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a new invention to download apps like WhatsApp or Instagram without Google Play

24 mayo, 2021

Huawei cannot include Google services or applications on its new devices. Neither does Google Play, although the company has its own app store, Huawei App Gallery, although it is missing many popular apps. To solve this, Huawei is testing another app in Germany, which helps you download apps from other sources.

In testing in Germany, Huawei describes App Search as an application that helps you install “applications that are not yet in the App Gallery”. In practice, the application collects information from various sources such as APKMirror, APKMonk, APKPure and others, showing it ordered as an application store.

A complementary app to App Gallery

Appsuche Huawei emphasizes that the content comes from tereras parts

App Search tries to fill the gap that Huawei App Gallery cannot fill. Recall that Huawei cannot include its Google applications or services on its terminals. Google, for its part, can only collaborate with Huawei on devices launched before May 16, so they cannot include their applications in the App Gallery, even if they would work without Google Services.

On the other hand, Huawei cannot list applications in its official store without the permission of its creators. App Gallery is also the store with the strictest identity control: all developers must verify their identity with photos of their identity documents such as ID or passport. The solution? Make a compilation of third-party sources.

App Search is a complementary application to Huawei App Gallery. His goal is that you can download apps regardless of where they are. To do this, it makes a medley that mixes results from App Gallery, APKMirror, Amazon App Store, APKMonk, APKPure, official download websites and web-apps.


The application is currently available in German, and shows the list of applications ordered first by a Top 12 with popular apps, in addition to having a search engine and categories. It is not clear how many applications are included, although the selection of this particular version includes several local applications from Germany, so the list could change if it is released in other regions.

Technically, App Search is a new way to make it easier to download applications, although it has a problem: many applications they still need Google services. That is, you can install Google Maps with App Search from the link that leads to APKMirror, but Google Maps does not work without Google services.

Do WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Google Chrome and other apps work without Google Play services?

In some cases, App Search has a solution for it too. For example, the YouTube listing does not list APK files to install, but instead prompts you to visit the official website and add a direct link to the web on your home page. Although the official YouTube application requires Google services to work, there is no problem in visiting the website.


Considering the myriad of limitations Huawei faces, App Search is a curious way to get out of trouble, similar to other repositories such as UpToDown. It will not be useful in 100% of the cases, but at least it can help you find some applications that for some reason are not in your store but are in other places.

Via | XDA