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9 ways to use Trello to organize almost anything in your life

27 mayo, 2021

I started using Trello as part of a professional project about three years ago. At that time I was totally unaware of the world of project management applications. But nowadays I would not conceive of my daily work without this fantastic tool.

At first glance, Trello seems like a system designed exclusively to organize work projects, but in reality, thanks to its flexibility and versatility, this management tool can be used to organize almost anything, both professionally and personally. And here are some ideas that can serve as inspiration.

For those who do not know Trello yet, a short summary: this is a project management software that you can use directly in your web browser, and that also has apps for mobile devices. Trello allows you to organize projects in lists, and in each of them are inserted cards with the ideas, tasks, or elements of which your project consists. In short, Trello is like a virtual board where you can place and organize post-its (also virtual, of course) to have all your notes neatly organized.

Thus, at a glance you have a summary of your project, and you can also organize everything easily. The cards can be dragged and dropped between columns, you can assign them colored labels, put a deadline, and in each of them you can also insert comments, images, lists of elements and even attached files.

But although Trello seems designed for use in work environments, the truth is that you can find it a lot of utilities also in a more personal environment. Without going any further, see what you can use it for:

For the editorial calendar of your blog

Today many of us have a personal blog where we talk about our hobbies. It can be about technology, photography, animals, gastronomy, cross stitch … But even if it is a small personal project that you do in your spare time, a blog can benefit a lot from Trello if you use it as editorial calendar.

You can, for example, create a column with idea lists for future articles, and use the tags to distinguish them by category. Then, in another column you put the articles that you plan to write during the next one or two weeks, and assign a date to them. By activating the Calendar view from Trello, you will have a perfect editorial calendar of your blog with which it will be much easier to achieve regularity in your publications and that your content is varied.

Trello for your blog

To plan a trip

I really like the travel planning phase, but at the same time I recognize that it’s a bit heavy. There are many things to consider and it can be difficult to have all the details at hand and well organized. But Trello can help you with this too.

To do this, create a new project (which will be your trip) and within it, create columns for all related topics with the trip to be reviewed: prior preparations, transport reservations, accommodation, routes you want to do or places to visit, recommendations from friends or travel guides … In this way, you will surely have everything much more controlled.

Trello for travel

To organize a wedding

And whoever says a trip … says a wedding! A link is another typical example of an event where there is many things to keep in mind in the organization, and it is more important than ever to be aware of all the details so that nothing goes wrong in that day.

By creating your wedding project in Trello (or that of a client, if you dedicate yourself to this professionally) you will have more security in the management of all the topics related to the link, from the choice of the site and the guest lists, to the celebration of the event. What’s more, Trello has a special wedding template with which you can organize everything from 12 months before the chosen date.

Trello for weddings

To prepare the weekly menu

Thanks to the ability to insert pictures and lists on cards, Trello turns out to be a great support for organize your recipe collection. In each card you can put the ingredients as a list, the preparation mode as the description and a photo of the dish to be able to review all your recipes at a glance.

What’s more, if you assign a date to some of those recipes, you can make use of the Calendar view by Trello for easily plan menus family for the whole week, and make sure your diet is sufficiently balanced.

Trello for recipes

To manage your time

Whether you are in a company or are a self-employed worker, surely you have a lot of tasks every day. And maybe one day you’ve gone home feeling having been unproductive, because you have not managed to finish everything you had planned for that day.

Trello can help you optimize the use of your time and getting all your tasks crossed off the to-do list. In conjunction with the PomoDone app (based on the Pomodoro technique), Trello becomes a time management app that can help you be more productive and end each working day with a good taste in your mouth.

Trello for homework

To look for work

When you are looking for work, it is very important keep track of all the offers you sign up for, to know which of them you have already sent your CV to, which ones you have already interviewed with, from which companies you are waiting for a response … and if you have several offers on the table, things can be quite complicated.

With Trello the job search is done a little easier, at least when it comes to tracking the offers that interest you the most. You even have a special job search template, with a curious story behind: the girl who created it ended up finding a job … on Trello.

Trello to look for work

To organize gift lists

If Christmas is already in itself quite stressful, the worst are the gifts. What does your partner want this year? Have you already bought the gift for your brother? How to distribute the gifts of the little ones in the house? And that especially expensive gift that you bought among a few?

Get out of the mess and create a project in Trello to gift lists. Create a column for your family, another for the Invisible Friend from work, another for the in-laws … Write down gift ideas, gifts already bought, and gifts half paid. Write down extras like wrapping paper and cards. And don’t forget your own wish list!

Trello for gifts

To search for a flat

Forget Christmas: looking for a flat is stressful. Do you remember all the ads that have interested you? Which ones have you already called? When do you have an appointment to see each of them? Which are a “yes”, and which are clearly a “no”?

Yes, definitely looking for a flat is another personal project that can benefit a lot from Trello. You can create lists with the flats that interest you, add photos to those cards whose floor have you already visited, keep track of appointments with real estate agents … What’s more, here is a template for the search apartment project that you can use. So it sure is easier, and less stressful.

Trello to find a flat

To write a novel

Writing a novel or a screenplay is a creative process, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a little organization. Even on these types of more artistic projects, Trello can help you have the clearer and more organized ideas.

For example, you can create a new project for your book with different lists: one for the characters with one token of each per card, another for the locations, another for the information of documentation necessary for the story, another for individual scenes that you come up with on the fly … the possibilities are endless.

Trello to write a book

Do you need more inspiration? Then head over to Trello’s collection of shared templates, where you are sure to find the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

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