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A Microsoft update makes Windows 7 unable to start

27 mayo, 2021

Like every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft releases its round of patches for all supported Windows and Windows Server operating systems. And there are times when these updates have potentially unwanted behavior.

Is the case. A upgrade, numbering KB2823324, causes Windows 7 to be unable to start. The error message that will be displayed will have event ID 51 or different error numbering (0xc000021a). Additionally, the Kaspersky antivirus will also stop working. If you have configured your system to automatically install Windows Update, you will probably already have it installed; If that’s the case, We explain how to fix your equipment.

It is important to know where to check if we have the update installed or not. To do this, we will follow the following steps:

  • We open the Start menu
  • We open the control panel
  • We click on “Programs”
  • We click on “See installed updates”

In the list that appears we will have to look for the update with the numbering that I indicated in the second paragraph.


If you have installed the update but have not restarted the computer

In the event that you have installed the update but have not restarted the computer, you will be in time to repair it. For it:

  • We open the Start menu
  • We open the Control Panel
  • We click on “Programs”
  • We click on “See installed updates”
  • We are looking for the update with numbering KB2823324
  • Click on the “Uninstall” button

If you want to use a single command within a command line interface, it will be the following to write:

Wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2823324 /quiet /norestart

If you have already restarted your computer

In this case we will be facing a computer that we cannot start, so we cannot use that system to repair it. We will have to go to a Windows 7 recovery disk or, if we have not created it, to an operating system installation disk (or to the recovery tools that the manufacturer has left on a partition on your hard drive).

Another possible option is to try to start the computer by holding down the F8 button to access the system recovery tools. This method will work as long as we know the local password of the system.

Once we get to the image window, we simply click on “Restore system“and mark the last restore point (each time updates are installed, restore points are created automatically).

On the other hand, we can execute two commands from the system, if System Restore does not work, we do not have it activated or we have eliminated the restore points. In the same recovery tools, click on the last link and type the following commands:

dism /image:C: /get-packages

dism /image:C: /remove-package /PackageName:Package_for_KB2823324~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~

As you would expect, anyway, Microsoft is investigating the problem, and also the affected update no longer distributed via Windows Update.

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