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5 games and other applications that will delight your cat

26 mayo, 2021

At a time when, finally, the editors of Weblogs have been encouraged to show our passion for cats openly and to present our new bet, Xatacat, we could not miss an article about the best apps and games designed to delight these kittens. But be careful, because they could completely take over your tablet.

Ant Smasher

Although this application was created with toads and similar animals in mind, if your cat adores hunt bugs, sure you love it. All you have to do is press your paw on each one of them to eliminate them. Mosquitoes, ants, bees, flies … the variety of insects is wide. Of course the agility of capture and the number of crushes score.

Pull’n Play


Friskies also decided to bet long ago on this kind of games for cats. Although I already had some apps to download on our smartphone and tablet such as Cat Fishing and Jazz Dancer, the latest is Pull’n Play, a toy designed to work about the browser that dispenses with any installer and that has Wobbert as its protagonist.

A kind of (electronic) mouse with the head of a pussycat that it wiggles every time we pass over it (Or that your furry pats him. It is quite large, so that there will be no problem for the animal to catch it, although it tends to escape, the fun, in short. Of course, keep in mind that your pc should have the touch screen Another similar option for iOS is Cat Toys Lite.

Game for Cats


Game for Cats, on the other hand, has a similar operation. The difference lies in the story and objectives, which this time are based on the chasing a petty thief mouse who has sneaked into the kitchen to steal a slice of cheese, and who moves around trying to feast on. Your little one’s mission will be to catch him. Addictive, in addition to Chase a Mouse, it has a version for the laser pointer, Chase a Laser.

You vs Cat

Although it is also from Friskies, we could not stop reviewing an application in which you will have to measure yourself with your beloved cat. A game similar to hockey It requires agility, dexterity, and concentration. The game takes place on a kind of green board on which you will have to throw pieces of (virtual) cat food and put them in the appropriate area. The role of the cat is to prevent you from scoring a goal, putting itself in the position of “goalkeeper”.


Even the tech giant Google has been unable to resist the charm of these pets and has launched its own application for Android. Available in the Play Store, SnapCat, was born with the idea of that the same cat could take selfies just by hitting the screen with the hoof. How do you get it? Showing you a tempting red dot similar to a laser.

It also integrates photo filters In the purest Instagram style (which, obviously, its owner must activate manually), as well as the possibility of sharing the result through the different social networks.


Apart from the games themselves, another alternative is to put fish videos your kitty like the one at the top of this section. There are specific alternatives on YouTube such as the TV Bini channel, in which we find a wide range of material to entertain these little princes.

Its content includes all kinds of critters: from mice, to birds, and so on. They will hold your attention and activate your hunting instinct. If, on the other hand, what you want is to awaken their creativity, opt for Paint for Cats, a cool one.