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9 free portable antivirus with which you have no excuse to repair your friends’ computer

25 mayo, 2021

No more excuses for lack of material not to go immediately to your brother-in-law or friend’s house every time a virus enters your computer. If a month and a half ago we recommended eight free antivirus and security tools, today we are going to do the same but delving into the field of portable antivirus.

Whether to troubleshoot other computers or to have it always at hand stored in a USB, these programs will allow you to analyze your equipment without having to be installed. There is everything from those created by the big security companies to other more indies, and even some that work directly from the command line.

ClamWin Portable

Clamwin Portable

We started with ClamWin, an open source antivirus that has earned a very good reputation thanks to its ClamAV engine, and which is powered by a free update system for its virus database. It has a portable version that you will only have to download and install directly to USB what you want.

Although in appearance it is as easy as update it, choose the unit and hit the scan button, you also have several options to specify what types of files you want to be included or excluded from the scan. as well as other features including email alerts and automatically removing or quarantining affected programs.

Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser

Symantec’s Norton antivirus is one of the oldest programs to protect our computers, and it has a portable tool called Norton Power Eraser that, as it does not require installation you will only have to download and place on your USB. With it you will be able to eliminate any type of virus and rootkits.

The tool also has a Reputation analysis With which send a file you don’t trust to Symantec’s servers to be scanned by their signature detection engines. Finally, you can also analyze your entire operating system or, if you have several, use the Multi-boot analysis to focus on any of them … as long as they are Windows.

McAfee Stinger


Another classic among classics, McAfee doesn’t want to miss out on being carried from one computer to another, either. It does so with Stinger, a tool that allows you to scan your computer for rootkits, registry modules, or boot sectors. You can configure it to execute different actions how to report, rename, repair or delete affected files.

It is so easy to use that even a small child could do it, since you just have to hit the red button Scan. Below is an option to customize your scan by delimiting it to a file or drive, and in the option Settings you can configure its sensitivity, choose what type of hazards it will look for, and how it will act in the face of hazards.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

And since there are no two without three, Kaspersky also has a portable tool called the Virus Removal Tool. In this case it is a very basic tool with which you can check your computer’s memory, its boot sectors, the programs that load when the system starts, and the physical drives. As easy as running and starting.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials


Comodo Cleaning Essentials is another interesting solution with which you can perform all kinds of scans. It is capable, for example, of identifying and stopping suspicious processes, removing malware, rootkits, hidden files or Malicious or faulty registry keys that may be hidden deep within your system.

It also incorporates several tools dedicated to analyzing cloud systems, offers statistics and graphs for system administrators, and has an intelligent scanner that analyzes the applications and items that load when the computer starts. All this with a simple interface and in a program that we can carry on any USB.



HitmanPro sells itself as an alternative to get a second opinion complementing our main antivirus. It is cloud-based, which means that in all its scans it connects to the updated databases of leading companies in the sector such as Bitdefender or Kaspersky Lab.

It also has an interesting additional module called HitmanPro Kickstart, which is installed on a USB to load it when starting the computer and repair computers that do not start properly due to some system failure or ransomware.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit


Recognized and awarded for its dual scan engine, one of its own and one belonging to Bitdefender, Emsisoft Emergency Kit is another powerful solution to scan any computer for viruses, traces of malicious programs, keylogs or rootkits. Its only flaw is that it is not as light as other alternatives.

Spybot – Search & Destroy Portable


Viruses, Trojans and others are not the only malicious software that can endanger our computer. In fact, there are some antiviruses that are left out of the list to Spybot, spyware that records everything you do be it to sell your data, steal your passwords or create marketing products that suit your tastes.

Spybot – Search & Destroy Portable en a program that is exclusively dedicated to these types of threats, and that you can install directly on a USB. You just have to run it and choose between analyzing a specific file or your entire system. If this simplicity is too small for you, it also has an advanced mode in which to adjust each parameter of the analysis.

VIPRE Rescue


But if you find yourself in front of a computer so extremely infected that it is practically impossible to use any program that requires loading a graphical interface, VIPRE Rescue is a perfect solution. It can be used after starting Windows in Safe Mode, and works directly from command line.

All you have to do is unzip the program on the portable drive you want and run the file “VipreRescueScanner.exe” what for start running analysis automatically. You can also open the Windows command prompt yourself and use one of its commands to define the type of scan you want to perform.

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