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5 extensions for those who use Instagram on the web

27 mayo, 2021

If we want the full Instagram experience we will have to use the application, but the truth is that the web version is very comfortable to consult the social network when you are from your computer.

Today we are going to recommend a series of extensions for Google Chrome that will be very useful for those users who like to consult their friends’ publications from the browser.

Night mode


Instagram Night Mode is an extension that does what it promises, and once we have it installed we will do let our eyes rest a little more thanks to this “night mode”.

In this way, darkness will be the protagonist on the platform (both in individual publications and in the full profile), the comment area, etc.

Download and upload photos

Unnamed 1

By default, the web version of Instagram does not allow us to download photos or videos posted by other users. Donwloader for Instagram is an extension that enables it, in addition to making it possible to download Stories.

Another important point is that if we install it we have the option of upload photos to our profile. Its developers claim that they are already working to activate the uploading of videos.

Enhance the experience

Unnamed 2

The creators of ‘Improved Layout for Instagram’ assure that “ is not optimized to be seen from a computer”. In this way we can see more entries at the same time.

“Instagram.con is not optimized for the desktop version”

Also, thanks to this extension a series of very useful controls will appear for the videos, being able to silence them, adjust the volume, be able to go back and forward or activate the full screen mode.

Don’t miss any notifications

Unnamed 3

If you are one of those users who want to always be up to date with what is happening on your profile, WebClient for Instagram is an extension with which to receive notifications every time we have a new comment, follower, like, etc.

Once we have installed it We will always have the Instagram feed at hand, since it will appear in a column on the right side if we click on the extension icon. It also allows us to post photos, download them, and view others’ posts in their “full quality.”

Follow users en masse

Unnamed 4

If you are a company or Instagram account that wants to use the platform in a more “professional” way, you may be interested in trying GrowBot Automator.

This extension allows us to activate a bot that will automatically follow all the followers of a certain account, or even users who comment or have liked a specific Instagram account.

There are a series of filters that we can establish, setting a minimum and maximum number of users that we want to follow, if the account is verified or not, if it is private, if it follows us, etc.

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