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7 free tools to master the partitions on your hard drive

22 mayo, 2021

Who else and who least has ever faced the task of having to partition the hard driveWhether it has been to make room for another operating system or to start from scratch with the one you are using. But did you know that there is life beyond performing the basic operations of creating, deleting or editing partitions?

Not that there is much variety of applications for these purposes on the market, but there are enough to have a few to choose from. Today we are going to talk to you about which are considered the seven best, with which you can create images of your hard drive to migrate your operating system to another.

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EaseUS Partition Master

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EaseUS is a company specialized in partition and data recovery software, and includes a free application in its catalog. EaseUS Partition Master has a good collection of options, including quick resizing of partitions and the possibility of combining them, supporting a maximum size of 8 TB of hard disk.

Among its three payment categories it includes other options such as converting MBR systems to GPT, resizing dynamic volumes, command line, business use, Windows Server support, backups and the possibility of migrating our operating system from one hard drive to another HDD or SSD.


Gparted Main

If you have ever used Linux, surely you know GParted, well the GNOME partition editor it is one of the most popular among most distributions. It allows you to create, delete, move, explore, format, hide, convert and resize partitions, being able to handle NTFS, FAT, or ext2, ext3 and ext4 file systems.

The application itself is exclusive for GNU / Linux, although it has a version called GParted Live that we can download in ISO to get it on a CD or USB and also use it on Windows and Mac OS X. Of course, the big problem that can be attributed to it is that its interface can be complicated for inexperienced users.

Mini Tool Partition Wizard

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Mini Tool Partition Wizard is another paid tool that has its free version, although in this case it not only comes equipped with the typical functions of creating, editing, formatting or deleting partitions, but also includes some cool advanced features. All this with a simple interface focused on users with less knowledge.

Among its functions you can find the system partitions extension, be able to migrate the operating system to another HDD or SSD disk or recovery of data from previous partitions. It also has a data protection mode that can be chosen when creating new partitions because a power failure during the process could corrupt the data.

Paragon Partition Manager

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Behind this start menu so Windows 8 hides Paragon Partition Manager a functional and easy-to-use tool. Once again it is the free version of a premium suite, although it brings enough to do the basic procedures that we may need.

It allows you to create partitions, delete them, format them, hide them, resize them, change their volume label, change the file system they use, check the hard disk surface and perform an integrity analysis from your file system. There are other advanced options for joining and splitting partitions or managing them on virtual hard drives, but those are only available in the paid versions anymore.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

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With AOMEI Partition Assistant we find ourselves with a complete suite that offers its basic functions and some surprises in a freeware version. With it we can perform all the operations we need to the partitions, copy partitions or hard drives, create bootable drives and convert partitions from MBR to GPT format.

It also includes the possibility of migrate the operating system to an SSD or HDD hard drive in MBR format disks, something that is normally reserved for the payment options. What it does reserve for those who go through the box is the migration support for GPT, relocate the free space between partitions or convert dynamic disks to conventional and vice versa.

Active @ Partition Manager

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Neither free versions nor having to pay to use the entire application. Active @ Partition Manager is what it is, and although it may not the most complete app on the list at least we will not encounter the frustrating message that we have to improve what we have to access this or that option.

With it we can reorganize our volumes with any format, create partitions or logical disks, format them, change their size and convert their different formats. We can also format flash memories, change attributes such as the letter of the device and create an image with the content of our hard drive as a backup.

Native Windows and Mac OS X administrators

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But if you only want to carry out basic procedures With your partitions, you don’t have to complicate your life looking for one or the other program, since Windows and Mac OS X themselves come with perfectly capable tools. Do not expect great options, but to create, edit, delete, format or change the drive letter you have plenty.

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