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21 apps for people who are blind or visually impaired

25 mayo, 2021

When we use our Android many times we are not aware that what for many is a trivial action such as pressing a menu or opening an application, for others it may be complicated. To solve this problem, companies should invest more in accessibility, an aspect that may not move so much money but is essential so that all users have the same possibilities of enjoying the mobile.

Google has a small guide to accessibility on Android with various settings that we can activate on our smartphone if we have a disability. In addition to this, there are many applications that we can download on our mobile and will help us to use it easily and quickly. A help that many do not need, but for so many others it is necessary to make their daily experience with Android just as pleasant.

Here we leave you 21 Android applications for blind people and / or with accessibility problems. From Braille keyboards to hearing aids that will help blind people to know what is being shown on the mobile screen and also that they can use their device as a tool to move around their environment more comfortably.

What are accessibility services and why does Google limit your access?


Braille Android

One of the creations that most help blind people is the Braille reading system. In Android we have enough options to implant it although a priori it is difficult since mobile screens do not have a rough surface. There is some experiment like Dot, but it is not the usual.

The most important is Google Brailleback, an application of free software developed by Eyes-Free Project. Here we can connect a braille display via bluetooth and use it together with the Talkback reader to offer a combined voice and braille service. One of the most complete options, although we will need an external device.

Additionally we have Braille Tutor, an application to learn Braille easily and on the other Braille, by Giuseppe Romano, a standard text translator into Braille language and vice versa.

Google BrailleBack

Google BrailleBack0.95.1-prod

Braille Tutor

Braille Tutor1.10.1

Voice Access

Voice Access

One of Google’s most ambitious applications to improve Android accessibility is Voice Access. A tool that will allow us to access any element of the screen from the voice. In this case it is not intended for blind people and yes for those with paralysis or difficulty with movements. We can launch it by means of an “OK, Google”.

Voice Access

Voice Access

Google Talkback


For blind people our clearest recommendation is Google Talkback. An accessibility service that helps people with vision problems. It is a system audio guide, with spoken comments for each menu and vibration to navigate Android.

The most interesting thing is that it is in fact pre-installed on most Android devices and can be activate from the Accessibility menu.

Google TalkBack

Google TalkBackVaries by device

TTS (Text to speech)

Tts Andrid

The most important is the Google Voice Synthesis that allows a text such as this article to be translated into speech. Available in a multitude of languages. If you also want to experience other voices and TTS systems, we recommend a few extra applications from Google Play.

We have Eloquence from Code Factory, Text to Speech from TK Solutions, simpler but widely compatible for short texts, and Pronounce from Beehive, which allows even emojis to be translated into speech.

Google speech synthesis

Google speech synthesisVaries by device

Pronounce - Free offline Text to Speech

Pronounce – Free offline Text to Speech 1.0.10


Be my eyes

On the one hand we have TapTapSee that allows us to identify objects that we point with the camera. Once the app knows what object it is, it describes it to us in order to know it.

But if we want something more complete, we will undoubtedly have to go to Be My Eyes, a complete app where non-blind people can also collaborate. It is a system similar to that of pointing the camera and describing, except that someone on the other side will do it. The blind person points his camera at the object he wants to know and the rest of the users will describe it to him. A connection that will bring us closer to a world that many of us may not be used to.

Be My Eyes - Helping the blind

Be My Eyes – Helping the blind1.0.7

Color detector

Color Detector

Sometimes we just need something simple. Identifying colors can be trivial for those who can see them but not for blind people. With a color detector we can use the application to focus on a color and it will tell us. Very useful for designers, engineers or artists and available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Color Detector

Color Detector1.4.0

Vodafone EVA Facial

Eva Facial

Vodafone has two applications focused on improving the accessibility of its users’ mobile phones. On the one hand we have Accessibility Line, an app to highlight those places with accessibility problems.

On the other, we find EVA Facial that allows us control the mobile with the movements of the head. A mouse emulator for blind people that we could already test its operation thoroughly.

EVA Facial Mouse

EVA Facial Mousev1.2.11

Google accessibility test

Google Accesabiity

Google launches an application aimed at developers know if their application is suitable in terms of accessibility. An app that Android creators would do well to consider. Simple to use and very important for the overall Android application ecosystem to improve.

Accessibility Test

Accessibility Test1.1.2



Mapp4all is intended to be a kind of wikipedia for accessibility. An application where we will find information about those points with mobility problems, hearing impaired, soundless traffic lights or areas without wheelchair access.

Mapp4all - Wikiaccessibility

Mapp4all – Wikiaccessibility1.29

App & Town and Eye-D


App & Town is a transport application developed by the Autonomous University of Barcelona a couple of years ago. It is a standard transport application except that it adds a function that many others should add; a focused guide for blind people.

On the other hand we have Eye-D, an application that will detect our position and help us navigate the sites. From where we are close, where we are or receive help and assistance. A company app that continues to be developed and updated continuously.

App & Town Public Transport

App & Town Public Transport2.2



Linguoo is one of the most original applications in this collection. It started as an application for blind people to read web pages and it has ended up becoming a kind of radio. An inclusive application that allows you to generate playlists, download all kinds of articles by voice and explore news.

Linguoo - Listen to the Web

Linguoo – Listen to the Web3.0.7

Lazarillo GPS


Android, man’s best friend. Logically we speak of different terms but with Lazarillo we have a Very complete application that uses GPS and informs us in detail of the routes, surroundings, shops and services nearby. An aural guide in Spanish, English and Indonesian compatible with Talkback.

Lazarillo Accessible GPS App

Lazarillo Accessible GPS App2.0.9

A Blind Legend

Blind Legend

A small gift for those who are blind, paralyzed or just want to enjoy a different experience. A game in which we do not have graphics and everything is developed from the listening experience. One of the most original Android titles.

A Blind Legend

A Blind Legend1.2.3

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