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72 Pokémon from the Kalos region will be added in the Go Beyond update pixiegames

1 julio, 2021

pokemon go 4th anniversary Pokemon Go Gen 6 list: 72 Pokemon from the Kalos region will be added in the Go Beyond update

By Lauren Aitken, Wednesday November 18, 2020 2:14 PM GMT

Pokemon go is about to celebrate its fourth anniversary and to mark the occasion, a large group of Gen 6 Pokémon are being added in the Go beyond updating.

Pokémon Go fans have been asking Gen 6 Pokémon it’s been going to be added for quite some time and there’s not much more to wait until you can get your hands on some sweet new Pokepals with the new brand expansion, Go further.

Starting December 2, you will be able to find, hatch and catch 72 Kalos Region Pokémon, including the long-awaited Greninja, Pyroar, and Talonflame. There will also be a special event at December 2 to December 8 where there are a greater number of Pokémon from the Kalos region available to catch in the wild from 10am to 10pm in your local time zone.

There is also a mysterious Star Raid Egg which should hatch soon, so watch this space to learn more about the egg and the special event on December 2.

pokemon go 4th anniversary Pokemon Go Gen 6 list: 72 Pokemon from the Kalos region will be added in the Go Beyond update

Pokémon: Kalos Gen 6 region list

As I mentioned earlier, 72 new Pokémon from the Kalos region will appear in the game, including favorites from starter Pokémon like Froakie and Mythical Pokémon like Hoopa. Sylveon will also appear with this update, for all Eeveelution fans.

Pokemon Kind Evolution and how to catch
Chespin Grass TBA
Quilladin Grass Evolves from Chespin using Candy
Chesnaught Grass, Fight Evolves from Quilladin using Candy
Fennekin Fire TBA
Braixin Fire Evolves from Fennekin using Candy
Delphox Fire, Psychic Evolves from Braixin using Candy
Froakie Water TBA
Frogadier Water Evolves from Froakie using Candy
Greninja Water, Dark Evolves from Frogadier using Candy
Bunnelby Normal TBA
Diggersby Normal, Ground Evolves from Bunnelby using Candy
Fletchling Normal, Flying TBA
Fletchinder Fire, flying Evolves from Fletchling using Candy
Talonflame Fire, flying Evolves from Flechinder using Candy
Scatterbug Bug TBA
Spewpa Bug Evolves from Scatetrbug using Candy
Vivillion Bug Evolves from Spewpa using Candy
Litleo Fire, Normal TBA
Pyroar Fire, Normal Evolves from Litleo
Flabébé Fairy TBA
Floette Fairy Evolves from Flabébé
Florges Fairy Evolves from Floette using a shiny stone and a candy.
Skiddo Grass TBA
Goat Grass Evolves from Skiddo using Candy
Pancham Struggle TBA
Pangoro Fighting, Dark Evolves from Pancham when there is a Dark-type Pokémon in your party in the main series, it will also need Candy
Furfrou Normal TBA
Spurr Psychic TBA
Meowstic Psychic Evolves from Espurr using Candy
Honedge Steel, Ghost TBA
Doublade Steel, Ghost Evolves from Honedge using Candy
Aegislash Steel, Ghost Evolves from Doublade using a twilight stone and candy.
Spritzee Fairy TBA
Aromatisse Fairy Evolves from Spritzee when swapped by holding a bag and using Candy
Swirlix Fairy TBA
Slurpuff Fairy Evolves from Swirlix when swapped by holding a Whipped Dream and using Candy
Inkay Dark, Psychic TBA
Malamar Dark, Psychic Evolves from Inkay when console / phone is turned upside down and Candy is used
Binaculum Rock, Water TBA
Barbaracle Rock, Water Evolves from Binacle using Candy
Skrelp Poison, Water TBA
Dragalge Poison, Dragon Evolves from Skrelp using Candy
Clauncher Water TBA
Clawitzer Water Evolves from Clauncher using Candy
Helioptile Electric, Normal TBA
Heliolisk Electric, Normal Evolves from Helioptile using a Sunstone and Candy.
Tyrunt Rock Dragon TBA
Tyrantrum Rock Dragon Evolves from Tyrunt during the day and uses Candy
Amaura Rock, ice TBA
Aurorus Rock, ice Evolves from Amaura at night and uses Candy.
Sylveon Fairy Evolves from Eevee
Hawlucha Fighting, Flying TBA
Dedenne Electric, Fairy TBA
Carbink Rock, Fairy TBA
Goomy Continue TBA
Sliggoo Continue Evolves from Goomy using Candy
Goodra Continue Evolves from Sliggoo when leveling up during rain or fog and using Candy
Klefki Steel, Fairy Only available in France
Phantump Ghost, Grass TBA
Trevenant Ghost, Grass Evolves from Phantump when swapping and using Candy
Pumpkaboo Ghost, Grass TBA
Gourgeist Ghost, Grass Evolves from Pumpkaboo when swapping and using Candy
Bergmite Ice TBA
Avalugg Ice Evolves from Bergmite using Candy
Noibat Flying Dragon TBA
Noivern Flying Dragon Evolves from Noibat using Candy
Xerneas Fairy Legendary
Yveltal Dark, Flying Legendary
Zygrade Earth Dragon Legendary
Diancie Rock fairy Mythical
Hoopa Psychic, Ghost, Dark Mythical
Volcanion Fire water Mythical

Players can start preparing for the Go Beyond update starting today with a new ’12 Days of Friendship ‘event, providing helpful bonuses ahead of its release on November 30.

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72 Pokémon from the Kalos region will be added in the Go Beyond update pixiegames