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a look at the latest big change of skin (and focus) of the quintessential social network

26 mayo, 2021

Facebook has been progressively deploying its more than 2.6 billion users for weeks the redesign of your desktop version announced at the 2019 F8 conference. A renewed look for the community to choose, always having the option to return to the previous design, which reveals the new priorities of the social network par excellence.

The change is important, there is no doubt. The interface changes radically and it does so not only for aesthetic reasonsas explained by Mark Zuckerberg last year. It does so because, he says, a goal for the next five or ten years is “to build private platforms with the wealth that public platforms have had until now.”

The ‘mobile first’ has come into play

That is something, assured the head of Facebook, that “It must be done with a different infrastructure, different policies and, to some extent, different values”. The great social network seeks to reach that future in which the most private communication is the basis and this new design is, in principle, a first stone. The beginning of the end of a stage, to see it differently.

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A design from mobile to desktop

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The objective of this progressive deployment is that those indecisive people can get used to it little by little, returning to the previous aspect if necessary, before it is the default at the end of the year. Even if design, as users of Facebook’s mobile apps will have noticed, is an old acquaintance To some extent. The mobile first has come into play.

Because the first thing that jumps out as soon as you access Facebook with the new design is the top bar. As in the case of mobile applications, the platform has focused on it the main options, which it wants to highlight, which are: Watch (videos), Marketplace (buying and selling), Groups and Games.

The main features of the new Facebook design are the larger texts, the abundance of white space and the simplified navigation

After this first impact, The left column is no less surprising, the one that has always existed, and its renewed appearance. A design that sums up the whole of the interface change: larger text, more whitespace and simplified navigation. Higher resolution screens are used better.

On the other hand, at the top right, we continue to find practically the same options as with the previous design. That is, access to settings, notifications … as well as a button to create any type of content and even page or event and a direct access, clicking on the username and the photo, to our profile that has also been renewed.

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In this particular case, beyond the change of the interface itself following what has already been said (larger texts, larger blank spaces, better use of the screen, simplification), the new user profiles continue to keep the structure of a large column intact. with content, on the right, accompanied by a smaller one, on the left, in which there are photographs, a list of friends, and so on. Of course, what is most striking: the change in the header.

The actuality of the new design is noticeable and a lot when, after weeks with it, we return to the previous one; everything seems from the past

Our cover photo, our profile photo, our name and our description take on greater prominence by showing themselves in a centered position on the screen. In our opinion, it is more attractive. The difference is noticeable when, after weeks with this new design, one returns to the previous one. Suddenly, it is as if we have gone back years. Although the new look may be the child of its time and may not last long, it is perceived as contemporary, of the present.

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Leaving aside the design itself, It is interesting to see how Facebook has raised the importance of both groups and games, taking their accesses to that main row of icons that we have discussed lines above. Undoubtedly, as with Watch (a small rival of the video platforms or Marketplace (competition from Wallapop and the like), it is intended that the user access again and again. That takes into account these aspects.

The real change, the bottom line, is Facebook’s new approach: focusing on private communications

Once inside, both Watch, Marketplace or Games, one finds what he already knew renewed with the current design. The news, in this sense, do not go further. The real change, the bottom line, is Facebook’s new approach: focus on private communications. Hence, groups now occupy a prominent place and, incidentally, drive events.

Of the more than 2.6 billion active monthly Facebook users, 400 million are in some group and 700 million regularly use the events. These are low figures that the platform wants to increase to, little by little, balance the forces and that the feed of news and publications, that some dislikes give you, do not take it all. So that this social network stops being just a place where you can see what others publish and follow a few pages, becoming a center of the relationship with friends or contacts with whom we share interests. An extension of what could be a WhatsApp group, saving the distance. Whether it will succeed remains to be seen.