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a faster, more beautiful and organized Linux desktop with improvements in all its applications

27 mayo, 2021

GNOME 3.38 Orbis is already a reality. The latest version of one of the most iconic Linux desktop environments comes loaded with improvements and news in a version with perhaps the best performance and highest stability to date.

As usual, a new version of GNOME is the result of six months of development, and its new features include new icons, design improvements, reorganization of the app launcher, a new welcome tour for new users, an improved fingerprint sensor, new parental controls, improvements to the browser, maps, screen recording, and much more.

Everything that works and looks different

App Overview

One of the most important changes has to do with the application launcher, it no longer presents two views (frequent applications / all apps) but has been simplified into a single view that allows reorder the applications to suit the user by dragging and dropping the icons.

The icons have also received changes, the Calculator, Cheese, Tali, Sudoku, Robots, Quadrapassel, and Nibbles have new icons. Other visual changes include a updated color scheme for Terminal, colors look better and are easier to read thanks to improvements in contrast.

When Linux isn't really that great option for "bring him back to life" to an old computer

Welcome Tour Full

The system menu now has an option to Restart which can also be used to go to the Boot menu by pressing the ALT key. The Screen Capture and Sound Recorder applications have been redesigned as well.

Another important novelty is the new Tour that is shown the first time you log in after the initial configuration, especially useful for new users.

Settings now offers new options for set up fingerprint login, and parental controls now allow filtering applications and restricting software installation by user.

Window Overview

GNOME web browser now includes smart tracking prevention against trackers, and allows you to block websites so that they cannot save data locally. The Maps, Clocks applications have been updated with improvements, and the Games applications have optimized their performance.

Support has been added for multiple monitors with different refresh rates whenever you use a session in Wayland, and Flatpak app isolation is now more secure thanks Tracker 3.

In order to enjoy GNOME 3.38, the best thing you can do is wait for the distro you use to update its current version. Many are those that include it by default, such as Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, Arch, Debian, etc.