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7 free online video editors to do quick jobs in your browser

23 mayo, 2021

Last year we proposed you a series of websites and YouTube channels to learn or improve your skills by editing videos. Today we want to go one step further, and we bring you seven free online video editors so that you put your knowledge into practice.

Surely you think that a video editor is too demanding a program to have good clients on the web, and in part you are right. But that does not mean that we can find several interesting tools. Most of them are pretty basic, but they offer enough to be able to do quick jobs without having to download a complete application.

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YouTube Video Editor

Screenshot 446

YouTube is one of the most important online video consumption platforms in the world. That is why it was to be expected that he would also endeavor to offer a video editor to match. And he has achieved it with one that is complete enough so that youtubers do not have to resort to third-party tools.

The YouTube editor has a track for video and another for sound, being able to divide each take at will. It also includes transition effects, labels, and a collection of Creative Commons copyrighted music, videos, and photos so we can add them seamlessly. Maybe the only downside is that only serves to upload videos to YouTube, although you can always do it privately and download them.


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We could say that this is a video creation application especially aimed at those who have never done it. With it we will do it through your website or your mobile application, and they will show us a whole catalog of themes to guide us when it comes to making from a wedding video to a compilation with the best of our year.

Once we have chosen the type of video we want, Shotclip will help us step by step to compose ourselves. For example, if we choose a summary of the year, it will make us edit several different videos each of a few specific months and then put them all together. The editor itself is basic and simple, the effects and titles are predefined according to the type of video we choose to make but we can always change it.

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Although we will have to register to use it, VideoToolBox is a free online editor capable of processing videos up to 600 MB, and with an advanced file manager that helps us to upload or download videos from other web pages. Come on, you can publish your works directly to YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms.

In addition to the basic editing functions, it also offers options to record from a webcam or videocast, analyze the files with detailed information, add watermarks, trim the videos, merge them and add subtitles. It also serves to change the format of our video, supporting some of the most popular ones like 3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, WMV.


Screenshot 461

Apart from allowing you to record videos directly while using the web, upload them and add music tracks and narration, if there is something that makes WeVideo stand out from the competition, it is that it allows us to make edits collaboratively. Come on, several people can connect to edit a video together.

Another interesting addition is that it has an application for Google Drive, so that we can save our creations directly in the Google cloud. Unfortunately the free version inserts a watermark quite large in the videos, so we will have to pay for the full version to fully enjoy what it offers us.


Screenshot 462

But if what we are looking for is not so much to create a funny video of our vacations as an illustrative one to explain something to someone, PowToon is a curious tool that allows you to do videos made up of cutouts or slides. All you have to do is drag the elements you want to include on the screen.

To make our task easier It has several templates to facilitate the composition of our jobs. We can also start from scratch and go choosing between your images to add them in the background. Once again, the negative part is the 45-second limit of the free version, so if we want to make good presentations we will have to pay for the complete one.


Screenshot 463

Kizoa is a video, image and slide editor that it will remind us of the old versions of the mythical Movie Maker from Microsoft, with the difference that we can use it in our browser. The interface could not be simpler, and we will only have to drag the elements that we want to the boxes in which the timeline is divided.

You will have to create an account to be able to save and download your creations, and if you don’t want to limit yourself to doing it in low resolution or it bothers you that a watermark is added, you can choose between several payment plans.


Screenshot 464

And we end with Magisto, which is not a typical video editor but a page that helps us improve the ones we already have created turning them into video clips. It is designed especially for those who want to create compositions quickly and without thinking too much, to which it will help that they have reduced the creation process to the minimum expression.

The only thing we will have to do to create our video is to choose the one we want to modify and follow three easy steps: choose the theme to join them, a soundtrack from your collection and a title. The application will only take a few minutes to create the video, and we can share it with a single click on Twitter, Google+ YouTube or Facebook.