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a braille typeface for the blind and those who can see

27 mayo, 2021

For the vast majority of people we can see, braille is a coded language impossible to understand. It is something really impressive, but at the same time indecipherable.

What’s more, extra space is needed to place these points in relief, since they do not have the same shape as the letters we use. Japanese designer Kosuke Takahashi has imagined what a typeface that combines these two worlds would look like.

Braille Neue

A font that can be seen and touched

It all started when Takahashi decided to learn braille, being surprised to find that the shapes had nothing to do. We can see this, for example. in number two and number three (2 are two vertical points and three is represented by two horizontal points).

His research resulted in Braille Neue, a typeface that can be read by both blind people and those who can see. It can be read with the eyes or with the hands, it is a typeface for everyone.

Window And Braille Neue Typeface Product Hunt

To get it, first looked at the position of the braille dots and designed each letter to pass through those points. In letters like J, T, V or Z we can check it.

Braille Neue presents two different designs: Standard (forming each letter from the points) and Outline (where the letters are hollow and Japanese kanjis can also be written).

1 Braille Neue Combines Letters You Can Touch With Letters You Can See

Their goal is to implement this typeface at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. This project is still under development, but it promises a lot. In this way braille could be integrated in many more places and the people we see could end up learning it.

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