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27 Excel templates to organize EVERYTHING

21 mayo, 2021

You like to have it everything under control. You have a calendar where you write down the activities of each day, you manage your tasks in a schedule, you do lists With everything you want to take with you every time you go on a trip, you write down all the household expenses to control finances, and you keep track of what you eat, the sport you do and the hours you sleep.

Although to many this will sound like control freak Overall, many others can fully identify with that image. To a greater or lesser extent, many of us like make lists, keep agendas, write things down (either online, in an app or on paper), in short, organize your life a little better. And look where, a program that can help you with it, although it may not seem like it at first glance, is Excel.

Excel in a program that leaves no one indifferent: Or you love it, or hate it. It is usually synonymous with work (who has not had to fill out countless Excel sheets at the request of their boss?), But it also has a wide repertoire of tools and functions with which the most expert can do real wonders.

But in addition to its more standard uses, the excel flexibility allows you to use it for many other things, thanks to the use of templates. With them you can do precisely what I mentioned at the beginning of the article: manage absolutely everything, from your tasks for each day to the homework of the children, going through all kinds of lists, agendas, planners and follow-up sheets.

All this range of possibilities has its origin in Vertex42, an impressive collection of templates for Excel allowing you to take advantage of this program in every way imaginable. Whether you want a simple calendar to print and have it visible on your desk, or if you need a budget sheet to organize a wedding, this website has practically everything you are looking for. And here we have made a selection of which we have found the most useful.

Of course, two things to keep in mind: first, that the templates are all in English (although they are fully customizable); and second, that although you can download them for free, most are only for personal use.


Calendars and schedules

  • Class schedule. A very simple but very useful weekly class schedule, with which you will not lose an hour of class and you will be able to make better use of time. It is also available in printable PDF format, in case you prefer to fill it in by hand.

  • Generic schedule. Don’t you go to class, or do you just prefer a more generic schedule that you can adapt to your needs? Try this weekly template, perfect to keep your days organized (morning, afternoon and night shifts), and it even works with Google Sheets.

  • Cleaning task schedule. If you are several at home, the most logical thing is to clean it together, and this template can be of great help for this. In it you can organize the distribution of cleaning tasks for a month, every weekday, deciding who cleans what. Download it, personalize it and hang it with some magnets on your fridge.

  • Homework calendar for kids. Speaking of cleanliness, you also have to involve children in her! With tasks appropriate to their age, of course, so that they can take habits such as cleaning their room, helping to set or remove the table, or not leaving dirty clothes lying around. This template is perfect for that.

  • Calendars of various types. If what you are looking for is a simple calendar (perhaps to print and have it on hand), in this section you will find a little of everything: blank calendars to fill in by hand, calendars that you can decorate with a photo, birthday calendars, ovulation, weekly, monthly, yearly …


Agendas and planners

  • Menu planner. If you are worried about your diet and you want to start eating better, one way to do it is to organize your meals better, controlling what you eat each day and how you distribute proteins, carbohydrates, fruits, legumes and others. This template for plan your meals for the week it sure helps you.

  • Daily schedule. For those who have a good habit of writing down tasks of the day As soon as you start the day (or even the day before, at night) this template is going to come to you that not even painted. In it you can organize your entire day: tasks, meetings, calls, things you cannot forget …

  • Weekly agenda. Do you prefer have the whole week in sight, to organize yourself better? This weekly version of the daily planner makes it easy for you. Like the previous one, but with seven days to have everything under control.

  • Homework schedule. A template that can help the youngest to be a little more organized with homework. It allows to make a list of the assigned tasks of each subject, as well as to distribute them in a calendar so that each one has its moment.

  • Family planner. This template combines a little bit of everything (meal plan, housework, shopping list, to-do list …) on a single sheet, to organize life in your house easily. You also have it available in PDF format, to print and fill out by hand.

Calculators and budgets

  • Family budget. A complete template with which to manage in detail the family financial movements. It allows you to make a budget for the whole year and control exactly the balance between income and expenses. It is not a template and requires familiarity with Excel, but it is one of the most complete in this section.

  • Monthly budget for home. Although this template is used for the same as the previous one, the difference is that in this one the budget is monthly, and includes a bunch of detailed expense categories.

  • Personal budget. But if what you are looking for is to be able to control finances on a personal level, then this is your template. Customize the categories and easily track your income and expenses throughout the year. Do you prefer to go into more detail? Use the monthly template to keep your finances under control from month to month.

  • Annual budget calculator. This calculator combines functions from the family budget and monthly budget. With it you can create and manage a monthly budget, all in a single Excel sheet. It allows you to customize categories, plan irregular expenses, and make predictions that can aid in decision making.

Check list

Task and checklists

  • Priority task list. A simple template for creating lists of tasks organized by priority. You also have it in a two-column (portrait orientation) or three-column (landscape orientation) design, and available in PDF format to print and fill out by hand.

  • Weekly to-do list. Sometimes it is good to be able to review the pending tasks for the whole week, and thus have everything better organized for the next few days. This template is perfect for that, with separate to-do lists for each day. They are also available in PDF format.

  • Dated task list. Is the most important of your tasks date in what should they end? Then use this template, which emphasizes just that point: the deadline for each task.

  • To do list for the family. Here, nobody is without fault! The whole family You can keep more organized control of your tasks in this one-size-fits-all template, with a different section for each family member. And who says family says roommates, for example.

  • Ready to pack. Are you going on a trip? With this template you make sure put everything you need in the suitcase. It is available in three versions, to pack for a vacation, business trip or when you go to college – but you can also customize it for whatever you need.

  • Moving list. A move is a tiring and stressful process that we all go through at some point in our lives. Make it a little easier (or at least more organized) with this template.

  • Ready for deep cleaning. If you are one of those who makes one house cleaning At least once a year, make a note of this template for when that time comes. With it, you will make sure not to leave a single corner without reviewing!

  • Ready to organize a wedding. Are you getting married soon? !! Congratulations!! Of course, be patient because organizing a wedding is usually quite complex. Arm yourself with patience and this template, with which you will have all the details (dress, invitations, decoration, photographer …) under control.

  • Ready for the arrival of a baby. The birth of a child It is another one of those exciting and stressful moments at the same time. Do you want to make sure that you will have everything ready for when you return home from the hospital with the little one in your arms? Download this template and start organizing everything.

Things to do

Health and sport

  • Food diary. The first step to start losing weight is control exactly what you eat, in order to better distribute the intake of calories, proteins and carbohydrates. And although today there are many apps that allow you to do it from your mobile, if you prefer to use Excel this is your template.

  • Exercises table. As with food, exercise tracking can also be done through mobile apps. But if Excel is your thing, who prevents you from using it for this too? With this template you can take note of your entire fitness plan. It can also be useful if you are a monitor in a gym and want to distribute them among your students.

  • Weight loss chart. From the combination of exercise and control of food comes weight loss. And thanks to this template you can have it totally under control, week by week, with the possibility of setting a goal and graphs based on your numbers.

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