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54 online price comparators and other applications to buy successfully on the net

23 mayo, 2021

That the popularization of the Internet led to a series of changes in the way we acquire and sell goods is an undeniable reality that the massification of so-called e-commerce has been shaping for years. A context in which it is possible buy practically any product online and in a market full of competitors in which it is not always easy to know which is the best option.

Fortunately, there are a class of pages that offer consumers the possibility of comparing their prices and benefits, a type of service that has also become a growing business on the web. And there are the most varied: from generalists to others focused on the world of travel, car rental and energy saving. Here you will find up to 54 different.

General comparators

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  • Kuantokuesta: it has a dozen categories in which it groups the different products – household appliances, computers, telephony, image and sound, beauty and well-being, sports, fashion, video games and consoles, babies and children, and games and toys – in addition to a integrated search engine. It also allows brands to register and makes an area of ​​featured products available to us.
  • Minderest: pure Spanish born in 2012, it is an application that allows you to compare the prices of a long list of products in the retail sector. A platform designed for companies that includes offline stores and that has clients of the stature of Telefónica, Worten and La Casa del Libro. Its purpose? Make it easier for you to find out in real time the pricing strategies of your competitors.
  • Kelkoo: another search engine and price comparison that investigates more than a hundred stores (you will find them grouped in alphabetical order) of various kinds. In fact, it has different categories to make your search easier.
  • Idealo: very similar to the one that precedes it in this list, it is a portal that carries out its selection from among 7,400 online stores. In addition to prices, it has user reviews and search filters. Likewise, it currently has another integrated comparator focused on flights and that compares the offers of more 900 airlines.
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  • Twenga: also gives us the opportunity to search by product, brand and similar and see the prices in different online stores. It groups them by categories and has filters such as the price range, the brand and others.
  • Shopmania: another that lets us compare by category, includes a brief description of the product we are looking for and also has specific sections for babies and children, computers, and digital cameras, its most powerful search engines.
  • Infobuy: created in 2010, it helps the final buyer to find the products at the most affordable price, but also offers a service for the e-commerce themselves: that of insert your products on its website to make it known. It sticks to Spain and Brazil.
  • Ciao: in addition to the search engine and the product comparator –by categories-, Ciao offers us the opinion of other users in a prominent way -7 million opinions on 1.4 million products-, as well as other sections such as current debates, a weekly contest and others. It has its versions for Sweden, Italy, Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom.
  • ShoppyDoo: its interface is very similar to that of Shopmania and Twenga, although it includes several sections that are worth commenting on. This is the most popular comparison and featured product comparison, providing more information about a particular product. It also offers service in Italy.
  • Nextag: simpler than the previous ones, this comparator focuses on Spain, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. The page has a simpler design and, although it organizes the products by categories, it does not show them a priori. It also has a offers section.
  • Izideal: in addition to the price comparison itself through the integrated search engine, it has a section of promotions of the day, another of popular searches and three tabs that change according to the time of year. For example, we currently find women’s sandals, men’s slippers, a camcorder and a refrigerator. One downside: it includes sponsored web offers, although it identifies them.

  • Google Shopping: available in a wide range of countries, the Mountain View comparator is another option. The engine takes into account our Location and it has filters for the price range, the seller, whether it is a new or second-hand product, and so on.

  • Surfpricer: it’s another website generalist to compare the most varied products. It has an integrated search engine and up to 18 categories that determine the type of product. The filters offered are by price, brand and store.
  • Find prices: it is a portal very similar to the previous ones in terms of the search engine and categories. In any case, it does not show the results directly after entering the product name, but we will have to narrow it down even more in a second step. They also offer a service for online stores to achieve greater visits.
  • it has around 50 million offer of articles grouped in the categories of computers, mobile phones, software and portable video games, video cameras, health, hi-fi, sound and others. You can search directly or take a look at favorites, news and more. It has its own search plugin.
The world
  • El Mundo comparator: curiously, the aforementioned media has its own comparator specialized in car insurance, mobile telephony and Internet rates. The first takes into account more than 25 insurers, while the second compares between 120 offers and the third between 50.
  • Reduto: here you can compare more than 60 million products from more than one thousand marks and 3,000 online stores. A free service that you can subscribe to and that has a somewhat more attractive interface compared to its competitors.
  • Doyoo: defines itself as a service of purchasing advice. Specifically, it compares prices of audio products, computers, digital cameras, computer games, televisions, mobiles, household appliances and books. In addition, it integrates the opinions of the clients.
  • Chozen: available practically all over the world, it is a very complete service that allows you to compare and find hundreds of articles. Of course, household products, fashion, toys and hobbies they are the most demanded.

Travel and flights

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  • Trivago: is another of the best known and focuses on finding our ideal hotel at the best price. It is enough to select the destination, the dates of stay and the type of room we are looking for so that a list appears with the different prices and opinions. In the filters we can prioritize by distance, as well as by price and popularity.
  • Bargain Hotels: it works in the same way but is specialized in last minute bargains. We highlight the number of filters with which we can narrow down the search.
  • Skyscanner: in addition to comparing the prices of flights, hotels and car rentals, it includes a section for buses very interesting for those who wish to travel this way.
  • eDreams: provides offers for regular and charter flights, airlines of all kinds, hotels, cars, vacation packages, travel insurance and vehicle rentals with which to travel during the trip. It was founded in 1999 and it is one of the best known. We confess habitual of this web.
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  • Kayak: Compare offers for hotels, flights, cars, flight and hotel packages, scheduled trips and even leisure activities. We highlight its Explore section, in which we will only have to enter the departure airport, the month in which we want to travel, the price and time of the flight for suggestions.
  • Exprime Hoteles: focuses on accommodation and car rental in the destination. However, it differs from other comparators in that it offers very complete travel guides for certain cities and a specialized blog in which we find all kinds of information related.
  • HotelsCombined: what it does is compare between the main travel portals and offer us the best option for the indicated dates and destination. In addition, it has a newsletter that you can subscribe to if you are looking early; as well as with somewhat different filters such as the punctuation set of guests.
  • Viajaycompara: it is a portal developed by Banco Santander in which we can compare hotels, flights, car rentals and also find promotions offered by the bank. You can also subscribe to their newsletter.

  • Traveljungle: is another travel comparator, flights, hotels and car rental vacation Available in both Spanish, German and English, it is a site whose main difference is that, instead of booking direct flights to large airports, it looks for cheap flights in small nearby airports and the rental of a cheap car for the transfer .
  • Liligo: in addition to comparing flight offers, it takes into account transport by train, bus and even by shared car. The website also includes car rental and an interesting section on where to go based on our money. Another of its benefits is that it shows us graphs with the price evolution of airline tickets per month.
  • Trabber: compares between 68 low cost flight websites, but also has sections for hotels, rental cars and bus and train travel. It has a section for traveling questions and a section for photo of the week.

Rent a car

  • Rentalcars: car specific (unlike the previous section), compares between 800 companies located in more than 49 thousand destinations. It does not include charges to modify the reservation and we can do it by phone. It has a section with the detinos with the highest demand.
  • Happycar: it is also similar, although it includes in its comparison, the prices of 1,053 car rental companies. It has a free customer service number and lets us cancel 24 hours in advance.
  • MyTripCar: although we have already told you about it, in general we can say that it is a car comparator that goes beyond price and takes into account other parameters of interest to the consumer.
  • Cars-scanner: it is a portal that has a very simple operation, since it is enough to enter the point of pick up and drop off, the date and time, and the country of residence so that you can find us the offers that best suit us. It includes everything in the rental price, from airport taxes, third-party liability coverage, to taxes. It also has a garage section and a hotel reservation section, although it is specialized in vehicles.
  • Rentoauto: the same thing happens as in the previous case, because although it is specialized in car rental, its page also searches among the best hotel and flight deals….