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3 applications to download YouTube videos on Android

22 mayo, 2021

For a long time YouTube has put barriers so that we can download videos in the memory of our mobile. There are no applications that allow us to do it on Google Play and the platform offers us a monthly subscription so that we can download the content in the cache and see it offline. Fortunately, there are alternatives beyond this app store and some of them work very well.

There are few tools to download YouTube videos but the few that exist cover all our needs. Three applications that stay out of Google Play, they are not malicious but they are They are a free alternative to the payment model that YouTube offers us (It deserves to pay because it also includes Google Play Music) so it is normal for YouTube to pursue them so as not to make them so accessible. After testing them, these are our conclusions.

Videoder, the youngest member of the trio

Tube 1

Videoder is the latest addition to the short list of applications that allow you to download YouTube videos. Its creator is committed to design and simplicity. It is a tool very oriented to download the content and then consume it in other players.

As soon as we open it, they will appear two tabs: one to search for videos and another with all the content that we have already downloaded. The search engine works like the one on the web, although as it is not embedded in the web, it does not always give the same results compared to YouTube.

The application allows you to download videos in different qualities or just the audio track. The user experience is very intuitive and also does not include advertising in any menu. It is not the most complete of all but it offers enough download options. Keep in mind, I insist, that it is an app to store content and later reproduce it in other applications. Videoder herself is not a very good manager because it only shows us everything in a history.

More information | Videoder

Snaptube, the most complete of the three

Tube 2

Snaptube has been with us for some time and experience is its main bet. It is a complete application since it allows you to download video, audio and even manage the files that we download so that we do not have to go to another application to play it.

Its use is very simple. The first thing that will appear when we open it will be a menu with the different video platforms with which it is compatible. In the case of YouTube, click on it and we will get an embedded web browser with the mobile version of the site. In my opinion, this is a success because the results are exactly the same as those in the official app or on the desktop website.

When we enter a video we have the option as in the other applications to download music and video. If we have a mobile with a QHD screen, we can download the video in 2K resolution if this version is available. When it comes to accessing downloaded content, it is very intuitive and having support for more video platforms is an incentive. In my opinion the most complete of the three.

A little trick: from the application’s embedded browser we can open any website and the application will be in charge of tracking all the video content that exists and will show it to us in a list for download.

More information | Snaptube

Tubemate, everything started with her but she has aged very badly

Tube 3

Tubemate was one of the first applications to allow the downloading of videos on YouTube. It became a benchmark but its creators were abandoning development and over time it has become an application that has visually aged very badly. It does everything well, but with little charm.

Like the other options we have seen, we can download videos or music as we please. We can also set up playlists to see everything from there directly without the need for external applications. It works fine but the interface is so ugly that it backs off.

If you are going to download it, be careful because many versions of Tubemate are distributed on the net. The “good” are the ones that you will find cataloged in the link that you have below these lines. If you want to try a nice (and reliable) version of the app, someone decided to tweak it and introduce Material Design. You can download it here.

More information | Tubemate