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7 alternatives to the official Facebook application

26 mayo, 2021

If we asked Android users which application they have the most fondness for, Facebook would probably take the cake. In its beginnings it was very slow and heavy, and after many years of tireless effort by its engineers, it can now be said that it is simply heavy.

There are many reasons for wanting to do without the standard official Facebook application: there are those who do it to reduce their addiction to the social network, those who do not want the Zuckerberg team to keep track of what they do and stop doing and those who simply want to save themselves the almost 100 Mb of space it occupies and the not inconsiderable percentage of battery that it takes with it. Whatever your reason, here are seven alternatives to keep accessing Facebook, but without your application.


We start the list with an alternative that is not an application itself and that is, in fact, the most used by those who want to save space and battery on their phones: the web version of Facebook.

All you need is to go to the address in a decent browser and you will get an experience similar to that of applications like Metal and Folio. The main difference is the appearance, somewhat coarser, and the lack of a floating bar, but otherwise you will continue to receive the notifications from Facebook if you allow it, in this case via the browser.

Facebook Lite


If you do not want to use the official and standard Facebook application for moral reasons, you probably do not want to install this, but if your motivations are merely related to it network performance and usage, Facebook Lite is a very alternative to consider.

Unlike the applications that we will see below, Facebook Lite is a native app which is not based on the web version, but gets the data directly from the source. Its operation is correct, although it is true that the appearance is not too careful: the absolute priority is the lowest possible use of resources and data.

Facebook Lite

Facebook LiteVaries by device



When talking about alternatives to the Facebook application, one of the names that always appears is Metal. It is one of the most popular “wrappers”, and wrapper is understood as an application that “wraps” -and hence the name- the web version of Facebook to make it something more bearable than just using the web version.

Its advantages include support also for Twitter, the dark theme, the ability to send and receive messages (that is, also replaces Messenger), it is very light, barely 3 MB in size and has no advertising of any kind. You can not ask for more.

Metal for Facebook

Metal for Facebook8.1



Folio is another old acquaintance of Facebook wrappers. It is very similar in both functions and appearance to Metal in that it is based on the web version of Facebook, integrated into a native application so that it is more comfortable to use. As an advantage, it also includes the support for Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.

Its functions include locking by means of a pin code, different topics including a night mode and messenger replacement. Currently Folio has been bought by Friendly, which has its own alternative as we will see below.

Folio for Facebook

Folio 2 for Facebook & Messenger2.1.31



Like Folio, from the same company, Friendly is based on the web version of Facebook and Messenger. It is probably one of the wrappers what does it achieve look more like a full native app, with a somewhat more differentiated interface from the previous applications.

Highlights the night mode, the possibility of making the text larger, the different color themes that are easily applied and settings for highlight or hide posts according to certain keywords. It even has a ad blocker, although this is paid.

Friendly for Facebook

Friendly for Facebook1.9.88



Swipe is one of the latest alternative applications to Facebook, which we have already told you about in the past. Since its initial release it has been updated periodically, fixing small bugs and including new functions.

Today Swipe comes well loaded with options such as the security lock using a PIN, the support for notifications, themes and mode of battery saving. Some functions, such as lock advertising or some themes require the Pro version, which costs about 3.09 euros.

Swipe for Facebook

Swipe for Facebook7.2.14a

Puffin for Facebook


We end our list with Puffin for Facebook, a special version of the Puffin Browser. It is something similar to the previous alternatives, although being based on another browser some differences are noted, some positive and some negative.

For example, it seems to be somewhat faster and smoother when scrolling and uses Puffin’s own cloud to save data and achieve a loading of the images faster. On the other hand, the interface itself is limited to the top bar, which has some glitches and jumps while using it.

Puffin f

Puffin for Facebook

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