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7 applications to add effects on your face in real time

24 mayo, 2021

Taking selfies is great but after the first few hundred they start to take a little repetitive. The solution is obvious, switch to applications that add effects on your face to add a different touch so you can continue to create your unlimited supply of portraits.

Whether you want to be Batman as if you fancy becoming a human and rabbit hybrid, adding a touch of manga comic to your face, or trying on a new beard, there is a good selection of apps to wear. virtual masks on the face and that they adjust automatically. Here are the top five.

1. Snapchat


Snapchat is an application that straddles a social network and messaging that some love and others have no idea how it works. For example, in the United States it is the most, while in Spain its use is quite residual. In any case, if one application has contributed to the popularity of face masks, it has been Snapchat.

Effects are not the main function of Snapchat far from it, so if you only want it for that the experience is not going to be the best. To activate them you must start camera then tap on your face, then choosing from the many effects of high quality that adapt to your face and move quite fluid.


SnapchatVaries by device



MSQRD is an application that appeared out of nowhere as they say and it did not take too long to be bought by Facebook. His main interest lies in being able to use the quality masks Similar to Snapchat without the need to do anything else or create an account. Open, choose effect, put your face and enjoy.

Its popularity grew rapidly thanks to the masks with famous faces, but unfortunately many of them disappeared after being bought by Facebook. At present it takes more or less left to its own devices for a year, but it is still a good option.



3. Youcam FUN


Youcan FUN is not as advanced as the previous applications in that the effects are flat and not 3D. The masks are included in the section Fun cam and quantity prevails over quality. That is, there is a lot of effects.

Of course, the vast majority of them are designed for women, which does not mean that the result is even funnier if it is not your case. Some effects are animated and others react to simple actions like “opening your mouth.” You can take photos and record video.

YouCam Fun Selfie Filters

YouCam Fun Selfie Filters1.10.6

4. LINE egg


Now yes, we can officially say that there is literally an “egg” of applications to take selfies. This LINE app doesn’t cut a hair on shamelessly copying many filters from Snapchat although at least it has the decency to include a few originals.

LINE Egg has a good amount of effects categorized into laughs, unique, fear, and faces. The masks are of an acceptable quality, they adapt well to your face and in some cases they respond to gestures such as opening the mouth or winking, although the performance suffers a bit: some effects go somewhat slow unless you have a leading mobile.



5. LookMe


LookMe is undoubtedly the most modest from our list. The effects are nothing to write home about, they do not adapt in 3D to the face but are shown flat, and in fact that is part of its charm. The best are the filters that try to copy those of Snapchat -the one of the rainbow, the dog, the flowers …- since they are so bad that they are funny.

The application has other additional functions such as an image editor and a photo collage maker, just in case the quality of the skins does not seem like a sufficient excuse to install the application.

LookMe Camera-Funny Selfie Pic

LookMe Camera-Funny Selfie Pic3.3.1

6. Facebook


Okay, the Facebook application is a bit monstrous, but if you have it installed, the best thing you can do is take advantage of all the semi-hidden functions, like real-time filters.

These effects are available for Facebook Stories, although nothing prevents you from saving the result as a photo or video and sharing it in any other application. The effects are varied and some of them stand out for being very successful.


FacebookVaries by device

7. Instagram


If Snapchat has it, so does Instagram. This is how Instagram Stories arrived and later the camera effects. As in the previous case, the effects are available only in Stories mode (by swiping to the right. However, when finished you can save the result in your Gallery.

Although they will surely increase in the future, for now Instagram has very few effects, exactly seven. They adapt to the face and are in some cases animated, but they really aren’t very impressive.


InstagramVaries by device

Bonus: FaceApp


Ok, technically FaceApp does not add the effects to your face in real time, but it seemed almost blasphemous to talk about effects applications without mentioning this FaceApp, the application with ultra-realistic effects.

It does not have too many effects, although in return they are very good. You can make a photo smile, see the male or female version of a person, bearded, young or old. The free version limits some of the effects, which you cannot see in full screen, but otherwise you are guaranteed fun.

Updated September 4, 2017: Added Facebook, Snapchat and FaceApp to the list.

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