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25 completely useless but addictive websites

23 mayo, 2021

Internet in its immensity offers us so many things that it is impossible for a single person to be able to see more than a tiny percentage of everything that the web hosts. As there are good things, there are bad things. For each true news, there may be ten false, and for each useful website, others without sense or reason are born only to occupy a space in an almost infinite network.

Just as one day we recommend applications to better manage your tasks and stop procrastinating, or extensions to avoid visiting websites that distract you too much, today we do the opposite and offer you more than two dozen pages that are completely devoid of any utility, They are silly and funny things. Perfect for wasting time when it’s the only thing you want to do.

A little warningAlthough none of the sites featured in this compilation are NSFW, a few can generate deafening and annoying noise without warning, so take the necessary precautions if you don’t want to become deaf or draw attention to your surroundings. Oh, and if you happen to be someone who suffers from photosensitive epilepsy, you might be better off not clicking on some links.


Hacker Typer

At you can fulfill your golden dream of being a hacker. Well, at least pretend to be in front of the most innocent. This website represents the perfect Hollywood fantasy about what writing code looks like if you are a gifted computer scientist opening back doors in futuristic government infrastructures to save the world.

Just enter and start typing very fast, surely those behind you will look at you with a face that is priceless. And, if you want an extra trick, press the ALT key many times and see what happens.


Something. He who seeks, finds.

Neave TV

Neave Tv Television Without Context is one of the most absurd and incoherent sites I have ever visited in my entire life. Their catchphrase is that they are “television without any context“And that should tell you everything, in theory. You have to watch for yourself. Once you enter you will start to see television” shows “, or random videos that have nothing to do with each other … or with anything if we are honest.

It’s like an acid trip through the confines of the Internet. Seriously, you can stay glued to the screen for too long watching this. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Click to change the “channel” to taste.

_Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga. I know you can’t control yourself any longer. Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga. I know you can’t control yourself any longer_. Konga !. Recommended hearing aids.


Nyan nyan nyan nyan

Surely by the year 2016 you already know and are a bit tired of Nyan Cat. As well as you, there are surely many people, so why not bother them? Or simply play the fool in front of the computer, which after all is the only reason why you keep reading this post.

From you can -and sorry for the pseudoword that I will write below- “nyancatizar” any website so that it has an unbearable flying cat that sings on it. For example: what do you think of the new Genbeta design?

Staggering Beauty

Warning: Contains bright images.

Patience is a virtue

_It is better to be patient than brave; It is better to control oneself than to conquer cities._ _But if we wait for what we do not yet have, in waiting we show our constancy._ _Always humble and kind, patient, tolerant of each other in love._ Patience is a virtue.



Go to, paste the address of any YouTube video, don’t worry about the rest of the details the first time and just click “DO THIS”. What is it? It looks like a strobe machine experiment for YouTube, or something like that. The author’s explanation is summarized here and if you read it you will surely understand a lot. NOT.

Be that as it may, this example gives you an idea of ​​how cool this site can be to play with. Pretty useless, but interesting.

Nobody is here

I dont know

This has to be someone’s existential crisis translated into website form. The link I leave is direct to one of the many Nobodyhere segments in which you can do things like remove hair from the nose of a photo, or whatever. Why?…

I have no answers, but if you click on the snail-shaped figure, you will travel to other equally strange places.

I love you like a fat lady loves apples

I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples

I love you like a fat lady loves apples dot com is another site completely devoid of meaning and / or utility. It is simply a strange concept or game where you have to feed the strange lady with the apples on the table. Why would you, why not? You just have to move and move the mouse, it is mesmerizing and even somewhat disturbing, especially the “dispenser” of new apples.

Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer By Studiomoniker

This website is good Internet voodoo magic, or the stupidest depending on what the user decides. In Pointer Pointer, all you have to do is move the mouse pointer to a place, and wait for the site to “guess” and point out where you left it. As it does? use a photo of someone pointing a finger. Yes, it’s silly, and kind of funny, I don’t know what else you expected.



In you have only one target: Tane. What is Tane? A lifestyle, the answer to everything, a simple game, nonsense. Do not think that it is over once you complete the first task, keep clicking and you will continue traveling.


LEEKSPIN DOT COM. His name says it all. There are things that are better not to explain and let them speak for themselves. This is one of those cases. Works best with headphones, or speakers blaring at 3am in a quiet neighborhood.

Moan my IP

Sexy Girls Moaning Your Ip Address

When you think you’ve seen all the silly ideas someone can come up with on the internet, think again. This is a sample. On MoanMyIP you can hear a woman moan your IP address. Okay, the knowing your IP part is technically useful, but the rest is completely unnecessary, and yet it exists.

If you want to hear other mundane things being moaned you can go to MoanMyWeather or MoanMyOS. Why? Why not?. Perhaps the most pathetic version of “porn” ever.


Snake Play The Retro Snake Game Online For Free

PlaySnake makes the list because playing Snake on your old Nokia only served the undeniable purpose of wasting time and believing you had the hand-eye coordination of a Marvel superhero. Now you can do it from the browser, until you get tired or the space on the screen runs out.

Is it Christmas?

Relevant information 365 days a year. It’s Christmas?.


Zomg Zufall 5245 is a website where “flashloops” are stored and shown to you at random. You don’t know what that is. Well, they are simply Flash animations with sounds that are repeated over and over and over again until the end of time, or at least until you change the page. Here you will find more than 7000 of them, which gives you a few hours of procrastination. Hey, some are great.

Drama Button

For all the unnecessary drama in life, you have the ultimate button. As useful as, and as absurd as


Swarm An Interative Mouse Toy

Swarm is an interactive toy for your mouse. It is an animation of virtual “parasites” or “bacteria” that move in all directions but are attracted by the magnetic force of the mouse pointer. I just made up all that. Just move the mouse to a place and wait to see what happens, it is a silent way to distract yourself and leave your mind blank for a few minutes.

The Week Song

  The Week Song

Well here I must apologize, this site is not entirely useless. But, since it only has a single function and if you do not like this type of music, it will not do you any good, as it is acceptable to include it in the list. In The Week Song you will only find a giant “play” button to play a song that only changes at the end of the week.

The “best of all” is that there is no information at all about the artist, you cannot control the playback, and if you like the song too much, you would have to subscribe to a newsletter to be told what the hell you just heard.



The horse that never ends. It is obvious that we are running out of ideas.

The Passive Aggresive Password Machine

Passive Aggressive Passwords

Not entirely useless, just that passive aggressive language doesn’t usually have the best results. In TryPap they help you create a secure password, you just have to start typing characters and the web gives you the best _feedback_ it can think of to tell you how your password sucks.


This online store? it has some problems in its stylesheet. Go to and wait a few seconds.

The longest website in the world

The Longest Web Page In The World An Experiment With Css

If you feel that you have lived all your life too comfortable and you think that perhaps it is time to have carpal tunnel syndrome, because the longest website in the world invites you to manually scroll through its 18.94 kilometers.

The Useless Web

The Useless Web

How useless is a site that serves to lead you to other useless sites? Hey, we’re not the first to think that maybe a lot of people are interested in visiting useless pages. In fact, there is something called The Useless Web. There you can press a single button to discover useless site, after useless site, after useless site. The beauty of the Internet at its finest. And ask please.

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