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7 free applications to keep your drivers updated

23 mayo, 2021

Everyone likes to keep their computer up to date, especially in elements as important for its safety and proper functioning as the drivers. The most advisable way to keep them updated is always to use your own operating system updater, but there are also other alternatives that might interest you.

These are the unified driver update programs. They tend to have a bad reputation because many of them ask you to pay licenses to do things that you can also do yourself at no cost, but today we are going to offer you a few free alternatives for those of you who want to keep your drivers up to date.

Driver Booster, one of the most complete

Driver Booster

Considered one of the best free programs to update our drivers, Driver Booster has a very easy to understand and use interface. In her all our outdated drivers are shown, tells us how outdated they are and offers us to update them with a single click. It is exclusive for Windows, and it works in all versions starting with XP.

In the options of the free version we find the possibility of starting the program when starting the computer and being able to configure it to check for updates periodically. It also has a PRO version in which, for 20 euros, it offers us automatic updates, backup copies and priority for gaming-related drivers.

DriverPack Solution, the easiest to use

Driverpack Solution

If we want an alternative that does not reserve some of its best features for a paid version, we may be interested in DriverPack Solution. It has an extremely user friendly interface, has your code open and uploaded to GitHub, and it is compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10.

It has two versions, and both are free. The first is the Lite with a 2 MB pesto, and the second is the full version, which with 11 GB downloaded via Torrent has everything you need to be able to operate offline. Has a basic interface in which we are only informed of how many controllers we can update and offers us a single button to carry out the operation.

Snappy Driver Installer, also update offline

Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is another complete tool. As in the previous case, it has two versions, a light one of 3.6 megabytes and a complete one with a weight of 12.3 GB that we will have to download via Torrent. The latter will also allow us be able to update all our drivers offline. Nor will we need to install it, so we can take it wherever we want on a large capacity USB or external hard drive.

Its interface is simple. In the first place, it will ask us to download the info about our updatable drivers and, as we see in the screenshot, later we can view and choose the ones we want to update. Both versions of this program are free, but its developers accept donations via Pantreon to keep going.

SlimDrivers, complete and free


With a much more visual interface in which a graph stands out in which we will see what proportion of drivers we have without updating, SlimDrivers is another alternative with which to update or uninstall drivers, create backup copies of installed, and schedule regular updates to always stay up-to-date.

When we execute it we will see a button Start Scan to analyze our components. You don’t find so many outdated like Driver Booster or other programs, but it is just as easy to use. We will only have to give each item the update to download to install it later. The program is free (although in the installation process it may suggest you to install add-ons from the company) and it works on all Windows systems.

Driver Talent, choosing between new and stable

Driver Talent

Formerly known as DriveTheLife, Driver Talent is another tool that not only allows us to update drivers, but also repair those that we have corrupt or make backup copies of those that we already have updated. It has two versions, one free with the most basic options and another Pro that we can buy for $ 16.95.

As soon as we run it, the program will ask us to perform a scan of our drivers. It does not find as many as other options, but at least it has the incentive to allow us choose between the latest versions or the stable ones of each controller. It also has sections to update our connected peripherals.

Device Doctor, only for craftsmen

Device Doctor

Device Doctor is another alternative, although much weaker than the others. It analyzes our system, but does not update the drivers, but links us to a website from which to download them to install them by hand. The automated process is paid, and an increase in value crapware is added in the installation, but it can be an interesting alternative for those who want to stay in control of the drivers they install.

Windows Update, the safe and risk-free option

Windows update

But if you are not in a hurry to update your drivers and prefer wait for Microsoft to analyze them and it will serve them automatically without having to install anything else, you can always resort to the classic Windows Update. It will not only update your operating system, but also most of the drivers that you will need to make everything work perfectly.

Graphics card manufacturers such as Intel, nVidia or AMD also have their own driver update programs, while other operating systems such as Mac OS X and GNU / Linux distributions prefer to manage their controllers themselves, so it is not necessary to install any extra programs.

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