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23 websites to download books for free and without copyright conflicts

25 mayo, 2021

Although companies such as Amazon and Apple have their own platforms for book sales, we do not stop to see how other companies also try to take a piece of the cake in this market. The last example was Skoobe, just three days ago. But as always, the focus is on book sales. Do we still have a chance to get free e-books?

The answer is yes, and I am not talking about piracy. I speak of eBooks given away, with the approval of the author and the publisher, and most of them in Spanish. We have several web portals that prove it to us: take a look and surely one of them will make you update your favorites list.

  • Lektu is a store that we have already mentioned in Genbeta: yes, it sells books that are not free, but there are agreements between the publisher itself and the authors to offer DRM-free works for free or at most in exchange for sharing their presence on social networks.
  • La Casa del Libro, a Spanish physical store chain, has its own online store where we can find free books.
  • 24symbols is also a general store, but with a section of free books with the agreement of their authors.
  • The Spanish section of Hundredzeros gives us a mosaic all the free ebooks that Amazon offers, without having to look for them on the official website of the store.
  • Literanda is a store that offers, if the authors allow it, some of their free books.
  • eBiblio is a project of the Spanish government in La Rioja: with it we can use our public library card to consult and download 1,500 free books.
  • Freebooksifter also allows us the same as Hundredzeros, but with a rougher design. Of course: we can also search for free books in other languages.
  • Ganso y Pulpo is a portal where we can find free stories, published in old magazines. A very good way to resurrect them.
  • The Spanish section of Project Gutemberg will list us books that are restricted and free, authorized by the authors themselves. They mainly focus on works from several centuries ago.
  • Librear not only offers us free books, but also proposes to self-publish those that we write. In addition, we can always upload works with Creative Commons licenses and the like.
  • BiblioEteca works in the same way as a traditional library: we become members and enter a kind of club where we can read books for free and discuss them with other people. They also have their own publishing company called My Edition.
  • Manybooks focuses on offering books in several languages, and its section of works in Spanish has 250 works that may interest us.
  • The Hispanic Digital Library also offers us its digitized works for free on the web.
  • PlanetaLibro has more than 9,000 free books in the public domain on its servers.
  • In Libroteca we will find tens of thousands of free works in Spanish (although there is something in other languages). It is a project that is sustained thanks to donations.
  • The Spanish store Bubok has free books, always authorized by the same authors. And it also offers us to publish our own works in the same way.
  • Librería LdN has free books and stories in Spanish, although others are also sold at a price that is usually very low.
  • Free-eBooks has free books, although with a certain limit. We have to become partners and we will have the right to download only five works each month. But hey, something is something.
  • Fendbooks offers free works in Spanish and also public domain books. We will find many immortal classics available here.
  • OpenLibra is perfect for science or technical students: it offers a completely free catalog of reference works in Spanish.
  • Wikipedia is also a source of free works in Spanish and other languages: Wikisource gives us access to a catalog of texts without a price tag.
  • Nor should we underestimate those great platforms that we said: iBooks has its own section of free books.
  • And since we are talking about Apple … Google Play also has its share of free works in Spanish.

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