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a curious website that invites us to travel to a dystopian future in which Kanye is president and the only salvation

24 mayo, 2021

In what could be the script for an episode of South Park, Kanye West stood in the US elections this 2020, adding a very humble number of votes (they speak of about 60,000 in all states).

Rather than being a humility cure, Kanye doesn’t seem like a give-up person, and with a tweet announced that will run for election again in 2024. A website invites us to go one step further.

27 SPOTIFY TRICKS – Control all your MUSIC like nobody else!

Password: “the greatest album ever”

Kanye 2049 is a website with a striking design. Suddenly, looks like we’re turning on an old Macintosh, in which they ask us to enter a password to continue.

Kanye 2049 The Kanye West Album That Defeated Climate Change

As we see, also It seems that we are connecting to the computer of the President of the United States. And it is that this website invites us to imagine a strange scenario (although, seen what is seen, everything is possible):

“It’s the year 2049. Kanye West has been missing for almost 30 years.

Rising global temperatures threaten to end human civilization as we know it.

Meanwhile, the president has just made contact with an alternate universe, a utopian version of Earth that avoided its own global warming long ago.

Across time and space, the alternate universe has sent a mysterious gift: a leaked Kanye West album unlike any we’ve heard before.

The president believes that he may contain the secret to save our planet. “

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Obviously, we don’t have to know the password. If we click “have you forgotten your password?” we will see that they give us a clue that it is “the greatest album in history”. Indeed, it is the title of a Kanye album, and as a bonus track, I will say that it is one of the first of his career.

Kanye2049 Screenshot4 1280x720

Once inside, we will see a desktop containing a .txt file, a folder, and a compressed file. The text file links us to a TIME article that talks about how bad our planet will be in 2050 if we don’t cut carbon dioxide emissions in half.

In the folder “Kanye 2049” we will find the famous mixtape, created by Toasty Digital. They are Kanye West songs, and then I leave the full tracklist:

  1. INTRO (CHARLIE HEAT VERSION) .mp3 / 02:28
  2. POWER.mp3 / 02:53
  3. HOLD MY LIQUOR.mp3 / 01:47
  4. LIFT YOURSELF.mp3 / 03:49
  5. JESUS ​​WALKS.mp3 / 02:57
  6. WOLVES PT.1.mp3 / 00:49
  7. WOLVES PT.2.mp3 / 01:59
  8. CAN’T TELL ME NOTHIN.mp3 / 01:26
  9. I LOVE IT.mp3 / 01:50
  10. SAY YOU WILL (FREESTYLE) .mp3 / 03:42
  11. AOTL.mp3 / 03:14
  12. BLACK SKINHEAD.mp3 / 01:27
  13. FSMH.mp3 / 02:48
  14. HOMECOMING.mp3 / 01:55
  15. RUNAWAY.mp3 / 02:37
  16. BOUND 2049.mp3 / 02:27
  17. TOUCH THE SKY.mp3 / 04:07

We see that the file “” gives an error when opening, in reference to what was to be Kanye West’s ninth album (scheduled for release in September 2018). In one of his bipolar outbursts, Kanye decided to indefinitely postpone the album’s release for its imminent cancellation on November 28, 2018.

It is a very curious website, with some easter eggs (hidden files, and different corners of this archaic operating system). Ideal for fans of the rapper, or those who like websites with a very imaginative design.