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21 filters to give your photos a different style in one touch

26 mayo, 2021

There are a large number of photo retouching apps that allow us add all kinds of effects and apply filters that are capable of giving that special touch to the images that we usually share on social networks and chats. What happens is that it is not so easy to choose the best among the large number of filters that these applications can have.

Of all those photo editing apps, we have selected 21 most popular filters such as Google Photos, Snapseed, Instagram, VSCO and many more. Some filters that will make your photos look more when they are presented to your family and friends.


These are the four original images used to apply the filters. And before going to the list, we must clarify that not all filters can fit in all photographs. You have to try with each other until you find the right one, although there are some that end up standing out above the rest.

All these apps allow you to adjust the intensity level filter, so with a little experience and time, better finishes can be achieved. In this list the filters have been applied as is without retouching them at all.

Instagram – Lo-Fi


Instagram is one of the most used apps to apply filters and upload them directly to the social network. This ‘Lo-Fi’ filter is capable of bringing more life to the original photo.

Modena – Google Photos


Google Photos has used a great series of features, but it is also its filters that have made it one of the best in this category. The filter ‘Modena’ does not accentuate so many contrasts like ‘Lo-fi’ from Instagram, but leaves a well-composed photograph.



VSCO is another of the most important social networks for photography. Most of the filters you have by default they are usually mere touch-ups to leave a better picture as happens with ‘F2’.

Snapseed – Retro Lighting


Another of the apps with the highest quality in its filters is Snapseed. Here we pass before an effect that leaves a rather striking retro finish. It is number 1 in the ‘Retro Lighting’ series.

Photoshop Express – Cinematic


A filter that always it is very striking in most photographs. ‘Cinematic’ is available in the ‘premium’ section, which can be accessed by signing in with your free Creative Cloud account.

Charcoal – Cymera


This filter can be found in ‘Basics’ and raises cool scene to mark well the contrasts and dark.

BW4 – EyeEm


EyeEm is another great photography social network which has some very significant filters. ‘BW4’ is a good example of this to go black and white photography.

Wine red – PhotoDirector


‘Wine red’ is found under ‘Effects’> ‘Artistic’. An app that has quality filters like this, but that its excessive advertising becomes very heavy in many moments.

Antigua – Picsart


This filter called ‘Old’ is in the category “FX” and gives a great touch to appear a photo taken with an analog camera.

Gordon – Pixlr


Pixlr is the Autodesk app for photo retouching and has a large number of filters. We select ‘Gordon’ in the ‘Too old’ category to leave a photograph with an antique look.

Tokyo – Polarr


Polar is not one of the most popular apps, but as a whole it has great quality. Nor is it that it has a large number of filters, but there are some to highlight as is ‘Tokyo’. Although it gets too bright in the photo of the older man, it achieves an interesting effect.

Clarendon – Instagram

Instagram More

Instagram doesn’t have many filters, but most are excellent. ‘Clarendon’ is another to take into account and that can make a difference. You can distinguish how it changes when applied to one or another photo.

Drama – Picsart

Picsart 2

This ‘Drama’ filter is able to put you quite intense in most photos, although in the landscape one it darkens some parts that it would be interesting to have more luminosity.

Retro lighting – Snapseed

Snapseed one

Snapseed stands out again with the filter number four from ‘retro lighting’, which leaves some beautiful photographs, as can be seen in either of the two.

Urbex – Polarr

Polar One

A filter that looks like ‘Clarendon’ from Instagram, but which let us see the quality of this app photo retouching.

Surreal HDR – PhotoDirector

Photodirector One

The only HDR filter on the list. Of those that this app has, it is the one that gives the best result in the end in the two examples.

Vista – Google Photos

Photos Black

View is one of the best finished B / W filters and make Google Photo one of our favorite apps.

Unicolor / Amy Pixlr

Pixlr Lomo

‘Amy’ from Pixlr to try to achieve a different effect than the rest of the filters of the selection.

Classic / Myst – Cymera

Cymera myst

The green become the protagonists in the two example photographs when passing through Cymera’s ‘Myst’ filter.

21. M5 – VSCO

Vsco Other

Other big VSCO filter with M5. You can appreciate the quality and naturalness that the two photographs take when using it.

Vibrant – Photoshop Express

Photoshop Live

We end with ‘Vibrante’, an excellent Photoshop Express filter that comes by default in the app and that achieves excellent results.

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