventional portal, that is, a place that has a large database and hundreds of poems. And although its interface and organization of the poems leaves a lot to be desired, it is still a very complete website, where you can find the poems of your favorite authors without any difficulty. A reference site for those who write these lines (and who incidentally recommends you take a look at Idea Vilariño).

Poems of Benedetti


In relation to the aforementioned poet, we highlight a curiosity: she was Onetti’s great lover, to whom she dedicates a large part of her poems. An author who is often confused with the protagonist of our following app: Poemas de Benedetti. An app in honor of this great of letters that carries out a selection of his best poems. It also includes some videos about him. Simple but perfect for your most staunch followers.

You are poetry

You are poetry

Surely you have recognized these verses by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, some words that also give name to this application for PC and Windows Phone in which you will find the best poems by the great poets of the Spanish language. Another of its virtues is that it includes a direct link to his bio on Wikipedia, as well as the option to share on social networks or send to specific people. An alternative that is not bad for the most romantic.

I am poet

I am poet

In I am a poet we come across all kinds of cultural information specialized in poetry. The page even has its own social network, as well as a specialized news section, a section on contests, an agenda where the most important events of this world are reviewed, a blog, and even a directory with poetry associations, publishers, specialized magazines, festivals, foundations, cultural centers and other links.

Data that correspond to both Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. In short, a very complete website where you can find all kinds of related services and even if you dare, start doing your little steps by writing. Who knows?



Although Poets –and as you may have deduced from its name- is in English, it is totally worth it, as it offers a compilation impressive of poems in this speech. It also has a service with which, if you register, you will have the option of receiving an unpublished poem daily in your email inbox.

It also has a simple interface to use and put at our service not only a search engine for poets and poems, but also educational materials and a section called “poetry near you”, which allows you to search for verses written in the vicinity of where you are. It also includes links to the American Academy of Poets, specialized magazines and shops.

Poetry Foundation


Like the previous one, it is in English. However, Poetry Foundation includes not only poems, but it is a true community in which to read all kinds of articles related to this art, discover related programs and initiatives, access magazines and the like, and have other kinds of resources. . It also has specialized videos and podcasts. A very option interesting for those who speak this language.

Famous poetry

Famous Poetry, meanwhile, is a perfect Android application for lovers of classic poetry. Its collection collects hundreds of samples of poets from all over the world, some writings to which, in addition, you will have the possibility of accessing without connecting to the Internet and for free.

In addition, the content is structured by categories such as love, nature, childish (a section that would delight Gloria Fuertes), religion, sadness, humor, drama, and so on. It also includes an option to share them with our friends and acquaintances through social networks, WhatsApp and the like.


Created by a self-styled geek poet, Poemm stands for Poets for Excitable Mobile Media. A professor at the Department of Design and Computational Art of Concordia, in Canada, who has given rise to this app that tries to bring poetry closer to common mortals in the most interactive way possible. To know how it works, just watch the video that heads these lines.

Poets Corner

Screenshot 2016 07 28 At 19 06 47

Regarding Poets Corner, it is another utility for Android designed for aspiring poet, fans and lovers of poetry in general. An app that will offer you the possibility to publish your own verses, read others from amateur people, and so on. An interesting alternative for beginners. In any case, the poems are always anonymous, so it is an excellent option for those who want to hone your technique.



Although Poems has a very cluttered interface, what really matters is its content. Thus, it is a web page where you will find all kinds of resources: daily poem, archives, news, help and more links. A website that, yes, is focused on poetry contemporary.

“The verses are chosen from the work of a wide variety of poets published or translated into English. Our most eminent poets are represented in the selection, but also the lesser known […]. Our purpose is to make it easier to find poets and poetry that you like ”, they comment in their description.

Poetry Bot


Poetry Bot, on the other hand, is a telegram bot that allows you to generate poetry and share it with other users. It is available in an endless number of languages ​​that you can see in the image that we attach at the top of this paragraph. To create a new one, you will have to enter the command / poetry and post yours. There are poems for all tastes, yes.

Castilian poetry

Screenshot 2016 07 28 At 20 09 47

Castilian Poetry is another website that has a not inconsiderable database. Unlike A media voz, yes, it includes poems translated from other languages. Something that indicates with a flag corresponding to the author’s country of origin.

It also allows you to find poems in alphabetical order, thematic; and it has other sections in which to publish your own verses, read interviews prestigious writers, access competitions and awards, and other interesting links to resources, organizations and associations in the world, and a long list that you can imagine.



Botpoet is somewhat different, since it consists of a game called Bot or Not that tries, precisely, to guess if the poetry we are reading has been made by a person or a computer. An entertaining option for lovers of the genre, without a doubt. The page also includes links to festivals and other sections.

Poetry Creator Verses

Verses Iphone 1

Poetry Creator Verses is another app for potential poets to do their first steps. Available for the apple firm’s operating system, it includes options as interesting as the possibility of mixing the most classic Shakespeare verses with our favorite HipHop song, something that although many would consider a true heresy, it can lead to funny results. .

Another of its most notable features is the inclusion of specific dictionaries: hip-hop, funny, 19th century words, and other specific ones that will delight the most jokers. There is no lack of options to share with friends through social networks.

Poetry World

Screenshot 2016 07 28 At 19 44 55

Mundo Poesía, meanwhile, consists of a specific community, a place where, in addition to finding poems by categories – Spanish metrics, gothic, children’s, melancholic, love, general poems, etc. – you will have the opportunity to publish your own own, recommend, access blogs specialized and more.

The most notable, without a doubt, are the specialized forums, in which addicts to this type of literature share ideas, dreams, writings, opinions and, basically, the passion that unites them. The page also makes a chat available to us so that you can speak directly with other interested parties.

IP Poetry


On the other hand, this project is based on the generation of poetry from the real-time search for material on the internet. A creation carried out by robots that transform the texts found into other constructions and poems. An initiative developed by Gustavo Romano that received the Stimulus for Research award and other awards.

Poetry Archive

Screenshot 2016 07 28 At 20 01 17

As for the Poetry Archive, it is also a place where you will have the possibility to explore everything that surrounds this world, in addition to your favorite poems. Includes recent poems, a shopping section, children’s poems, specialty articles, podcasts, and more.

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