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6 websites that are based on your tastes to help you

26 mayo, 2021

Platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or Filmin have so many movies in their catalog that many times you can spend 20 minutes browsing and you have not yet decided which movie you will see tonight. If you are also an indecisive user or do not know which movies suit your tastes, there are some tools that can help.

Today we are going to analyze some platforms that offer recommendations, based on your tastes so that the level of success is higher. In this way, you can go to a fixed shot and not waste time diving through infinite catalogs.

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Taste: find the right movie to watch alone or in a group

Taste Io 548274 Full is a website that will ask us to rate a series of films, and then go on recommending films that perfectly match our tastes. We will have to reach level 10 to start receiving suggestions, which will become more sophisticated as we add more scores.

All the scores are saved in our account, so that we can add scores every time we see a new movie. One of the positive points of this website is that lets us know which of these movies are available on Netflix and break them down by gender.

We can also create lists and add friends so that our tastes mix and thus find the perfect movie to see all together. As we can see, it is a great tool for true movie lovers. Deep Learning to the rescue

Window Y Discover Your Movie In A Few Clicks Movix Ai

Movix.Ai is a website with an excellent design that is based on Deep Learning (machine learning) to adapt to our tastes in real time. We will simply have to look for a movie that we like and a series of recommendations will appear below.

If we click on “Like” in any of the recommendations, in the upper part it will be added, to further refine the recommendations. In addition, in the bar that appears on the right we have the option of clicking on labels, decades or genres so that the suggestions are even more appropriate.

You will see how the recommendations are adapted in real time.

We can indicate that we like or dislike certain labels, reorder the movies, see the trailer or scenes of the film and save the movies that we want to see if we decide to create an account on the platform.

A Good Movie to Watch

Window Y Agoodmovietowatch The Good Movies You Haven T Yet Seen

In addition to all the interesting lists that appear on this website, there are three super useful buttons at the top: Random, Best Films and All Good Movies. In the first it will recommend a random movie, in the second the “best” movies and in the last we will access a list with all the good movies.

One of the positive points of this platform is that when you click on each of these options it will ask us if we want to break down the movies that are only available on Netflix. In addition, if we choose “all good movies” we can also click on different labels and recommendations will appear below.

Window Y Jim Andy The Great Beyond Featuring A Very Special Contractually Obligated Mention Of Tony Clifton 2017 A Good Movie To Watch

We can specify the region of our Netflix account.

Once we have chosen a film, we have access to the trailer, the synopsis, the film’s score, see the team and cast behind the film, know the genre, find similar films and know on which streaming platform we can see it.

What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?

Wmsiwt Share 3

The name of this website already says it all. This time it will not be necessary to create a user To see the recommendations, and when we enter the page we will simply have to click on the “Start” button that appears at the top.

Movie trailers will start to appear that you may not have seen and are worth watching. The design is very minimalist and careful, and below the trailer appears the title, the year of release and the IMDb score.

It is a simple and visual way to find movies It is worth seeing, ideal for those who do not know what to see and want to decide quickly without having to go around a lot.

TasteDive: much more than movie recommendations

Window And Donnie Darko Similar Movies Recommendations

TasteDive works very easily: we will simply have to enter a movie that we liked in the search bar and this website will recommend a series of movies that match the one we have specified.

The best of all is that also works for music, TV series, video games, books and authors. Each time we enter these sections we will see a list of the works that are currently in fashion (“Trending”).

Window And Donnie Darko Similar Movies Recommendations

If we go into a movie, we will see the trailer and the synopsis. We have the option of creating an account to save those we want to see and at the bottom of each recommendation we will see a button to show us more similar films.


Window And Movielens

For MovieLens to recommend movies to us, it will be necessary to create a user on the platform. Once we’ve done that, they’ll start by asking us to choose between three genres of movies that match our tastes.

Then a list of movies with stars will appear below, it will be as simple as scoring from 1 to 5 or looking for movies that we want to rate. The more data we enter, the better MovieLens will be in providing us with recommendations.

Window And Explore Movielens

You can rate many movies quickly and the recommendation system is very good.

Once we have spent time to rate the movies that we liked or disliked, we will simply have to go to the top menu and click on “Top picks for you”, being able to filter the movies by tags.

We have ignored that IMDb and streaming platforms offer us recommendations based on our likes and ratings. With these websites we can go one step further, adding more information to receive more personalized suggestions.