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25 Telegram bots recommended to get the most out of the app

25 mayo, 2021

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps today. In one of the aspects in which it stands out is in the bots, much more developed and with more variety than the competition, and thanks to which Telegram can become a tool.

Telegram bots there are many, many, but here we have selected the 25 Most Useful Telegram Bots You Can Use Today. We’ve tested them all, so you can be sure that all of them are still working today.


How to use Telegram bots

Calcubot The two ways to interact with bots: talking to them or mentioning

Using bots on Telegram is easy, although before interacting with most of them first you need to start them. This is as easy as entering the profile of said bot and pressing the button Start. You can go to these profiles from a direct link like the one we will use in this article or using the search engine.

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In Telegram there are basically two types of bots: those that you must use interacting with them in a private chat or with commands and those that work directly while you type, also called inline bots. Many bots, like @calcubot, support both modes. The way to interact with them is slightly different:

  • Normal bots: you must interact with them through private messages or, if they are in a group, through commands in the chat. In this case, you send your query as if it were a normal message. In the example of @calcubot, you open a private chat with the bot and send it 2 + 2, to which the bot will reply that it is 4.

  • Inline bots: in this case you must mention them while you write, adding the query below. You then receive the result or a suggestion, which is not sent to the chat until you choose it. For example, in a private chat with another person, you type @calcubot 2 + 2 and you are shown 4 in a window. If you want, you can add it to the chat.

URL Uploader


One of the most popular Telegram bots is URL Uploader, which does something as simple as download things for you (as long as they occupy less than 500 MB). That is, if you want to send a 200 MB file from the Internet to a friend, instead of uploading it to Telegram, instead of downloading it and uploading it to Telegram, you can make this bot download it by sending the link.




If you ever need to make a small readjustment in a PDF file and you only have a mobile with Telegram at hand, a good alternative is to use PDF Bot. With this bot you can join, encrypt, rotate, scale, separate, add watermarks and extract text and photos from PDF documents.


MP3 Tools


Similarly, if at any time you need to make an adjustment to an MP3 file, you have everything you need in Telegram with the help of this bot. Among the available options are trim MP3, change bitrate, edit ID3 tags or forward as voice message.

@ mp3toolsbot Bot

Converted is one of the few bots for download YouTube videos it still works today. Its use is very simple, because you only need to write mp3 or mp4 and the video link. If you write mp4 it will download as video, while if you write mp3 it will download as audio.


Text To Speech Bot


With Text To Speech Bot you can create voice clips that say what you want, using text-to-speech technologies with quality voices in multiple languages, including Spanish. Basically, you tell it what to say and then you receive the audio.




Voicy is exactly the opposite: convert voice memos to text. It is especially useful if there are people who do not stop sending you voice notes and at that moment you do not want to hear them but do want to know what they say.


Feed Reader Bot


If you want to keep up with all the posts on a website, subscribing to the official Telegram channel is always a good option. Another is use Telegram as an RSS reader with Feed Reader Bot, which allows you to subscribe to web pages and receive each new publication directly on Telegram.




IFTTT is the official bot for If This Then That, the task automation system that is also available on Android. This bot serves as a bridge between Telegram and the service, so you can create recipes for receive information from IFTTT directly in the chat.


Alert Bot


Alertbot is a very simple Telegram bot that allows you to create reminders in a matter of seconds. Basically, you have to tell him what you want him to remember you and within how long, and when the time comes, he will send you a message with the reminder.


My Tracking


Shopping fan? Telegram is all you need to do packet traces thanks this bot. Compatible with basically any known and unknown messaging service, it will keep you informed of where your package is without leaving Telegram.


My Series


It is impossible to keep a mental track of all the series that interest us and when they launch new episodes, and that’s where My Series comes in. You tell him what series you watch and alerts you when there are new episodes: that easy.



My car

If you’re chatting with someone and can’t agree on exactly what the lyrics of a song say, you don’t need to switch apps to check. With the Bot Lyrics you can get song lyrics directly in the chat.




Sticker is a Telegram bot to find stickers. Not to be confused with @stickers, which is the official bot for creating sticker packs. Using StickerBot is simple: you send him an emoji and he shows you sticker packs related.




If you have Telegram but not who to chat with, Flirtu is something like Tinder put in Telegram. A series of photos are shown to you and you have to choose whether you are interested or not. If there is common interest, you will be contacted.


Inline bots


As we mentioned before, inline bots are those with which you interact directly from the box to write messages on Telegram. These are some of the most useful and curious Telegram inline bots nowadays:

  • @smokey_bot. You tell it a city and it tells you the air quality at that time.

  • @zoombot. It allows you to initiate and manage Zoom calls directly in Telegram.

  • @memingbot. You can create memes easily and quickly, integrating the text that you put on it.

  • @gamebot. A good collection of minigames that you can enjoy directly on Telegram.

  • @wiki. You can consult Wikipedia and send articles from this encyclopedia to a chat.

  • @imdb. Search for a movie or series on IMDB and send information about it to the chat.

  • @Youtube. It allows you to easily search for videos on YouTube and attach them to a chat or group.

  • @like. Create texts that include like and dislike buttons. Other people can use these buttons to vote on what you have written.

  • @bing. Search for images on Bing and attach the one you choose to the chat.

  • @gif. Search for animated GIFs in Tenor to attach to a chat.

  • @raebot. Look up definitions in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy and allows you to attach them to a chat or group.