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7Conifier, change icons in Windows 7 just a click away

26 mayo, 2021

Since the arrival of Windows 7 on the market, a wide variety of applications have been born to customize its appearance and add functionality. 7 Conifier It is one more, but it comes to cover an aspect that seemed impossible that Microsoft people had not contemplated. Change taskbar icons.

For all of you who have tried change the icons in the Super Bar you will have seen that nothing has changed. Go one by one, and if you don’t end up liking your icon, tap on unpin and re-pin the program. I translate the motivation of the creator of the software which is enlightening:

Some time ago I began to show interest in changing the icons on the Windows 7 taskbar. I had to do it manually, which unfortunately required a lot of work. After blood, sweat and tears I decided it was time for a change. It was time to create 7CONIFIER.

As you can see, the idea is simple, but very useful. With a nice interface, although unfortunately only available in english; The two great advantages that the program introduces are the possibility of creating icon packs and the possibility of restoring the icons according to the configuration you had previously when you started the software.

In the first section, highlight the incorporation of two themes, authorized by their respective creators, with the installation. But if we want to fight a little more and leave the icons to our liking, we can create our icon pack. This is where I was surprised by the two options that help you get started with the package: adding a list of programs that the program incorporates and add the programs you already have on your taskbar, so that, with patience, you can modify them one by one to your liking.

If it happens to you like most of the users who decide to customize the desktop; that you get tired of your boring icons that two weeks ago seemed insurmountable, you just have to create a new pack, or go back to the icon pack you originally had, when you first started 7CONIFIER.

Since with Windows 7 only files with the ICO extension can be incorporated As icons, the program incorporates the same restriction. It would be much more manageable if you could add any type of images (or at least the most common ones) and automatically convert them. So let’s hope that in a next version it will help us a little more.

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